Tips to Change a Bike’s Engine Oil

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There are a few experiences in life that can compare to riding a motorbike. A motorbike is probably the handiest and most economical mode of transportation, whether it is speeding along motorways or zooming through rush hour traffic. However, a bike or motorbike, like any other machine, needs care and maintenance in order to operate smoothly and without difficulty.

One of the most critical aspects of maintenance is bike engine oil change when needed. Without frequent bike engine oil changes, the engine can overheat, friction between the bike's moving components increases, and overall performance suffers. As a result, the bike's fuel economy may decrease.

If you're wondering when to change engine oil in bikes, let us tell you that bike engine oil change time is once every 2,000 kilometres or should be done once every six months. So, you, being a responsible two-wheeler owner, must stick to this bike oil change schedule for optimal performance.

But, before moving forward, let us tell you that just like knowing the two-wheeler oil change period and maintaining your bike's engine efficiency is important, it's also vital to know the value of a bike insurance policy. Having insurance for bikes not only safeguards your two-wheeler but also assists you during an emergency.

Why Do You Need a Bike Insurance Plan?

Nothing compares to the convenience of a comprehensive insurance plan for your bike. Even though it is optional, getting a comprehensive bike insurance plan can offer you almost a 360-degree cover. It will put an end to your concerns about the protection of your two-wheeler, the safety of the rider, and your liability for the loss or damage of any third-party property.

With handy bike insurance online, such as the long-term two-wheeler insurance from Tata AIG, your precious two-wheeler may be covered against any unfortunate situations. Our long-term two-wheeler insurance plan offers coverage against theft, natural calamities, loss, and damage, helping you save quite a lot of your hard-earned money. Okay, so now continue reading to learn some of the bike engine oil tips to help you complete this easy two-wheeler maintenance operation with ease.

Proven Bike Oil Changing Tips

Generally, most people either do not have the knowledge of how to change the engine oil, or they do not want the hassle. Since you are an enthusiast and want to change the engine oil by yourself, listed below are some bike engine oil-changing tips for you. Following these steps will help you easily change the engine oil without needing a mechanic.

Do All the Preps

The first step in changing your bike's engine oil is to have all of the essential tools available. It is critical to refer to your two-wheeler's service manual to verify the procedure of changing the oil, the amount of oil needed, to know the optimum bike oil change kilometres, and the frequency with which the oil should be changed. You should also have a new oil filter, fresh engine oil, wrenches, a drain pan, a funnel, etc.

Maintain a Regular Engine Oil Change Schedule

The key to keeping your bike in excellent condition is to replace the oil on a regular basis, but it's crucial to know the right bike oil change kilometres. While some two-wheeler manufacturers and mechanics advocate changing the oil every 2,000 kilometres, or six months, the engine oil should be changed based on the service manual book, the two-wheeler's model, and use.

Use Fresh Oil on Your Bike

Many bike mechanics may recommend cheap bike engine oils to save money, but this can have a significant impact on the bike's performance. The best oil for a two-wheeler is specified in the service manual. The bike will be in the best condition if the required oil is used by reputable and trustworthy manufacturers or dealers. Do not forget that it’s a critical safety issue, and using contaminated or diluted oil is dangerous.

Keep Your Bike on Double Stand When Oil Is Being Changed

It's recommended that the two-wheeler be positioned on a double stand and not at an angle when changing the oil. Used and old oil might not drain correctly if your bike's parked at an angle. As a result, it is critical to park your two-wheeler with a centre or double stand to make it easier to access the oil filter as well as guarantee the bike's safety.

Replace the Oil Filter

Replacing the oil filter is as important as changing the bike's engine oil. The oil filter shields the engine from harm by eliminating pollutants like oxidised oil, dirt, metallic bits, and so on that might impair your bike's performance. A jammed oil filter will prohibit the new oil from performing its function. Thus, before replacing the engine oil, you must change the oil filter.

Pour Only the Appropriate Amount of Engine Oil

It is critical to only use the recommended amount of engine oil in your motorcycle. While pouring a less amount may influence engine efficiency, pouring more than what is necessary may result in spillage and money waste. Generally, if you purchase a bottle of engine oil for a specific bike model, you will get the exact amount of oil needed for that bike. Just empty the bottle into the engine oil reservoir, and you are good to go.


There are only a few things left to do after the procedure. Make sure there are no leaks nearby and double-check all the screws to ensure they are snug and unlikely to leak. Also, wipe any residual oil from the bike's surface using the extra cloth. Wiping any residual oil off is probably one of the crucial engine oil tips, as the substance is very slippery and can cause hazards.

While an oil change ensures greater performance, it doesn’t provide protection from external causes. As a result, bike owners should obtain bike insurance through a leading platform like Tata AIG, which has a network of 3,300+ cashless garages.

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