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Most automobile and transport businesses place a high priority on reducing their carbon footprint. As a result of global warming, people and corporations have had to re-evaluate their options. The goal of sustainable development has become increasingly important in the eyes of regulatory bodies. Automotive companies are serious about reducing carbon emissions by producing electric vehicles on a mass scale.

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Find out the difference between an electric bike and a petrol bike in this article.

Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike India

Before knowing electric bike or petrol bike, which is better, let us understand in detail about both. Electric Motorcycle

  • Electric vehicles are automobiles that run on electricity. There are two types of electric vehicles: partially electric and fully electric.

  • Lithium-ion batteries power modern electric scooters. Batteries used in electric vehicles have traditionally been lead-acid or nickel-metal hydride.

  • As a result of their longevity and energy retention rate, lithium-ion batteries are an excellent upgrade.

  • Carbon emissions have decreased dramatically due to reduced fossil fuel consumption.

  • Electric vehicles are also relatively inexpensive compared to traditional petrol/diesel engines. Petrol Motorcycle

  • People prefer petrol scooters because they are convenient, easy to refill, and can travel long distances.

  • As the petrol scooter market has been developing for many years, it includes many models and a wide price range.

  • The durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance of petrol scooters make them a better choice.

Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike Which is Best?

The following sections outline a detailed view of India's electric bike vs petrol bike comparison. Electric bikes are common today, but few electric two-wheelers. EV automotive companies are producing electric scooters to meet the needs of two-wheeler enthusiasts. Lithium-ion batteries power the new-age electric scooters, which are much more fuel-efficient than traditional petrol scooters.

Electric scooters are significantly less expensive than petrol scooters requiring regular maintenance. If you compare fuel prices, riding an electric scooter over an equal distance is highly affordable. Let us examine different elements in depth to better compare electric vs petrol bikes.

Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike: Pricing

For most EV owners, sustainability comes at a price but is a worthwhile investment. Electric scooters are more expensive than petrol scooters. Because EV scooters are relatively new, their prices are higher as of now. The government has offered incentives to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles. But the long-term costs of owning a petrol vehicle are higher than those of an electric one.

Petrol Bike vs Electric Bike: Cost of Fuel

Petrol vehicles are becoming more expensive due to the sky-high prices of traditional fuel sources. There is no difference in mileage between petrol and electric scooters. In contrast, a litre of petrol is almost six times more expensive than recharging an electric vehicle. As a result, petrol vehicles have exorbitant fuel costs.

- Electric vs Petrol Bike: Operational Range

Electric engines generally have a shorter operational range than traditional fuel engines. Due to the lack of enough charging stations, electric scooters are ideal for covering short distances. Electric vehicles with self-charging capabilities can address this problem. Since there are so many gas stations around, petrol scooters do not have a limited operating range. With the tank easily refilled, you can travel further and faster.

- Petrol vs Electric Bike: Maintenance Charges

In comparison with electric scooters, petrol scooters have a much higher maintenance cost. It is only necessary to clean the batteries of electric scooters regularly. However, petrol scooters must be serviced at service stations frequently to last a long time. Maintenance costs for electric scooters are lower because of service charges.

- Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike: Convenience Comparison

To fully charge an electric scooter for travel, you require two hours. Furthermore, electric scooter owners may have difficulty charging their scooters in nearby areas due to the absence of charging stations. Petrol scooters are more convenient, as they can be filled up in minutes. One of the main advantages of petrol scooters over electric ones is their ease of fueling.

- Electric vs Petrol Bike: Refueling + Recharging

Refuelling: Petrol scooters are already familiar to you. Their fuel source is petrol, and they are used all over the world. Their convenience and popularity make them a popular mode of transportation. A more environmentally conscious world makes motorbikes less cost-effective despite their popularity. Electric scooters, which are pollution-free, fuel-efficient, and combustion-free, are becoming more popular.

Recharging: In recent years, electric scooters have become increasingly popular in the Indian market. Rechargeable batteries power these bikes. Further, they have a compact design and lower per-ride costs, making them the vehicles of the future.

There has already been a spike in petrol prices, emphasising the cost-efficiency of EVs (Electric Vehicles). The maintenance costs of these bikes are also lower than those of conventional fuel bikes.

- Petrol vs Electric Bike: Sustainability

According to different studies, the carbon emissions from electric scooters are up to 30% lower than those from petrol bikes. We can expect these figures to improve even more with upcoming technologies. Carbon emissions are associated with the production of batteries, not with the rides themselves. If you compare them, the carbon emission graph of electric scooters is much lower than that of conventional bikes.

Is an Electric Bike Better Than a Petrol?

Here are five reasons why electric two-wheelers are more efficient than petrol bikes:

  • Electric bikes can help you save money.

  • The charging process is highly convenient.

  • Electric motorcycles are incredibly comfortable to ride.

  • The environment is much better off with zero emissions.

  • In general, they are powerful and have instant torque.


Access to charging at the workplace or home and using a scooter only for short distances makes an electric scooter a good choice if you live in a big city. Electric bikes are smooth, fast, and easy to use. Moreover, they are more cost-effective to operate given the high petrol prices.

On the other hand, the advantages of petrol scooters are their durability, resiliency, and ease of maintenance over time. Simply fill the tank and go; you can take them almost anywhere. The above parameters can help you select the type of bike that best meets your needs.

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