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Getting a driving licence is the first step towards freedom. With a driving licence, individuals can freely explore the streets of Punjab. However, if found driving or riding without a proper licence can lead to severe penalties and fines.

So, if you are a Punjab resident and have bought a new vehicle, you need to apply for a licence immediately. Further, if your driving licence is already in progress and you want to check its status, this blog will help you know the procedure for checking your driving licence status in Punjab. Having insurance for bikes is also mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

When to Check Driving Licence Application Status in Punjab?

Usually the Regional Transport Authority or RTO takes 30 days to complete the total procedure. And within the next 14 days, individuals can expect the dispatching of a driving licence. However, sometimes, due to errors or mistakes, it gets delayed. There are several reasons to check the driving licence application status in Punjab, such as:

  • By checking the driving licence status in Punjab, you can verify that authorities have received the submitted application, which is being processed.

  • Further, you can get updates on application progress by checking the driving status online. It will help you understand how many days you must wait until your driving licence arrives.

  • Moreover, by checking your driving licence status in Punjab, you can correct the error causing delays in driving licence application progress.

How to Check the Driving License Status Online in Punjab

To know the status of your Punjab driving licence status online, you have three ways:**

Using the Sarathi Parivahan portal

Using the State Transport Official Website.

Using mParivahan App

Check Your Driving Licence Status in Punjab Online Using Sarathi Parivahan Portal

Step 1: Open the Parivahan Sewa official website.

Step 2: Click "Online services" on the top menu once the website is loaded. Further, under that option, click "Driving Licence Related Services".

Step 3: Next, you need to pick the geographic region where you live, i.e. Punjab, from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Then choose "Application Status" on the uppermost menu to check your driving licence status.

Step 5: Next, double click the "Submit" button after entering the required information, which is the application number found on application form, date of birth, and captcha code.

Step 6: A page with driving licence application information will appear after hitting the "Submit" button.

Check Your Driving Licence Status in Punjab Online Using State Transport Official Website

Step 1: Head to the Punjab Regional Transport website.

Step 2: Further, on the top menu, click the "Licence" option. It will redirect you to the Sarthi Parivahan portal.

Step 3: On the Sarthi dashboard, click the "Application Status" option.

Step 4: Further, you need to select the state from where you want service, which is "Punjab" in this case.

Step 5: Next, you need to provide the information of application number and date of birth. After submitting it, enter the captcha code and click the "Submit" button.

Step 6: A screen will appear with a driving licence status update.

**Check Your Driving Licence Status in Punjab Online Using mParivahan Application.

Step 1: To track your driving licence in Punjab progress, you need to download the mParivahan application from the iOS Store or Android store based on your device.

Step 2: Sign up using your mobile phone number after downloading the application.

Step 3: Tap the "Transport Services" icon once the application is open.

Step 4: Then, you need to select the state from the list in the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Further, tap on the "Driving Related Services" option; under that, tap on the "View More" option.

Step 6: Next, tap on the "Application Status" icon on the screen.

Step 7: Add the details of the application number and date of birth here. Next, add the security code and tap the "Submit" button.

Step 8: A message about the e-vahan Punjab licence application status will appear.

How to Check the Driving Licence Status Offline in Punjab

To know the driving licence status offline, you have to carry out the following steps**

Step 1 Go to the nearest regional transport office in your area.

Step 2 Reach out to the authorities and submit documents like learner’s licence, driving application number and all.

Step 3 The authorities will check the status of your application and provide you details about the same.

Steps for Renewal of Driving Licence in Punjab

It is mandatory to renew the driving licence before the expiry date. The old licence needs to be submitted to authorities at the time of renewal. Individuals can renew their driving licence both online and offline. Here, we will understand both the procedures in detail.

Apply Online for Renewal of Driving Licence in Punjab

Step 1: Browse the official Parivahan Sewa website and choose "Online Services" from the top menu.

Step 2: Under the "Online services" option, choose the" Driving Related Services" option.

Step 3: Next, you need to select the state from the dropdown.

Step 4: Select the "DL renewal" option from the services after selecting the state.

Step 5: An instruction page will open with the required form. Download the form and then click on the "Continue" button.

Step 6: A form will appear where you must add details like DOB, DL number, etc. and then click the "Proceed" button.

Step 7: Next, you need to fill out the state, RTO, PIN, Category, etc. and then click on the "Proceed" button.

Step 8: After confirming the details, choose the "DL renewal" option from the list and hit the "Submit" button.

Step 9: Pay the required fees for DL renewal.

Step 10: Save the acknowledgement receipt for future reference.

Apply Offline for Renewal of Driving Licence in Punjab

Step 1: Visit the nearest RTO office in your area.

Step 2: Ask authorities for necessary forms for driving licence renewal in Punjab. You have to pay the form fees.

Step 3: Fill out the driving licence application form correctly.

Step 4: Further, keep all the asked documents, such as passport photos, copy of the original driving licence, address proof, etc., handy.

Step 5: After gathering all the documents, submit it to authorities along with the application form.

Step 6: Next, you need to pay the driving licence renewal fees at the fee counter and collect the acknowledgement receipt.

How to Download a Driving Licence in Punjab?

If you want to download the driving licence in Punjab, it can be done offline and online. For the offline method, you must visit the RTO office and ask them to issue the driving licence. You need to carry out the procedure suggested by authorities to get a driving licence.

Another way is to get a digital copy of the driving licence via online procedure. A digital copy of your driving licence is helpful if you forget to carry the physical copy. Below are the **Steps to download a driving licence in Punjab.

Step 1: To download the driving licence, you need to visit the Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2: Under the "Online Services" option, choose "Driving Related Services".

Step 3: After that, select the state from the dropdown list.

Step 4: Under the "Driving Licence" tab, select the "Print Driving Licence" option.

Step 5: Add the date of birth and application number and then click on the "Submit" button.

Step 6: Your driving licence details will be displayed; click the "Download Driving Licence" option.

Step 7: the licence will be downloaded in PDF format; save it on your device.

Eligibility Criterion Before Applying For Driving Licence in Punjab

All the applicants who want a driving licence in Punjab need to pass the following eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant should be at least 18 years of age while applying for a driving permit.

  • They should have a learner's permit before applying for a permanent driving licence.

  • To get a driving licence, applicants need to pass the driving test and be aware of all the traffic rules and regulations.

  • Individuals can apply for a permanent licence 30 to 180 days after obtaining the learner's licence.

  • To get a commercial driving licence, applicants should be 20 years of age and above and have a legit LMV (light motor vehicle) licence for a year.

Things to Keep in Mind While Checking DL Application Status in Punjab

There are some things to keep in mind while checking Punjab driving licence online status, such as:

  • Usually, a driving licence takes 30 days after passing the driving test.

  • The driving licence is delivered to the address given on the application form. So, make sure to add the correct information on the form.

  • Traffic regulations and rules change frequently, so it is best to be aware of them.

  • File the driving licence renewal request before the expiry date. Don't wait for it to expire. Also, submit the old driving licence to authorities when issuing a new one.

  • Apply for a duplicate licence only when the old one is lost or misplaced.

  • If you have a valid licence, you can also apply for an international driving licence.

List of Regional Transport Offices in Punjab

Below is the list of some regional transport offices in Punjab. The official time to visit these offices is 9:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Regional Transport Offices City RTO Code Address  Contact Number
Rampura Phul PB-40 Rampura Phul, Bathinda, Punjab - 151103 +91-1651-248225
Amritsar PB-02 Amritsar, Punjab - 143001 +(91)-183-2565244
Chandigarh PB-01 Chandigarh, Punjab - 160017 NA
Baba Bakala PB-17 Baba Bakala, Amritsar, Punjab - 143202 +91-1853-245510
Ajnala PB-14 Ajnala, Punjab - 143102 +91-1858-221037
Nawanshahr PB-32 Nawanshahr, Punjab - 144526 +(91)-1823-222660
Ropar PB-12 Ropar, Punjab - 140001 +(91)-1881-221164
Phagwara PB-36 Phagwara, Kapurhala, Punjab - 144401 +(91)-1639-250715
Faridkot PB-04 Faridkot, Punjab - 151203 +(91)-1639-250715
Khanna PB-26 Khanna, Ludhiana, Punjab - 141401 +91-1628-226091
Mansa PB-31 Mansa, Punjab - 151505 +(91)-1652-227582

Need For Motor Insurance in Punjab

Just like how a driving licence in India gives you a permit to ride a vehicle on the road, having insurance for a bike and car shields your finances during tough times. Cases of accident, theft, vandalism, etc., are common, and if you don't have the right car or bike insurance policy, the financial loss can be taxing.

Not just this, as per the Motor Vehicle Act, having basic third-party motor insurance is mandatory. However, the coverage in basic 4 or 2-wheeler insurance is limited. With many possibilities of financial losses during riding, such as personal damage, damages due to natural calamities, etc., a comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers is a suitable choice.

Further, our Tata AIG long-term two-wheeler insurance plan keeps you worry-free about your motor insurance policy renewal frequently.


A driving licence is a mandatory document before getting on the road in India. The process of getting a driver's licence might take time. That’s why it is best to check the driving licence status online and offline. By checking the status of your driving licence application, you will know the exact date when you will receive the licence. Further, if the process is getting delayed because of misinformation or incorrect documentation, you can rectify it and receive a driving licence on time.


What is the fee for a driving licence in Punjab 2023?

Individuals need to pay different fees in Punjab based on their requirements. The learner's driving licence fee is ₹50. For issuing a permanent driving licence, the fee is ₹200. For taking a driving licence test, the fee is ₹300. The international driving licence fee in Punjab is ₹1000.

Are there any criteria for checking driving licence application status in Jalandhar?

There are no particular criteria for checking driving licence application status in Jalandhar except knowing the application number and date of birth. One can quickly check it by visiting the Parivahan Sewa site.

Is a driving test required for the renewal of a licence in Punjab?

If a driving licence has expired for over a year, individuals need to take a driving licence test at the time of renewal.

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