Electric Scooter Riding Eligibility in India

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As India aspires to become an all-electric nation by 2030, it has permitted teenagers between the ages of 16 to 18 to be able to legally ride electric scooters. This move is made in light of several factors, right from the safety of teenagers to fulfilling the objective of promoting electric mobility. The initiative also takes a step closer to introducing green licence plates for electric motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, underage driving is rampant in numerous cities in India. Students attending schools and colleges give in to the thrill of owning a vehicle and carelessly speeding on roads. This iterates the importance of both following traffic rules as well as having comprehensive two-wheeler insurance that covers unfortunate scenarios. While there were several initiatives to discourage underage driving, these numbers continue to increase. This subsequently leads to an increase in the number of road accidents and fatalities. Considering this, the government has decided to revise the rules without discounting safety.

The Law and Age Limit for Electric Scooter in India

There are several questions concerning electric scooters, such as — does an electric scooter need license? What is the electric scooter licence age? Which e-scooter is permitted? And more. Let’s understand each of them in some detail.

Category L1 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 has been modified to enable teenagers between the ages of 16 to 18 to ride e-scooters. According to the new rule that is amended by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), teenagers between the ages of 16 to 18 can procure a driving licence for an e-scooter with a maximum restricted speed of 70 km per hour. The motor for the electric vehicles that will be made available to this age group will be a maximum of four kilowatts.
A common question that is in the mind of riders is — does an electric scooter need license? Until recently, there was no need to get an e-scooter licence as gearless e-scooters were exempted from the rule. With the recent amendment, however, electric scooters are categorised as ‘light two-wheeler powered vehicles,’ and so a driving licence for e-scooter will be mandatory for riding electric two-wheelers.

Here is a quick rundown:

  • The riding age limit for electric scooters in India is between the ages of 16 to 18
  • Teenagers between the age of 16 to 18 will have to undergo a requisite test to procure an e-scooter licence.
  • The engine size of the electric vehicles permissible for riding to the above-mentioned age group is limited to 50 cc
  • The licence required for an electric scooter can be obtained for vehicles that run at a speed of 70 km/hour
  • The electric motor vehicles will have to have a green licence plate

The Benefits of Electric Scooters for Teenagers

Young drivers and riders can often make rash decisions on the roads, which highlights the need to focus on safety rules. Before the purchase of two-wheelers, students need to be well acquainted with traffic safety measures. This includes purchasing a helmet, not speeding or jumping signals, and investing in comprehensive insurance for two-wheelers. However, aside from the safety benefits, here are the advantages of electric scooters for teenagers:

Favourable Move for the Indian Traffic System

With the popularisation of the electric scooter, the Indian traffic system will witness a positive change as young riders will be well acquainted with the traffic rules early on. Moreover, when they ride the right vehicle while adhering to the traffic rules, they will be able to learn the road safety measures and traffic rules in a safe manner.

  • The Varied Types of Electric Scooters

Two-wheelers are an imperative element of every Indian household. With the vigorous promotion and encouragement by the Indian Government to invest in electric vehicles, the automobile ecosystem is manufacturing electric scooters of diverse make and models. This means young teenagers will be able to choose from a wide variety of vehicles, right from the simple kick model to the full-blown moped – based on preference.

  • An Environment-Friendly Ride

The younger generation is becoming growingly conscious of the impact of vehicle emissions on the environment. This impressive moral fibre is celebrated with the purchase of an electric scooter. This is because riders can ensure zero-emission trips with electric bikes. This wise choice will help reduce pollution and the carbon footprint when compared to the traditional counterparts.

  • Easy to Learn

Anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle will find it extremely easy to learn how to ride electric scooters. This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of e-scooters. The licence required for electric scooters can be obtained after giving a simple test. Finally, as long as you adhere to the speed limit and the e-scooter size, you are free to enjoy the benefits of the electric scooter in India. Electric scooters have surpassed being labelled simply as a trend or a recreational ride. The newer models and the continued innovation in the sector are transforming electric vehicles into an efficient means of commuting – particularly for students.

However, this does not discount the fact that there is still some risk involved, which young riders will have to be mindful of. According to a road safety expert in a report by The Hindu, parents will have to be careful. They will have to convey to the young riders that electric scooters come with high acceleration and deceleration when compared to fossil-powered two-wheelers. Considering this, it can also be seen that in addition to educating young riders about road safety rules and measures, there is a need to invest in two-wheeler insurance.

The Bottom Line

While electric scooters are a revolutionary change in the Indian traffic system, they come with their own set of concerns. With the rising number of road accidents in the country, it becomes imperative to instil an understanding of traffic rules. For the purpose of safety, young riders will have to wait until they reach the electric scooter licence age before getting their first e-scooter.

Additionally, to counter the impact of unfortunate events, one must also invest in a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. To analyse their finances, insurance seekers can also make use of a bike insurance calculator online, available on Tata AIG. It is a free tool that helps insurance buyers get more clarity on the amount of premium. Tata AIG is one of the leading insurance companies in India, offering insurance for two-wheelers. Tata AIG bike insurnace offers both third-party damage cover as well as own damage cover. Further, the hassle-free claim settlement process ensures seamless reimbursements in a few simple steps.

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