Evolution of the Honda Activa Over the Years

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Honda Activa — India's most loved scooter that has successfully busted the myth that scootys are only for girls and women.

Ever since its release, i.e. twenty years ago, Activa has ruled the scooter (scooty) segment of India. Over the years, it has become the favourite bike of Indians. In fact, it would not be wrong to call it the "national scooter" of the country.

Owing to its popularity, Honda has launched several models of Activa over the last two decades. Impressively, each model has something better to offer to the users.

Today, if you compare the latest Activa with its pilot model, you will be amazed by how far this scooter has come in the market segment. It is both a unique and nostalgic experience.

We have designed this blog to take you through the exciting journey of the evolution of Honda Activa over the years.

So, if you are a fan or planning to purchase any of Activa's latest models, you are in the right spot. Read on!

Activa Evolution Over Two Decades

Let’s jump into the journey of the Honda Activa, starting from the first model to the latest in the Indian two-wheeler market:

2001 - Honda Activa — The Grand Arrival of Honda Activa

Honda Activa was launched back in 2001 when the gearless scooters were the hottest trend in the country. At that time, most gearless scooters were small, lightweight and compact, giving the notion that they were solely designed for women and youngsters. Honda challenged this misconception and launched a solid-built, spacious, gearless scooter known as Activa.

It was somewhat based on the design of the Honda Eterno, a geared scooter launched by the company some time back. Activa first model became an instant hit in the market owing to its robust design, large and comfortable seats, and fantastic riding experience it offered. At that time, the Honda Activa first model price was around ₹36,000 on the road.

2009 - Activa 2G —The Much-Needed Upgrade

After enjoying a raging success for the whole eight years, makers decided to upgrade the Honda Activa's first model. More than a decision, it was a necessity as many other two-wheeler companies had started launching their unisex scooters.

In 2009, Activa 2G was launched, which had a powerful 109.2cc engine capable of running at a maximum speed of 80km per hour.

Notably, it was the first Indian scooter that featured a combi-brake mechanism, which made it safe to ride. Besides working on the functionality of the bike, Honda has also made some improvements in its design. The upgraded model was more sleek and stylish.

It was also made available in multiple exciting colours. This lineup ran successfully for the next seven years, i.e. until 2015. So, you can easily spot an Activa 2G on the streets, even today!

2015- Activa 3G — Time to Fight the Competitors

After seven long years of releasing Activa 2G, Honda launched one of the most awaited Honda Activa scooty models, Activa 3G. This was the time when the company ended its joint venture with Hero Motocorp, which became its biggest rival.

To remain the market leader and to outperform its competitors, Honda has made the final changes in the design of Activa, and no changes have been made ever since. It was a significant turning point in the Activa evolution.

In this model, Honda has also featured tubeless tyres and a more powerful engine that could cover 85 km per hour. Many other changes were also introduced, including more comfortable seats, stylish head and tail lamps, low-fuel indicators, better colour options, and so on.

2017- Activa 4G — Consistency is the Key

As mentioned above, Honda has finalised the design of Activa forever with Activa 3G. Hence, no major changes were made in its successor, Activa 4G. The only notable change was the change of engine from 109.2cc to a BS4 engine. This was done to meet the recently introduced emission norms at that time.

2018 - Activa 5G and 6G — Enhanced Build Quality

At this point, Honda Activa has gained enough dominance in the market that its scooters are sold just by the brand name "Activa". The 5th and 6th generation models of Activa have sported a better build quality than its predecessor and a few redesigns to make it look more aesthetic.

LED lamps replaced the headlamps, and a button was also introduced to open the seat. Besides, many stylish colours were also introduced to satisfy the customers.

Talking about Honda 6G, it was by far the most updated version of Activa. It is slightly bigger than all the previous models. Moreover, it is also geared with an external fuel inlet, which was missing from all other models.

That's not it; the Activa engine has also received a major update. It was made more powerful but silent as compared to the previous models. This means this Activa model can start without making a lot of noise. Besides, the fuel efficiency and mileage were also improved in this model.

2019 - Activa 125 — Most Powerful Activa Model of All Time!

Other motorcycle manufacturers: "Only motorcycles can rule the 125cc engine segment."

Meanwhile, Honda: "Hold my 110cc engine".

And there comes the top-selling Activa model in India: Activa 125!

It is by far the most powerful and immensely popular Activa model. It is among the fewer gearless scooters that support a 125cc engine. While it has the same design as Activa 6G, it offers an upgraded performance and fuel efficiency. It has also received a premium edition for a limited time. Further, the new model Activa scooty price is ₹90,877 onwards (Ex-showroom Delhi).

Final Thoughts

The evolution of Honda Activa in India has been very interesting. In twenty years, the company has sustained remarkable growth and progress.

Even after several other similar scooters in the market, Activa has not lost its popularity.

That's about the Activa all models list. We hope you enjoyed it!

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What is the oldest model of Activa?

The Honda Activa's first model was named "Honda Activa". It was the predecessor of Activa 2G and was launched in 2001.

Are the Honda Activa scooty models worth buying?

Yes, Honda Activa is totally worth buying as it offers excellent mileage and performance under all road conditions. Besides, it looks very stylish and classy and comes in an affordable budget as well.

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