Want to Revamp Your Two-wheeler? Here Is Everything You Need to Know

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Every bike enthusiast dreams of modifying their two-wheeler inspired by the influences of popular culture. These beautifications, modifications, and revamps are all a way of expressing your two-wheeler as an extension of yourself. Although there is a growing popularity of customisations, particularly when it comes to two-wheelers, riders often miss certain important factors. Most are unaware of the bike modification laws in India, and several others don’t know whether bike modification parts will be covered under insurance or warranty. To prevent misinformation from breeding, we have created a guide that assists bike enthusiasts with all the information they might need before they go ahead with bike modification.

Things to Do Before You Modify Your Bike

We live in a world of personalisation. Most individuals like it when the things they own have unique characteristics associated with them. Bike enthusiasts enthusiastically and creatively explore these characteristics at the time of modifying their two-wheelers. However, on occasions such as these, it is important not to get carried away and prudently judge how much and what can be modified. Before you commence modification, consider the following:

Intimate Your Bike Insurance Provider

As you may be aware, it is mandatory for every two-wheeler owner to have a valid third-party bike insurance policy. However, it is always advised to be appropriately secured with comprehensive insurance for a 2-wheeler that can protect you against unforeseeable road mishaps. When you purchase a bike insurance policy, you are expected to disclose all the information concerning your vehicle. Considering this, if you plan to revamp your bike, you will have to inform the insurance company. Even if it is something as simple as bike headlight modification or even bike colour modification, you will need to let your insurance provider know of the changes you make to your two-wheeler. Most commonly, you will be expected to pay a higher premium for bike modification parts on your insurance for 2-wheeler. However, if you fail to inform your insurance provider, there is a high chance that any claim you raise against your bike insurance policy might get rejected. The reason for claim rejection by your insurance provider will be non-disclosure of information, which is considered fraudulent.

Check the Bike Modification Laws in India

Most bikers are unaware that there are certain rules and guidelines when it comes to modifying the two-wheeler. It is important to ensure that your modifications comply with the law. You will need to get RTO permission for bike modification for certain alterations. According to a 2019 ruling by the Supreme Court, vehicles cannot be modified in a manner that significantly alters the original specifications by the vehicle manufacturer. For example, you will need RTO permission for bike modification for any changes to the engine because such changes need to be reflected in the RC book. You will also need to check whether the changes are permitted. Bike headlight modification, for example, is not permitted if you change the head or tail lights' colour. While simple things such as bike colour modification or bike seat modification are not illegal, you will need to get RTO approval. So long as your bike seat modification does not compromise the safety of your vehicle, the RTO may allow you to make the changes.

Choose Functionality over Aesthetics

Bike enthusiasts often see their two-wheelers as a canvas to express their creativity. While it is certainly a treat for the eyes, it is important to ensure that the aesthetic changes don’t meddle with the functionality of your two-wheeler. To illustrate with an example, you might want to replace your bike's tyres with a bulkier one. But before you make these changes, take a moment to know whether changing the tyre will impair the functionality of your two-wheeler. Some think of modifying the fibre parts of the bike, but it is important to note that when vehicle manufacturers design a model, they consider several factors. These include the weight of the vehicle, aerodynamics, functionality, balance, etc. However, with modification, these things are affected.

Install Anti-Theft Devices

The best modification you can do for your bike is to install anti-theft devices. Not only does this enhance the security of your bike, but it also helps reduce the premium payable towards your comprehensive insurance for 2-wheeler. Another reason for installing anti-theft devices is that the chances of theft increase when you modify your bike to improve its appearance. However, it is important to ensure that the anti-theft device you install is approved by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). This is because you cannot get a discount on your premiums if ARAI does not approve the anti-theft device.

Choose a Reliable Professional for Modifications

Although the government has considerably reduced heavy-duty modifications, there are still certain changes that are well within the scope of legality. For example, bike colour modification is not illegal so long as it lies within the RTO limitations. Similarly, fitting small accessories such as visors, decals, and engine fairing all fall within legal limitations. And so, you must always seek a professional to do the job. Without professional mechanical expertise, the chances of things going awry are much higher, and you will unnecessarily have to bear the cost of fixing your mistakes which can dent your savings.

Wrapping Up

Bike enthusiasts see their two-wheelers as their most prized possession. However, to treat it like you love it, riders must protect it with a comprehensive bike insurance policy and not undertake any modification that will impair its performance and safety. And whether it is insurance or modification, it is important to make an informed decision with a calm mind. Insurance seekers are always advised to analyse their insurance needs and compare two-wheeler insurance) policies to find the right cover. The bike insurance policy by Tata AIG can be customised with a choice of eight unique add-ons that enhance the security of the rider and the bike. Whenever you modify your two-wheeler, intimate your insurance provider and ensure that these changes don’t adversely impact the safety and performance of your bike.

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