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Punjab, the land of five rivers, has its name derived from the same concept - Punj (five) and Aab (water). Considered one of the country's most vibrant and attractive places, it is the heart of India's Sikh community. Known for its fertile soil, which has contributed immensely towards India's food needs for years, and as a key player as India's exporter of crops and other food-related items. Located on the country's northwestern edge, Punjab has shown tremendous industrial growth and agricultural development. However, this growth has led to an increase in the number of vehicles in the states encouraging the authorities to impose strict laws and regulations for road discipline.

Similar to all other Indian states, third-party bike insurance is mandatory in Punjab as well. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, buying an insurance policy for bikes (third-party) is mandatory for every vehicle. However, buying comprehensive insurance is highly recommended. Having a valid bike insurance policy is one of the basic traffic rules. In the below article, we shall learn more about the traffic challan rules in Punjab and the fines for violating these rules.

New Traffic Rules in Punjab

Drivers, both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, often take traffic rules for granted. Although most of them know their importance, they fail to realise it. Adhering to these rules is for everyone's safety, including the riders and all other road users.

In Punjab, failure to obey these rules can result in traffic challans. Let us look at some of the important traffic rules chart in Punjab for two-wheelers and four-wheelers:

- Two-wheeler Traffic Rules in Punjab

  • Two-wheeler riders must wear standard ISI helmets while driving. Helmets must comply with all the regulations and must be fastened securely.

  • Only one pillion is allowed with the rider. Triple riding can be dangerous for all, the rider, the pillion rider and the individuals on the road. Moreover, not obeying this rule attracts penalties.

  • The rider cannot use a mobile phone while riding a bike. Using a mobile phone can distract the rider, hamper his ability to control the bike and thus cause a casualty. One of the causes of increasing road accidents in the country is that violating this rule can result in hefty penalties.

  • Overspeeding is not allowed. Exceeding the speed limit risks life and attracts heavy traffic fines.

  • A person riding a two-wheeler must always carry mandatory documents like a driving licence, certificate of registration, insurance documents etc. When the authorities or officers demand any documents for inspection, the rider must furnish them. Failure to produce them may result in a Punjab traffic challan.

- Four-wheeler Traffic Rules in Punjab

  • Always drive a four-wheeler by wearing a seatbelt. It is essential to fasten your seatbelt before you start the vehicle. Seat belts save the driver from fatal injuries in case of an accident. Additionally, ignoring this crucial rule attracts heavy penalties.

  • Do not over speed. Many road accidents in Punjab and across the states have been registered due to overspeeding. Excess speeding may cause accidents and also attract traffic fines in Punjab.

  • Driving under the influence of intoxicating substances is prohibited. Never drink and drive or use any other intoxicating substance like alcohol or drugs before sitting behind the wheel. Faulting this rule may result in harsh penalties.

  • Never use a mobile phone while driving. They may cause a distraction to the driver, which in turn may lead to accidents. Ignoring this rule Not following this rule attracts Punjab traffic challan.

  • Following lane discipline is compulsory for every four-wheeler driver. Ensure you give the proper signal or indicator while taking turns. Also, avoid abrupt lane shifts or zig-zag driving. Maintain proper road discipline; if unable to do that, the driver may face traffic fines in Punjab.

New Traffic Fines in Punjab

Let us look at some of the Punjab traffic challan rate lists.

Traffic Violation Vehicle type First Offence Fine (₹) Repeated Offence Fine (₹)
Driving or riding without a valid Driving Licence (DL) All vehicles 5000 5000
Not producing DL on demand by authorities All vehicles 500 1000
Riding without a valid Registration Certificate (RC) Two-wheeler 3000 5000
Driving without a valid RC Four-wheeler/other vehicles 5000 10000
Driving or riding without valid third-party insurance All vehicles 2000 4000
Driving or riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol All vehicles 10,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months 10,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months
Riding at excessive speed Two-wheeler 1000 1500
Driving at excessive speed Four-wheeler/other vehicles 2000 4000
Driving or riding in a physically or mentally unfit state All vehicles 500 1000
Driver/passenger not wearing the seatbelt  Four-wheeler 1000 1000
Not wearing helmet Two-wheeler 1000 1000
Triple riding Two-wheeler 1000 1000
Allowing unauthorised person to drive or ride All vehicles 5000 5000
Pollution standard violations All vehicles 2000 5000
Not giving way to emergency vehicles like fire fighting vehicles, ambulances, etc. All vehicles 10000 10000
Using a mobile phone while riding or driving All vehicles 2000 10,000 (within first three years of the previous offence)
Not obeying the signal of traffic police officer controlling the traffic All vehicles 500 1000
Road sign violations All vehicles 500 1000
Not obeying the instructions of the authority All vehicles 1000 1500
Lane driving violations All vehicles 500 1000
Parking related violations All vehicles 500 1000
Honking in silence zone All vehicles 1000 2000
Riding without or wrong number plate Two-wheeler 3000 5000
Driving without or wrong number plate Four-wheeler/other vehicles 5000 10000
U-turn related violations All vehicles 500 1000
Smoking while driving or riding All vehicles 500 1000
Modified silencer Two-wheeler 1000 2000
Road tax dues All vehicles 500 1000

Imposing E-challan in Punjab

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 was amended recently and was approved as the Motor Vehicle Act of 2019 to provide for road safety. The amendments were accepted throughout the country. The Motor Vehicles Act updated the traffic rule violation list and added more than 50 penalty details.

To follow the new rulings, the Punjab Traffic Police (specifically Chandigarh) became more active and vigilant by introducing e-challan. For every traffic violation, the police send an e-challan to the offender.

Individuals who disobey traffic rules will be issued with an e-challan. Therefore, to avoid getting fined, the riders or drivers should be well-acquainted with the traffic rules and follow them strictly. Also, as responsible riders, individuals must carry their mandatory documents like driving licences, insurance policies for bikes, PUC certificates, registration certificates etc. and keep them updated.

The Department installed CCTV cameras at different locations to monitor whether people follow traffic rules. Alternatively, several diligent officers are assigned to take care of areas where CCTV cameras aren't installed.

The Traffic Police use the SMS facility to inform the offenders. Individuals not complying with the traffic uses receive an SMS from the authority stating the office and the associated fine. Once the offender receives an e-challan, they can pay the fine online (through the Parivahan portal) or offline.

How to Pay E-Challan Traffic Fine in Punjab?

- Paying E-Challan through Offline Mode

If you receive an e-challan, you can pay the fine online and offline.

- Approach a traffic officer with an E-Challan device: You can pay your e-challan if you spot an officer with an e-challan device. You can provide your DL number, challan number and other details. You will receive a challan copy based on which you can make the payment. Collect the receipt upon payment.

- Visit Traffic Police Headquarters: To pay the fine in cash, you can visit the Traffic Police Headquarters to clear your dues.

- Send challan payment via pay order or cheque: Alternatively, you can send the cheque or pay order of the prescribed challan amount to the Traffic Police Headquarters address.

- Paying E-Challan through Online Mode

You can now pay your E-Challan online, which is quick, hassle-free, and easy.

- Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan e-challan website for online challan payment.

- Step 2: Under the 'Check Online Services' tab, click 'Check Challan Status'.

- Step 3: Get challan details by filling in either challan number, vehicle number or your DL number.

- Step 4: Complete the step by entering the captcha code given on the screen and clicking on 'Get Details'.

- Step 5: All the e-challan information will be displayed on the screen. You may see multiple pending e-challans (if applicable).

- Step 6: Select the challan you wish to make payment for.

- Step 7: Enter payment details and confirm the payment.

Importance of Having a Valid Vehicle Insurance for Adhering to New Traffic Rules in Punjab

While most individuals spend a lot of time and effort selecting the bike or car they dream of, buying the right insurance is given little importance. However, insurance policies for bikes and other vehicles have several benefits, including it helps in abiding Punjab traffic rules.

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates every vehicle to have at least third-party insurance. Thus, you must have a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler insurance policy to drive legally on the roads and avoid penalties. You can purchase 2-wheeler insurance online through a trusted insurance provider like Tata AIG for easy comparison, purchasing, claim settlement and other online features. Additionally, for your two-wheeler, depending on your needs, you can opt for regular third-party bike insurance or a comprehensive plan for overall coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the fine for overspeeding in Punjab?

Overspeeding is a punishable offence. For two-wheelers with a first-time offence, ₹1,000 fine is charged, whereas, for repeated offences, a fine of ₹1,500 is charged. Similarly, for four-wheelers, ₹2,000 are fined for a first-time offence and ₹4,000 for a repeated offence.

- What is the fine for no insurance in Punjab?

Riding or driving without valid third-party insurance will attract a penalty. If caught for the first time without insurance in Punjab, one has to pay a fine of ₹2,000. If the offence is repeated, a fine of ₹4,000 is charged.

- What is the fine for wrong-side driving in Punjab?

Traffic rules in Punjab have become more strict recently. If an individual drives on the wrong side of the road, one may attract a penalty of ₹500 to ₹1,000. One may also face imprisonment of up to 3 months if non complying with the rules.

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