Top 10 Bikes Under 1.2 Lakhs

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Bikes and two-wheelers are the most commonly used mode of transportation in India. It’s not surprising, owing to how narrow a lot of roads in India are. Bikes are also a cheaper alternative to cars, which is why most people opt for them. So finding a bike that fits all your needs is something to take into account when you’re out looking to buy one.

This brings us to this conundrum: Finding the perfect bike is no easy task. There’s a lot to consider when buying a bike. The first part is – having the bike fit your budget. Followed by getting that bike insured. No one wants their brand-new bike to meet any unforeseen accidents and get stuck paying out of pocket for its repairs.

A two-wheeler insurance plan is essential to protect you - the bike owner. It’s an agreement where the insurer covers the cost of any damages to the bike, the third party and the bike owner. Its purpose is to financially protect the bike owner in the event of unforeseen accidents.

Top 10 Best Sports Bikes Under ₹1.2L In India (Comparison)

Here we’ve compared the best sports bikes under ₹1.2L in India. We’ve compared their key features and prices in the table below. This table should give you an overview of the specifications you can expect from sports bikes within that price range.

Bike Make And Model Engine Mileage in kmpl Fuel Tank Capacity In Litres Weight In Kgs Price
TVS Apache RTR 160 159.7cc 1-cylinder Oil-cooled 4-stroke 45 kmpl 12 Litres 137 Kg ₹1,18,381
Bajaj Pulsar 150 149.5cc Air-cooled Single-cylinder Fuel-injected and BS6 compliant 47 kmpl 15 Litres 148 Kg ₹1,05,884
Bajaj Pulsar NS125 124 cc Air-cooled engine 49.5 kmpl 12 Litres 144 Kg ₹1,05,597
Honda Unicorn 160cc PGM-FI HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine BS6 engine which develops a power of 12.73 bhp 50 kmpl 13 Litres 140 Kg ₹1,04,981
Bajaj Pulsar P150 149.68cc BS6 engine Single-cylinder engine 50 kmpl 14 Litres 140 Kg ₹1,20,181
Yamaha FZ FI 149 cc Fuel-injected BS6 engine 48 kmpl 13 Litres 135 Kg ₹1,13,636
Hero Xtreme 160R 160cc Air-cooled engine With a side-stand engine cut-off switch 46 kmpl 12 Litres 138.5 Kg ₹1,19,449
Honda X-Blade 163cc Air-cooled single-cylinder motor Equipped with a fuel-injection system for BS6 compliance 50 kmpl 12 Litres 143 Kg ₹1,15,759
Joy e-bike Monster (Electric Bike) Generates 250W power from its motor 75km riding range 4 - 4.5 Hours of charging time 93 kg ₹1,00,500
Suzuki Gixxer 155 155cc 1-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled 45 kmpl 12 Litres 146 kg ₹1,00,212

As you can see, we’ve also included an e-bike on this list. As an eco-friendly alternative for those interested.

From the given bikes, the Yamaha FZ FI, the TVS Apache RTR 160V, the Bajaj Pulsar variants, the Honda X-Blade and the Suzuki Gixxer are some fan favourites.

Why Do You Need Two-Wheeler Insurance?

The last thing anyone with a brand-new bike wants is to be paying for costly repairs and damages out of pocket due to some unforeseen accident. The best thing you could do for your two-wheelers is to get them insured.

With more two-wheelers and other vehicles being on the road, the likelihood of accidents also increases. Your two-wheeler insurance is set up to cover the financial burden caused by these accidents. They also cover theft and natural disasters.

Considering these factors, you can clearly see why bike insurance policies are crucial.

Types Of Two-Wheeler/Bike Insurances available in India

Once you’ve decided on your sports bike, it’s time to start looking into the types of insurance policies for your two-wheeler. You must compare two-wheeler insurance policies available to you to get the best coverage for your bike. There are three main types,

1. Third-Party Liability-Only Bike Insurance

This policy covers any costs incurred when the insured bike is responsible for causing an accident. Any damages caused to the third party involved, including injuries or loss of life, shall be covered by the sum.

As you can see, this policy doesn't cover the costs concerning any damages incurred to the insured bike. So to cover the expenses for your bike, you’ll need either comprehensive bike insurance or a stand-alone damage bike insurance policy.

**2. Stand Alone Damage Bike Insurance **

This policy covers the damages and expenses for the insured bike. Stand-alone damage policies also cover natural and man-made disasters. Like - theft of the bike, damages caused to the bike that is beyond repair, etc. It does not, however, cover the cost of damages caused to the third-party individual. So this policy is usually bought alongside third-party insurance policies.

3. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

This policy covers the damages and costs of both the third party and the insured two-wheelers. As the name suggests. It is all-around protection for all parties involved. The coverages included under this policy include an own-damage cover for the insured bike, coverage for any legal and financial liabilities and coverage for personal accident coverage to the owner.

This policy also includes a slew of add-ons you can opt for further coverage against specific damages. Some popular add-ons used are Zero Depreciation Cover and Roadside Assistance Cover. Of these, only the third-party liability cover is legally mandatory. The other two policies listed here are optional.

In Summary

These are some of the best bikes under ₹1.2L available in India. We hope this article gave you some insight into two-wheeler insurance policies. Along with providing you with the tools and information necessary to compare two-wheeler insurance policies to reach an informed decision.

The two-wheeler insurance policies provided at Tata AIG provide an easy claims process, unique add-ons and a high claim settlement ratio.

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