Traffic Fines in West Bengal

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Known for its culture, food and countless heritage locations, West Bengal attracts tourists worldwide. This, of course, means more people and vehicles on the road. As a result, the state has imposed a comprehensive set of traffic rules and fines to maintain order and safety.

These rules and fines are put forth by the Motor Vehicles Act and upheld by the state’s Road Transport Offices (RTOs) and traffic police to ensure citizens follow these rules. The West Bengal traffic fines especially act as a deterrent, discouraging any type of reckless behaviour when on the road.

These fines can range from ₹500 to ₹10,000, depending on the severity of the traffic offence.

To help you avoid this, we have explained everything you need to know about traffic rules in West Bengal and their corresponding fines. Read on to ensure you stay informed as a state citizen.

New Traffic Rules in Kolkata

With an estimated population of 14 million, Kolkata is West Bengal’s most populous city and India’s third most populous city. To ensure order in this dynamic environment, the traffic rules in West Bengal have been updated to align with the new amendments of the MV Act.

These new rules were introduced to curb the state’s increasing number of road accidents and traffic violations – especially in cities like Kolkata. Listed below is the updated list of traffic rules in West Bengal for four-wheeler and two-wheeler drivers.

New Four-Wheeler Traffic Rules in Kolkata

Do Not Overspeed: This is the most common cause of road accidents. Driving at high speeds can cause you to lose control of your car when suddenly braking or swerving.

It could even cause your car to hydroplane in poorer weather conditions, which can be dangerous.

Always Wear Seatbelts: Both the driver and the passenger(s) must wear seatbelts when the car is in motion. Failing to do so can levy a fine of ₹1,000. The driver must also be over 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s licence.

No Texting While Driving: Never talk or text on your mobile while driving. Checking your phone even for a few seconds can distract you from paying attention to the road, leading to accidents and collisions, especially when driving in high-traffic cities like Kolkata.

Stick to One Lane: Do not change lanes abruptly or drive in a zig-zag pattern. It can disrupt traffic flow and cause road accidents. Only change lanes when necessary and use the proper hand signals and indicators to alert other motorists before doing so.

Carry the Necessary Paperwork: Traffic police sometimes pull you over for inspections when you violate a traffic rule. When this happens, they will ask for documents like vehicle registration, driver’s licence, car insurance certificate, PUC certificate, etc.

New Two-Wheeler Traffic Rules in Kolkata

Only One Pillion Rider: Do not ride your bike with more than one pillion rider. Overloading your bike can be dangerous and cause you to lose balance, leading to accidents.

Wear a Helmet: Both you and your pillion rider must wear helmets. It is an important piece of protective gear that can save you from head injuries during crashes, as most can be life-threatening.

The without helmet fine in West Bengal applies to the driver and the passenger, i.e., you will get fined if your passenger does not wear a helmet, even if you are wearing one.

Do Not Overspeed: Like cars, it is not safe to drive a high speeds over and above the speed limit. When suddenly breaking, it can cause your bike to skid and even eject you from your bike at higher speeds.

No Texting While Driving: Do not text or talk on the phone when riding your bike. It can interfere with your ability to control your bike and cause road accidents. When riding, both hands must be on your bike handles at all times.

Carry The Necessary Paperwork: Similar to car owners, bike owners must also present their bike insurance certificate, driver’s licence, PUC certificate, vehicle registration, etc. Failure to produce any of these documents can result in a WB traffic fine.

Updated West Bengal Traffic Fine List

<td>₹2,000 (₹4,000 for repeat offences)</td>
<td>₹5,000 </td>
Driving/riding without vehicle registration
<td>₹5,000 (₹10,000 for repeat offences)</td>
<tdcolspan=2>₹2,000 (₹4,000 for repeat offences)</td>

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Imposing E-Challan in West Bengal

When caught violating a traffic rule in West Bengal, the traffic police will issue an E-Challan. These can be sent through your registered mobile number through SMS. On this E-Chllan, you can find the details of your traffic violation, to fine amount and the due date.

You must pay your West Bengal traffic fine within 60 days of the challan’s issuance. Failure to do so will result in more fines. If you still do not pay, you will receive a court summons, where you must explain why you could not pay the fine.

For example, if you are issued a no-parking fine in West Bengal, you must pay ₹500 (for the first time) within 60 days of being issued the E-Challan by the traffic police. You can pay your traffic fines in many ways. This is explained in the following section.

How to Pay a West Bengal Traffic Fine?

Online Method: Using the Privahan Portal

Visit the Parivahan website. You can also visit the West Bengal Traffic Police website, which will redirect you to the Paravhan portal.

Enter your Challan number, correct Captcha code and click Get Detail. You can also view your challan by entering your vehicle number or DL number by clicking on those options.

Pay your fine using your preferred online payment method and download your receipt.

Paying E-Challan Through Offline Mode

Through Traffic Police: You can approach a traffic police officer with an E-Challan device and provide them with your challan number/DL number/Vehicle registration number to pay your traffic fine. Remember to get your payment receipt as proof of payment.

Visit the Kolkata Police Headquarters: You can directly visit the traffic police headquarters in Kolkata to pay your fine. Approach the front desk and ask about the fine payment facilities. Remember to get your payment receipt.

Through Mail/Post: You can also mail your traffic fine payment through a cheque, pay order, or demand draft to the Kolkata Traffic Police Headquarters’ official mailing address.

Importance of Having Valid Motor Insurance for Adhering to Traffic Rules in West Benga

You must have a valid motor insurance certificate to drive on public roads in West Bengal. Carrying the proper documents concerning your vehicle is one of the more important traffic rules in West Bengal that you must follow.

The MV Act states that all vehicle owners must insure their vehicles with at least third-party insurance from an IRDAI-approved insurer. Failure to do so will result in a hefty fine.

For example, if your bike insurance policy has lapsed and you have not bought a new one to replace it, you will be fined ₹2,000 (for first offence) if caught by the traffic police. The same applies to all other vehicle types as well. Hence, always ensure you have valid insurance.

At Tata AIG, we understand the importance of having a streamlined purchase and renewal process to ensure continual insurance for your 2-wheeler.

Our website offers a hassle-free renewal process and almost no paperwork when you buy a bike insurance policy from us. So, if you are thinking of switching over to us, we recommend that you first compare two-wheeler insurance plans.

This ensures you buy one at an affordable rate while still being offered the best coverage.


Can I use Digilocker to present my vehicle-related documents to the traffic police?

No, the West Bengal traffic police mandate that you carry all the originals of all your important documents – driver’s licence, insurance certificate, PUC certificate, vehicle registration, road tax, etc.

This is because not all Indian states accept digital versions of certificates as valid proof.

How can I check my West Bengal traffic fine status?

You can check your West Bengal E-challan status on the Parivahan portal. Similar to the fine payment method, you need to enter your challan number and click Get Detail to be shown your E-Challan status.

How can I cancel a wrongfully issued E-challan?

Sometimes, E-Challans are wrongfully issued if there are errors with the CCTV camera footage. In this case, you can use the Parivahan website’s Complaint Facility.

You must provide proof of your innocence when doing so, stating that you did not commit the traffic violation stated in the challan. You also do not need to pay the West Bengal traffic fine to get your challan cancelled.

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West Bengal Traffic Violation Vehicle Type Traffic Fine 
Driving without a Fitness Certificate Transport/Goods Vehicles ₹10,000 
Overspeeding (related offences included) Two/three/four-wheeler (LMV) ₹1,000 (₹2,000 for repeat offences)
Driving without fastening the seat belt Four-wheeler ₹1,000
Riding without helmet Two-wheeler ₹1,000
For All vehicles 
Driving/Riding without Driver’s Licence (DL)
Driving/riding without motor insurance 
Pollution fine in West Bengal (driving without PUC certificate) ₹2,000 
Allowing a person to drive without DL/Allowing a minor to drive ₹5,000 
Driving without a valid permit (for commercial vehicles) ₹10,000 
Driving/riding when physically or mentally unwell ₹1,000 (₹2,000 for repeat offences)
Driving after a disqualification
Racing on public roads without permission from the relevant authorities ₹5,000 (₹10,000 for repeat offences)
Reckless driving
Using phone/earphones when driving/riding
Honking in a silent zone ₹1,000 (₹2,000 for repeat offences)
Vehicle not fitted with a proper horn or fitted with a harsh sound horn ₹500 (₹1,500 for repeat offences) 
Violating traffic signal rules
Dangerous overtaking
U-turn related violations
Changing lanes without a signal
Disobeying orders from traffic authorities ₹2,000 
Violating road safety control, noise and air pollution rules ₹10,000
Not stopping at the pedestrian crossing ₹500 (₹1,500 for repeat offences)   
Riding on footpath
Defective number plate
Parking in a No Parking zone