Things To Know About Charging Your Electric Two-Wheeler

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Electric bikes are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. Aside from being environmentally friendly, users like its low operating costs, minimal maintenance and servicing costs, and economical bike insurance policies. The popularity of these bikes is increasing even more, today due to the ever-increasing fuel prices in India.

The cost of fuel makes using our cars and bikes a luxury, even rendering the vehicle useless in some cases. But the electric bike has come in like a saving grace, not only for the environment but also for the pockets of the everyday man. Nevertheless, despite it all, electric bikes are still fairly uncommon in India and are thus shrouded in mystery. Some of the most asked questions about electric bikes range from the electric bike battery charging time to how to charge electric bikes. Another big question in the mind of people is the cost of charing an electric scooter in India. The cost is an important factor as people wish to see if having an electric bike or scooter will be cheaper in the long run or cost more than a fuel bike.

The popularity of electric vehicles is such that we even have electric charging cycles in the country today. But, questions still abound, and doubts still prevail. Thus we will try to provide all the information we can to remove any doubts you may have.

All bikes, including electric ones, require insurance for 2-wheelers. If you are caught driving your bike without a bike insurance policy, the penalty is severe. Electric bikes are not accident-prone but repairing them may be costlier. Therefore, having quality insurance for two-wheelers is a must. Your bike insurance policy will be the first defence in case of mishaps.

Tata AIG provides you with two-wheeler insurance online, and the process of purchasing the right bike insurance policy is simple and quick. Moreover, you can compare two-wheeler insurance using our online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator. Also, the process of filing a bike insurance claim online is hassle-free.

How to Charge Electric Scooter in India

If you are wondering how to charge an electric bike, we have the answer. The charging process is as easy as charging your phone to charge your electric vehicle. First, you have to connect your bike to an electric vehicle charger, and you're ready to go. You can also add an Electric bike charger at home or go to an electric charging station to power your vehicle. Installing an EV charger, though, can be costly.

As a result, charging your bike at an electric bike charging station is recommended. You'll need to charge your electric bike's battery overnight to get a full charge. You can also charge your vehicle while driving if the infrastructure is in place, like electric bike charging stations and charging points.

An electric bike's effectiveness is calculated in kilowatt-hours (KWH) per 100 kilometres. This should answer your question on where to charge an electric scooter and electric bike battery charging time.

Cost of Charging Electric Scooter in India

If you are wondering about the cost of charging your electric scooter in India, it may be pretty costly, but it will be constant and may also be lesser than the current cost of fuel. You can avoid the problem of fluctuating fuel prices by opting for an electric bike, which does not require any fuel. Electricity is cheaper than fuel, but it also has a more consistent price. This is why going electric may be recommended by most people.

How Does an Electric Bike help Create a Greener Environment?

By converting to an electric bike, you are assisting in preserving the environment. Traditional automobiles release carbon dioxide, which increases greenhouse gas emissions and accelerates climate change.

When you use an all-electric bike, you don't emit any carbon dioxide, and hybrid electric cars and bikes give you much better mileage when compared to a traditional vehicle. This means that you are using lesser natural resources, thus leading to the conservation of our environment. It is why most governments are also advocating for electric cars and bikes.

Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Bike

Some tips that may help you increase the efficiency of your electric bike are as follows:

  • A new electric bike comes with a brand-new lithium-ion battery. You must charge your bike's battery for at least 12 hours before using it. Your bike's battery's long first charge ensures that the current travels smoothly across all of its cells, allowing the battery to work efficiently in the future.

  • Well, the answer to the question of where to charge an electric scooter is simple. You must charge your bike at legitimate and recognised electric bike charging stations.

  • The lithium chemistry batteries employed in electric bikes should survive better with extensive use and, hence, regular charging. Therefore, do not let the charge of your battery drop suddenly and drastically. Instead, charge the battery when it is between 30% and 60% charged. Meanwhile, some battery experts recommend draining the battery completely after 30 to 40 charges.

  • The weather affects an electric bike battery as it does on most electric bike riders. Therefore, it is desirable to have moderate temperatures. When using an electric bike and charging the battery, stay away from high temperatures to extend the battery's life.

  • Don't leave your electric bike battery on the charger for extended periods of time. The battery's capacity may be depleted when you do this, leaving it at roughly 95%. This cycle of discharges and later refilling causes charging cycles that are unsatisfactory. Instead, use your phone's timer to notify you when to take out the battery from the charging point. Do not over or undercharge your bike.

  • It's critical to charge your e-battery bikes with a good battery charger. Avoid using chargers made in your home country. Instead, only use the one supplied by the bike company. Take care of your bike's battery charger.


The future of automobiles is predicted to be electric all over the world. How natural resources are depleted and lead to pollution can no longer carry on. Thus, electric vehicles are the only way to go. Remember, using an electric vehicle is your contribution to the world you live in and is also an asset. So, protect your electric bike with the right insurance for two-wheelers. Compare two-wheeler insurances and get the one that will work best for you and your vehicle.

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