Protect Your Two Wheeler From All Kinds Of Risks

Comprehensive, Third Party And Own Damage Bike Insurance At Tempting Premium

Protect Your Two Wheeler From All Kinds Of Risks

Comprehensive, Third Party And Own Damage Bike Insurance At Tempting Premium

How to Get the Details of Bike Insurance by Registration Number?

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The two-wheeler insurance sector in India comes under the IRDAI. A bike insurance plan provides coverage for the bike in case of theft, damage, loss, or any damage caused to the third party by the bike, depending upon the type of policy that you purchase. Moreover, most policies include a personal accident cover that compensates the owner if they get injured severely or face an untimely demise due to an accident on the roads.

Also, while having bike insurance has its benefits, it is also mandated by law. A third-party bike insurance policy is compulsory for every vehicle plying on the roads in India. Thus, if you drive your bike without a valid bike insurance policy, you can face fines and punishment.

With Tata AIG, you can buy insurance for your 2-wheeler online. The process of buying a bike insurance plan is simple and efficient. Moreover, the bike insurance renewal online makes it easy for you to renew your policy from the comfort of your home.

Carrying insurance documents while you drive is compulsory. But what if you lose the document and do not have a soft copy? In that case, you can get your bike details by a number which is the registration number of your bike. If you are wondering how to check my bike insurance details using a registration number, we are here to help you understand


All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

What is a Registration Number?

The registration number of your bike is a unique number that is the identification number of the bike. The Regional Transport Office of your area provides a registration number to any vehicle that is purchased. It is the responsibility of the bike owner to get their bike registered and get the bike RC details from the nearest RTO within a month of the purchase. The number that you receive should be on a metal plate, and this plate should be placed on the back and front of your bike.

The registration number helps the authorities get the bike vehicle information. The registration number consists of numbers and alphabets, and each letter indicates specific information. The first two letters indicate the code of the state, and the third letter is an indication of the code of your district. Then, the next letter is an indication of the current RTO series, and the last four digits are the unique number. Thus, these are the bike RC details. You can know the details of the bike and bike insurance details by registration number.

How Can I Buy a Bike Insurance Policy Using Registration Number?

When you purchase a bike insurance policy, you have to furnish the registration number of your vehicle. Once you purchase the policy, the policy details get linked with your registration number. This information can be accessed by the state government, the central government, and the RTO.

Now, let us understand how to check your bike details by number.

How to Check Vehicle Insurance Details by Registration Number?

Similar to a bank account number, the registration number assigned to the vehicle is also unique. Therefore, you can use the registration number to check your bike insurance details as well as other essential information. The bike insurance number and other details are stored within the assigned registration number. You can get the information from the IRDAI website and the insurance company website.

If you want to know insurance details by vehicle number, you can visit the website of the RTO or the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and enter your registration number. The vehicle insurance details by the registration number will be available to you. The information that you can access includes the end date of your policy, bike insurance number, etc. You can also know other insurance details by your vehicle number. This is the answer to the question of how to check my bike insurance details using a registration number.

How to Renew Bike Insurance Policy with Your Registration Number?

One can get the insurance details by vehicle number, as your insurance policy is linked with the registration number. Once you get all the details, including your bike insurance number, you can renew your bike insurance policy on time.

Interesting Facts About Bike Registration Number

Here are some facts about the registration number that you need to know:

  • The registration number assigned to your bike has a validity of 15 years. After the end of fifteen years, you need to get the bike re-registered for another 5 years. So, after 15 years, the bike gets re-registered after every 5 years.
  • If your bike registration number is issued in any state, the validity is in all the states.
  • The re-registration of the bike depends upon its age, the level of pollution it creates, and the compatibility of the bike with the country’s roads.
  • If you move from one state to another, then you have to get the vehicle registered at the nearest RTO of that state within a year. For instance, if you move from UP to Karnataka, you need to get your bike registered in Karnataka.

Other Methods to Get Bike Policy Details

You can contact the insurer to get the details of the bike insurance plan. You need to verify that you are the owner of the bike by providing as many details as possible. After the verification of the details, a duplicate policy can be issued to you. You might need to pay some charges to get the duplicate policy.

In most cases, you need to file an FIR for the lost insurance, place an advertisement in the newspaper and also sign an indemnity bond. All these documents and other essential information have to be submitted to get a duplicate copy of your bike insurance plan.


Thus, now that you know how to check your bike insurance details by registration number. As stated above, riding a bike without insurance for your 2-wheeler is a legal offence. So, you must keep a copy of your bike insurance policy while driving on the roads. If you still do not have a valid bike insurance policy, you can get one from Tata AIG now!

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