Challan For Red Light Signal Jumping

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Traffic rules are there to help ease traffic flow and keep motorists safe. Violating or ignoring these rules can put you and everyone else at risk. For example, jumping a red light is considered a violation of these rules.

Red light jumping is when a vehicle crosses an intersection when the traffic light signal is red. Ignoring or jumping a red light can result in you getting fined by the traffic police. Failing to pay this fine within a specific date can incur additional fines and penalties. So no matter how late you’re running, never ignore or speed past a red light.

Take for example, you jump a red light and get caught, there can be additional fines levied on you if you do not carry necessary documents like a licence and car or two-wheeler insurance policy.

Insurance is very important in case you get into an accident, and your bike or the other person’s vehicle gets damaged. Having an insurance policy for your bike will come into play here. They provide features specifically made to deal with these events and circumstances.

The Red Light Jump Challan

Ignoring or speeding past a red light is a serious traffic offence. It can result in severe accidents and collisions. Suppose you are caught jumping or speeding past a red light. In that case, the traffic police will pull you over and ask you for all the necessary documents like:

  • Your Driver’s Licence.
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • Motor Insurance Policy (Two-Wheeler Insurance Or Car Insurance) Certificate.
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate.

After which, you will get issued a challan either in-person or online.

Even if there are no traffic police present at the intersection, you could still get fined for jumping a red light since most traffic lights today come equipped with CCTV cameras. The traffic police can remotely monitor vehicles and issue challans if they ignore a red light.

So overall, it’s advised that you don’t jump a red light for your safety and everyone else on the road. The only exceptions to this rule are emergency service vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances.

What To Do When You Receive A Jumping Red Light Fine

Now if you were caught and were issued a challan for jumping a red light from the local traffic police, you will have to pay this fine within 60 days of it being issued; usually, the fine amount is ₹1,000.

This fee can either be paid online or offline. Remember, failing to pay this fine can result in you getting tagged with additional penalties and fines.

Red Light Jump Challan Online Payment Procedure

Most people opt to pay their challan fees online. It’s more convenient and it’s quicker. Here’s how you can pay your jumping red light fine online:

  1. Visit the official website for Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution.

  2. Click on the payment options tab on the site.

  3. Choose either the Challan Number, Vehicle Number, or DL (Driver’s Licence) number option.

  4. Enter the relevant information onto the field and the captcha.

  5. Pay the exact amount mentioned in your challan.

  6. You can pay by Debit, Credit card, net banking, or other digital payment modes. Choose whichever option suits your preferences.

  7. Complete the transaction.

  8. Once you have finished the payment process, a copy of the receipt will be emailed to you.

  9. Remember to save or print the receipt for future reference.

Offline/In-Person Challan Payment

You can also pay your challan fees in person. Here’s how you do that:

  1. First, visit your earnest traffic police station.

  2. Go to the payment department and ask them about the challan payment.

  3. Pay the challan fees at the counter through either cash or viable payment modes.

  4. Make sure to collect the payment receipt after paying and keep it safe for future reference.

How Can You Avoid Jumping A Red Light/Violating A Traffic Law?

You can do this by being an attentive driver. For example, you can avoid accidentally jumping a red light signal while on the road by being cautious when approaching any intersections. Pay attention to the traffic lights, and slow down your vehicle as you approach the intersection crossing.

Here are some other common tips you can follow to avoid getting fined:

  • Always avoid overspeeding when approaching an intersection. It can be tempting to beat the yellow light or to speed past the intersection when the light is still green but avoid this. Accelerating and high-speed driving will make it difficult to brake and can cause collisions.

  • Pay attention when making any U-turns. Always use your indicators or the appropriate hand signal to warn other motorists. Also, watch out for other approaching vehicles.

  • Always look for the signal lights whenever you approach an intersection. This should be easy as traffic lights are commonly positioned on top, making them easier for drivers to spot.

  • Maintain your vehicle correctly to ensure that your brakes are fully functional. If your brakes do not work, you are advised to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Jumping Red Light Fine In Different States In India

Initially, the challan for a red light jump was set at ₹100 - ₹300. However, it was later changed to ₹1,000 through the amendment of the Motor Vehicles Act. This increase stressed the importance of following traffic laws and made motorists think twice about violating them.

The exact amount of fees can vary from state to state. It can increase or decrease based on how you were driving at the time. Suppose the traffic police concluded that you were driving dangerously and risking other people’s safety. In that case, the amount can increase to ₹5,000.

If you cause an accident by violating the traffic rules, you can even be imprisoned for six months to a year. They can also seize your driver’s licence and suspend it for a minimum of three months. When this happens, the acknowledgement is sent to court, and they will decide on whether to suspend your licence after hearing your case.

Remember, driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s licence is also considered an offence and a violation of traffic laws and will be subject to separate penalties and fines.


All in all, drivers are advised to do their utmost to avoid violating any traffic laws. Even accidental red light jumping is considered a violation, and can get you a red light jumping challan, so always be attentive when you are on the road.

Besides, always wear a seatbelt while driving and wear a helmet while riding a bike. Carry essential documents like driving licence, pollution under control certificate or PUCC, and valid two-wheeler insurance policy. If you do not have a comprehensive cover, make sure you get at least a third-party bike insurance policy from Tata AIG. It offers coverage for damages incurred on the other person’s vehicle and coverage for any legal liabilities.

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