How to Improve Your Bike Performance in Easy Steps?

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Modifying your motorcycle can be a fun experience. You can transform the bike into something you like to ride and look at, depending on your preference. Motorcycle performance modifications are one of the most popular modifications.

You can improve your motorcycle's performance in several ways, and they do not have to be complicated or expensive. With the proper knowledge, you can make your bike truly unique by customising it.

As you improve your motorcycle performance, remember to purchase suitable insurance for your 2-wheeler. You can find your choice of bike insurance policy when you compare two-wheeler insurance with Tata AIG online. This will help you understand the features and benefits of different policies, which in turn helps you make an informed choice.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how to improve bike engine performance and the benefits of increasing bike performance.

Reasons to Improve Motorcycle Performance

In many cases, you modify your bike to satisfy your love for speed.

You have to increase the power of your motorcycle if you race above 120mph, and if you race professionally, then boosting your bike's performance will give you an advantage on your race track if you do that kind of racing. There is a possibility that you will enjoy off-roading a lot.

Many riders dream of riding on muddy, water-filled roads at the height of the season.

It would help if you had the power to keep your bike moving through all these trails.

How to Improve Motorcycle Performance - Seven Easy Steps

1. Air Filters

  • The cheapest and easiest way to increase power is to increase air intake.
  • Imagine the engine's air filter as your lungs, preventing unwanted air particles from entering the engine through it.
  • With a few easy upgrades, stock parts can be improved for cleaner airflow, resulting in a more efficient combustion process and a more powerful engine.
  • Increasing air intake by up to half using a mushroom head is also possible dramatically improve efficiency.
  • The only downside might be increased fuel consumption, resulting in higher fuel costs.
  • Adjusting your bike's carburettor may be necessary to accommodate this change.
  • By taking note of the combustion colour of the spark plug, you will be able to do this.

2. Changing Tires and Upgrading Brakes

  • A good pair of tires can significantly affect how well your bike performs.
  • Changing the tires might help restore your bike's speed if you feel it has become slower. It is because tires wear out after a few years.
  • Comfortable braking is possible with good brakes. Consider getting premium quality brakes if your braking system is more efficient.
  • They can ensure a smooth ride for you. They will significantly increase bike performance.

3. How to Increase Bike Performance Using Modified Ignition

  • When you modify your ignition to have a more significant control angle, you can get a kick since the ignition ignites the fuel and air in your bike's engine cylinders.
  • The finer ignition needles in NGK gold-plated and platinum-plated spark plugs produce more vital sparks.
  • It is also possible to upgrade to a carbon core ignition wire (like what you would find on an ATV) and a low-resistance voltage cap.
  • At higher speeds, this ensures a good supply of fuel.

4. Purchasing Fuel Filters

  • Before introducing fuel into an engine, fuel filters purify it to improve combustion efficiency.
  • Maintaining engine performance and keeping it clean requires purchasing high-quality filters and replacing them regularly.
  • Also, if you can afford it, you should buy only premium gas because it has a higher-octane rating which means it burns more efficiently.
  • Professional racing bikes use a different fuel than those you purchase from the gas station for a reason.
  • Alternatively, compare eating Lays to eating vegetable sprout salad. One is more efficient than the other, but they are both fuels.

5. Modifying Lighter Parts

  • Despite not directly increasing performance, lighter parts will allow the bike to go faster since there is less resistance in the way of the speed.
  • For strength and durability (especially against heat), stock parts are usually steel, but aftermarket aluminium and titanium parts are lighter and sometimes stronger.

6. How to Improve Bike Performance Using Performance Exhaust

  • You can increase horsepower through a custom exhaust if you have the funds since it allows for more air intake and reduces gas restriction.
  • In addition to looking and sounding better, it will be much more comfortable!
  • You can also use a slip-on if you do not want to replace the entire muffler, which will still increase power at the lower end and give a good initial boost when riding.
  • It is best to replace the entire system, but it's essential to find one designed specifically for your bike that won't negatively impact its performance.
  1. Chip Remapping
  • There is an engine control unit (ECU) on most bikes, a tiny computer chip that controls (and in many cases limits) the functions of the bike's parts, including its electricals and gauges.
  • Remapping can provide more power and improve bike performance, but it usually comes with a cost (such as increased heat, more fuel consumption, and a shorter lifespan).
  • Depending on the parts, there are also upper limits.
  • Ensure the person doing the remap is an expert since you can remap detrimentally.

Lubricating and adjusting your motorcycle's chain is another simple trick to increase its performance and keep your bike running smoothly. Using this method, you will not only be able to protect your chain against wear and tear, but you will also be able to increase the horsepower and handling of your bike. During this time, consider lubricating the controls and replacing worn-out cables while at them.


Now you found how to increase motorcycle performance using seven easy steps. You want to get the maximum performance out of your bike, so you must choose a powerful motorcycle that is modified appropriately. It is possible to void the manufacturer's warranty if you make any aftermarket modifications to your vehicle. Before implementing any change, contact your nearest authorised service centre.

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