How to Check if Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy is Genuine or Fake?

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Purchasing a two-wheeler is a necessity for most people in India. The number of new vehicles on the road is constantly increasing, and most cities are experiencing exceedingly challenging traffic situations. In these cases, a two-wheeler might make your travel quicker and more affordable. They are essential since they are cost-effective and considerably less expensive to maintain.

However, prior to riding your bike, you must get a two-wheeler insurance policy plan to guarantee a smooth ownership experience. Additionally, an insurance policy for bike is required by law, and riding without it is prohibited.

You can get a policy for your bike in a number of methods to comply with legal requirements. And occasionally, this can result in erroneous purchases. In an effort to reduce their insurance premium costs, many customers wind up purchasing fraudulent policies.

But how to check two-wheeler insurance to know whether it is fake or real? There are a few easy steps you can take to prevent these conflicts. Here are a few tips to spot false bike insurance policies and ensure you don't get one.

Best Ways to Check Whether or Not Your 2-wheeler Insurance Online is Fake

Clients may get a two-wheeler insurance policy from unreliable websites since they may be more affordable. However, because not all those sources can be trusted, it might not always be the wisest course of action. So, if you were thinking, “how to check my bike insurance’s authenticity?” we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few techniques to use to determine whether your insurance policy is authentic or not.

Policy Purchase Receipt

Asking for policy receipts is a straightforward but efficient technique to confirm the legitimacy of your insurance. This is crucial for any financial transactions you have ever conducted. You can request specific invoices for the premium payments you have made from your insurance provider.

Additionally, obtain payment receipts for all transactions if you purchase the policy through an insurance advisor.

Look for the Details in Your Policy Documents

Insurance companies frequently create false advertising for their products. When someone purchases a policy, the insurer may include anything additional that was not advertised. It might be as easy as adding a free add-on to your bike insurance policy or increasing the IDV. To make sure you have gotten all the features and advantages that were advertised, examine your policy paperwork.

A fake bike insurance paper may contain false information on the policy's duration, premium payment, IDV, add-on, etc. Get in touch with your insurance company if you discover any such discrepancies.

Verify the Insurer’s Website

On their official websites, all reputable insurance companies include links for verification. Simply put, you may do the bike insurance check online on their website, which can assist you in telling the difference between real bike insurance and a fake insurance policy. If your policy lacks any form of verification links for whatever reason, that should raise a warning that you shouldn't disregard.

You can use the links on the policy when you access it from your smartphone to go to the official website or a page with all the information about your insurance plan.

Make a Purchase from a Reliable Source

Purchasing a bike insurance policy from a reputable provider is a good idea. You can go to an insurance provider's official website to purchase policies. Alternatively, you can browse a reputable insurance aggregator's website, evaluate options, and then purchase a policy.

Pay for the Policy Online

Pay your insurance premiums online since it is quick and safe. You can also pay online with all insurance companies and aggregators. However, paying the premiums with a check rather than cash up front if you are purchasing an insurance plan offline is advised.

Get in Touch with Your Insurer

Contacting your insurance provider via their toll-free number or online chat feature is one of the best ways to verify that your coverage is legitimate. You can also verify the validity of your coverage by going to the nearest branch office. People may choose to purchase false insurance coverage in an effort to save money. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise proper caution and use reliable sources.

Watch Out for the QR Code

All policy documents must have a QR code, according to the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). All policy documents that insurance companies give to their clients must have these QR codes. It is a reliable method of determining if you have a legitimate policy. You can scan the QR code to acquire information about policies.

Verify Whether the Insurer is Fake or Genuine

It's quite convenient to purchase bike insurance online. Additionally, it might help you save a good deal of time and money. However, many consumers still like working with an insurance advisor to purchase coverage. You must verify an insurance advisor's legitimacy if you also believe purchasing a policy from them will be more reliable.

Verify that they are legitimate before you sign the contract and pay for the policy by asking their local branch office to confirm the same or by looking at their licence number, identity card, or badge.

We hope you have now understood how to check bike insurance authenticity online.


You can employ the aforementioned recommendations for a bike insurance policy check to determine whether your two-wheeler insurance policy is real.

Two-wheeler insurance is a legal mandate as well as a necessity in India. A third-party bike insurance plan is the most affordable option. However, if you want the plan to cover the bike, the owner-driver as well as third party liabilities, opt for a comprehensive policy.

While purchasing or renewing your insurance coverage, accurately fill out the proposal form with your personal information and vehicle information. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information may cause problems when a claim is made.

With Tata AIG, you can purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy online in the most hassle-free manner. In case of any doubts, our representatives can help. Also, our policy purchase, renewal, and claim processes are straightforward. Finally, you may be sure to purchase the finest bike insurance coverage online by making sure of all these factors.

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