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Many people prefer buying second-hand or used two-wheelers. Sometimes, it is because of budget constraints, but sometimes it is just a more practical decision. With so many buyers and sellers available, the used bike market in India is huge. In case you are planning to purchase a used bike, remember that having a two-wheeler insurance policy is a mandatory step, just as it is in the case of buying a brand-new bike. Now, if you are purchasing a used bike, make sure that the owner transfers the existing insurance policy for the bike to your name.

Let’s read through the below guide to understand why it is vital to transfer the ownership and insurance of the bike to the buyer.

Ownership Transfer of the Two-wheeler

If you have purchased a used bike, the seller remains the official owner of the two-wheeler until all the essential documents are transferred to the new owner. Hence, purchasing a second-hand bike entails transferring its ownership from the seller to the buyer. In the process of ownership transfer of bikes, it is mandatory for you, as a buyer, to get all the rights and liabilities of the two-wheeler transferred to your name. For, if the two-wheeler is being used for any illegal purpose, it’s always the owner who is held accountable in such situations.

If both you and the seller belong to the same state, then it may require you to submit all the transfer details to the RTO within 14 days, while in case you and the seller reside in different states, then you will have 45 days to report all the transfer details to the registering authority. Once the RTO transfers all the documents to your name, an amended registration certificate (RC) is issued to you accordingly.

Insurance Transfer of the Two-wheeler

Similar to the ownership of the bike, it is also mandatory for you to possess a valid insurance policy for a bike. If the existing insurance policy is still in the name of the seller, then you will be devoid of all the related benefits and, thus, would not be able to file a claim during an unforeseen event.

Insurance policy transfer must be done within 2 weeks, along with the submission of the revised RC, sale deed, and copies of some essential forms to the RTO by the previous owner. Once the insurance company verifies all the documents, it transfers any valid bike insurance to your name.

In case the existing insurance is third-party bike insurance, you may choose a comprehensive cover and add-ons for extensive coverage. But there will be a higher premium cost. You may visit Tata AIG’s website to know more about the different policies and their premium rates. You can also compare our insurance plans and purchase the one that suits you best.

The process of bike ownership transfer will be considered incomplete until the seller transfers the insurance policy to your name as well. Hence, you need to ensure that all the documents, along with the bike’s ownership and its insurance policy, have been transferred to your name completely.

Documents Required for Two-wheeler Ownership Transfer

Whether you opt for bike ownership transfer online or offline process, you require to submit the following documents to the RTO:

  • Certificate of Registration: Bike RC transfer is compulsory to bring in effect the ownership transfer of a two-wheeler. Once the seller transfers this certificate to your name, it confirms and endorses the fact that the vehicle now belongs to you.

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: This document certifies that all the relevant rules in regard to pollution control have been duly followed by the bike owner.

  • Certificate of Insurance: As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for a bike owner to possess a valid insurance policy. And thus, being a new owner, you need to make sure that the existing insurance policy has been transferred to your name by the seller; else, the bike ownership transfer process will not be considered complete. The bike insurer needs to be informed about the same.

Besides the aforementioned essential documents, there are a few other documents that are required to be submitted to RTO during the sale or purchase of a second-hand bike:

The first bike ownership transfer form is Form number 29, i.e. Notice of Ownership Transfer of a two-wheeler, which needs to be filled and duly signed by the seller.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Road tax payment receipts
  • Bike’s original RC book
  • Seller’s passport-sized photographs
  • Tax clearance certificate,
  • PAN Card, etc., if the bike name transfer process is held under different circumstances, such as the death of the previous owner, or auction of the two-wheeler.

Bike Ownership Transfer Cost

To complete the transfer of bike ownership to your name, the RTO needs to verify all the relevant documents before transferring all the rights and liabilities from the seller to you. And this process requires you to pay a small bike ownership transfer fee to the RTO, which is around ₹30.


Before you purchase a second-hand bike, it is vital for you to get all the necessary documents, along with the ownership and insurance policy of the bike, transferred to your name. For, it may later invite some legal hassles in case your pillion rider meets with an accident.

As the seller remains the official owner of the vehicle until the transfer of bike ownership and its insurance policy, you would not be able to file any claim or enjoy associated benefits later. Moreover, being a bike owner, you have to have a valid insurance plan before you take your vehicle on the Indian roads.

For more information in regards to the bike insurance policies, you may visit the Tata AIG website and choose 2-wheeler insurance online that goes well with your budget and other preferences.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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