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Best Two Wheelers for Ladies and Working Women

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 10/08/2023

Up until a few years ago, bikes were a man’s territory. A woman would rarely be seen on a bike or scooter. It was ‘not the appropriate vehicle’ for her. Then, women had to be driven around by their fathers, brothers or husbands. Agency was missing in the lives of women. But then a change came about in society.

It was a late realisation, but one that came after years of struggle, that women did not need the help of men in their life to do pretty much everything. Women did not only belong at home and in the kitchen. With rights and privileges also came the opportunity to have their vehicle, their bikes. And having a bike for a woman made life much easier than it was.

But, when women initially started driving bikes and scooters, they were driving models customised to a man's body. This created obvious difficulty for women. Manufacturers, understanding their market and the needs of their clientele, started creating gender-inclusive bikes. These bikes fit the bodies and needs of women and made them feel much more comfortable than riding the older models.

Now they no longer had to feel like pinion riders in their vehicles. In present times, manufacturers are still customising bikes to suit women’s needs and preferences. Scooters for women and ladies' bikes have become common parlance. Every day newer ladies' scooters are being launched.

But if you are a woman in the market for the best scooty for women, it is important to keep one thing in mind. Having a bike insurance policy is mandatory for all riders. If you are seen driving without insurance for your 2 wheeler, you could have to pay a fine or even lose your licence.

Having a bike insurance policy is mandated by law because of Indian roads and traffic conditions. Most accidents that take place in a day are bike or scooter accidents. Thus, having at least a third party insurance for 2 wheeler is required, but a comprehensive bike insurance policy is always recommended. It stands as the first line of defence between you and any mishaps.

Tata AIG’s two-wheeler insurance offers you a huge cashless garage network, insurance under a few minutes and great customer service. You get the benefits of purchasing bike insurance online without spending hours on paperwork. You also do not need to worry about claim settlements when things go awry, as the process is smooth and hassle-free. So as you decide on which female latest model scooty to buy, keep insurance for your 2 wheeler in mind.

Best Two-Wheeler’s for Women

If you are thinking of buying a two-wheeler for ladies, you will want to buy the best scooter for girls, and you have many options to choose from. As you compare the different bikes and scooters for you to choose from, compare two-wheeler insurance available in the market before choosing one for yourself. Here are some of the best two-wheelers for ladies for you to choose from.

  • Yamaha Fascino

If you're a woman seeking the ideal two-wheeler for ladies for your everyday commute, the Yamaha Fascino should be at the top of your list. The air-cooled 113cc engine makes 7 horsepower and gets 66 kilometres per gallon. For such a performance-focused two-wheeler, the fashionable design and vibrant colours, including elegant copper, cyan blue, fiery red, and more, deliver a savvy façade! Thus, this is one of the best female latest models of scooty.

  • TVS Scooty Zest

The Zest is a stylish and performance-oriented commuting vehicle for women. But don't be fooled by its diminutive size. The vehicle is capable of producing up to 8bhp and 9Nm of power. The Zest is also very light, weighing only 98 kilogrammes, making it India's lightest scooty. It is an ideal scooter for women.

  • Honda Dio

When it comes to the greatest scooter for women, you should also explore the Honda Dio. Because the Dio is primarily targeted at the youth, it has swiftly become one of Honda's fastest-selling two-wheeler models in India. After numerous versions, the Honda Dio now has new features, such as Honda's CBS. The scooter's engine produces 8Nm torque and 6bhp power and weighs only 102 kg. The ideal female latest model is scooty.

  • Vespa UC

Vespa is a globally recognised brand that you can put your faith in. The UC is a popular ladies' bike. Its colour scheme and curvy contours make it among the most aesthetically appealing scooters on the market in India. The potent engine within can generate 9.5bhp and nearly 10Nm of power. Thus, this is one of the best two-wheelers for ladies.

  • TVS Scooty Pep Plus

The Pep Plus is a one-of-a-kind two-wheeler from TVS since it is the smallest capacity bike on the Indian market. It offers women bikers security, efficiency, and simplicity. The Pep Plus is very easy to handle, weighing only 95 kg. Its engine has a power output of 5bhp and a torque output of roughly 6Nm. This is the best scooty for girls.

  • Honda Activa

The reality that the Activa is India's highest-selling scooter speaks volumes about its quality. Women make up a substantial portion of the bike's current owners, owing to its agile and light nature, allowing easy mobility. It has a maximum torque of 9Nm and a maximum power of roughly 8bhp. The Activa 5G has a top speed of 83 kilometres per hour. Thus, this is one of the best two-wheelers for ladies

  • Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access is also a good option for women who have to travel regularly. This feature-packed scooter is ideal for working women who frequently drive through congested areas. Access is a great purchase for any woman because of its tremendous flexibility and control convenience. The Suzuki Access is a powerful bike that can produce up to 8.7bhp and 10.2Nm of load speed. Therefore, you can get your hands on this amazing ladies’ bike.

Top Ladies’ Bikes Price in India

Having seen some of your options, you may be wondering what the price of these bikes mentioned here is. Here are the prices for your perusal.

Model Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi*
Yamaha Fascino ₹56023
TVS Scooty Zest ₹54025
Honda Dio ₹54241
Vespa UC ₹73896
TVS Scooty Pep Plus ₹46554
Honda Activa ₹55934
Suzuki Access ₹59014


Hopefully the above list, along with the prices, has made your decision a little easier. It is good to get a thorough idea of the market and what is available at which price point. Any bike you buy should be secured by a reliable bike insurance policy for a stress-free ride. Happy driving!

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