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Without Licence Fine in Delhi

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 01/04/2024

Traffic rules are designed to ensure motorists' safety on the road. Without rules, there would be chaos and many accidents. The Motor Vehicles Act was thus introduced in India to implement uniform safety rules in the country.

Under the Act, a driving licence is mandatory for anyone driving a vehicle. It is a document that proves a person's eligibility to drive on Indian roads.

Driving without a valid licence is punishable under the Motor Vehicles Act. If you are caught without a DL, you will be penalised with driving without a licence fine. In this article, we shall give you an insight into the without DL fine, how to pay the fine, and much more.

What is the No-Driving Licence Fine in Delhi?

Offence Fine Prior to Amendment of Motor Vehicles Act  Fine After Amendment of Motor Vehicles Act 2019
Driving without licence ₹500 ₹5000 or 3 months of imprisonment

Section 3 of the Motor Vehicles Act lays down the rule requiring every person driving a motor vehicle in a public place to possess a valid driving licence. The no-driving licence fine in Delhi is ₹5000.

The Act mentions that anyone found driving a motor vehicle in contravention of its rules (without a DL in this case) will be punished with imprisonment of up to three months or a fine or both. The table above shows that the fine for driving without a licence prior to 2019 was ₹500, which was increased to ₹5000 to penalise the offenders heavily.

The Delhi Traffic Police Services is the regulatory authority in the State.. In case a motorist is found driving without a valid licence, a without licence fine in Delhi will be charged.

When Are You Not Supposed to Drive Your Vehicle under Section 181?

Obeying the traffic rules while driving is essential to ensure everyone's safety. As per the traffic laws in India, a person is not eligible to drive in the following instances:

  • A person who is below 18 years of age

  • A person who does not have a valid driving licence

  • A person whose driving licence has expired or he has lost or damaged the licence

  • A person having a licence for driving a personal vehicle cannot drive a commercial vehicle and vice versa.

  • An individual below 20 years is not eligible to drive a commercial vehicle in a public place.

  • If a person is found driving in any of the above conditions, he will be penalised with no driving licence fine in Delhi as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Driving without a valid licence or driving with an expired licence can lead to several consequences, as follows:

Penalty up to ₹5000 as without licence fine in Delhi

  • Imprisonment that extends up to 3 months.

  • Seizure of driving licence (in some states)

  • Refusal of claims by insurance companies

  • Higher premiums for bike insurance

How to Pay your Without License Fine in Delhi

If you have received a without licence challan from the Delhi traffic police, you can clear the fines by making a payment either online or offline.

Online Without DL Fine in Delhi

  • You can pay your no-driving licence fine online in the following two ways:

  • Through the Delhi Traffic Police Website

  • Through the e-Challan portal

Pay Without Licence Fine in Delhi Through Delhi Traffic Police Website

  • Visit the Delhi Traffic Police website.

  • Navigate to the “Pending Challan/Notices” tab.

  • Enter the vehicle number or the notice number on the following page.

  • Click “Search Details.”

  • You will find the details of the challan or fines issued in your name.

  • Click on the “Pay Now” option under the challan that you wish to pay for.

  • Tick the “Payment ID” and “Amount” tabs.

  • Choose the mode of payment from the options.

  • A message will be sent to your number for payment confirmation.

Pay Fine for No Driver’s Licence Through E Challan Website

  • Visit the page of Parivahan E Challan.

  • Choose from the options to enter the vehicle number, challan number, or DL number.

  • Carefully enter the captcha as shown.

  • Click on “Get Detail.”

  • All the challans in your name will be displayed on the next page.

  • Choose from the challan that you want to pay.

  • Select the mode of payment.

  • Make the payment and preserve the receipt for future reference.

Offline Payment Process Without DL Fine

  • If you want to skip the online payment method and pay offline, there are two ways.

  • Pay at the nearest traffic police station.

  • Pay to a traffic police officer.

Pay at the Nearest Traffic Police Station

  • Visit the nearest traffic police station in your locality.

  • Carry the challan copy, driving licence, and other documents.

  • Enquire with the police officer about the payment of challan for no driving licence.

  • Provide the DL number, traffic challan number, etc.

  • Make the payment through an online or offline method.

  • Collect the payment receipt.

Pay to a Traffic Police Officer

  • Challan payment can also be made to a traffic police officer on the road with a challan machine. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Spot a traffic police officer with a challan machine.

  • Tell him you want to pay the fine for no driver’s licence.

  • Provide him with the e-challan number, DL number, etc.

  • Make payment online or in cash, as needed and ask for the receipt.

What Happens if You Don't Pay Without a License Challan in Delhi?

If you have been charged with a no-driving licence fine, you must pay the penalty within 60 days from the date of issue. Failure to pay the charges within the stipulated time can lead to severe consequences as follows:

An officer is sent home- Initially, an officer is sent to your home to remind you to pay the charges. You can make the payment to him and collect the payment receipt.

Court summons—You may be asked to appear before the court and explain the traffic violation and non-payment of the challan.

Licence suspension- Failure to appear in court or non-payment of challan can also lead to suspension of your driving licence.

How to Get a Valid Driver’s Licence in Delhi

To be eligible to drive on the roads, you must obtain a valid driving licence from the Regional Transport Office in Delhi. You can apply for a DL online or offline 30 days after receiving the learner's licence.

Applying for a Driving Licence Online

  • Go to the Parivahan Sewa website.

  • Navigate to the “Online Services” tab and select “Driving Licence Related Services.”

  • Select the State as “Delhi” from the dropdown menu on the next page.

  • Click on the option “Apply for Driving Licence.”

  • On the next page, read the information and click “Continue.”

  • Choose the option “Holding Learner’s Licence.” Provide the details and click “OK.”

  • Complete the application form online or offline and upload it along with other documents.

  • Pay the DL fees online and book an appointment at an RTO near your driving skill test.

  • On the scheduled day, visit the RTO with all the original documents and the receipt.

  • After you clear the test, a driving licence will be issued.

Renewing Driving Licence in Delhi

  • You can apply for DL renewal a maximum of one month prior to the expiry.

  • Open the Parivahan Sewa portal on your browser.

  • From the “Online Services” tab, select “Driving Licence-Related Services.”

  • Click “Apply for DL Renewal.”

  • Select “Continue.”

  • Enter the details. Click “Get DL Details.”

  • On the next page, choose the correct category, RTO, and the state.

  • Click on “Proceed.”

  • Choose “DL Renewal” from the options.

  • Submit the online form along with the documents and pay the fees.

  • Visit the RTO and submit the required documents. After verification, your DL will be sent to the registered address.

Tips to Avoid the Driving Without Licence Fine Delhi

Whenever you get behind the wheel, make sure you have your driver’s licence with you. Check the validity of your licence and get it renewed if it is nearing expiry.

  • Keep all other vehicle documents in place, like the car or bike insurance policy, PUC certificate, etc.

  • Follow the traffic rules and avoid overspeeding or rash driving on the road.

  • Always give way to emergency vehicles like an ambulance, fire engines, etc.

  • You can also carry soft copies of all essential documents using apps like DigiLocker. However, check if your State accepts the documents in soft copies to avoid any penalties.

  • Do not set out on the roads while you are drunk. It can endanger your life and that of others.

  • If your vehicle insurance has expired, ensure to renew it in time to avoid getting into any legal trouble while driving.

List of the laws and Acts Pertaining to Driver's Licences

Section 3 - A person cannot drive a motor vehicle in a public place without having a valid driving licence. A person cannot drive any vehicle for which he does not have a licence.

Section 4—This section prescribes the age limit for drivers to be 18 years old and eligible to hold a driver’s licence. It states that a person over 16 years is eligible to drive a motor vehicle whose engine capacity does not exceed 50cc.

Section 5- Under this section, a vehicle owner must not permit such persons to drive his vehicle who do not satisfy the conditions of sections 3 & 4.

Section 6- It specified the restrictions on persons to hold driving licences.

Section 19—This section states the instances under which the authorities can revoke the licence or disqualify it for some time.

Section 181—This section prescribes the penalty applicable if a person acts in contradiction to sections 3 and 4 of the Act, which is ₹5000 or imprisonment of up to 3 months or both.

How Can Tata AIG Help Fulfil Your Legal Compliance?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a motorist must possess certain documents, including, a driving licence and a two-wheeler insurance policy. If anyone is found driving without these mandatory documents, they will be penalised as per the laws.

You must consider purchasing long-term two-wheeler insurance as it not only helps you to abide by the law and provides assistance in case of an accident, but also reduces the hassle of policy renewal every year. To buy two-wheeler insurance online, one must look for reliable insurance providers like Tata AIG.

Drivers must always carry their licences while driving, as they are vital documents for registering and receiving a claim from the insurance provider.


A driving licence is a mandatory requirement under the laws. Driving without a licence is illegal and punishable, leading to penalties and imprisonment. Thus, it is wise to possess a driving licence at all times and renew it if it is nearing expiry.

If you receive a ‘without licence fine’ in Delhi, ensure that you pay the fine to avoid any further legal consequences. Along with a driving licence, one must also have a beneficial insurance policy to comply with the laws and to have financial backing in case of accident or damage.


Where can I renew my driving licence?

You can renew your driving licence online using the Parivahan Sewa portal or offline by visiting an RTO near you. You must fill out the application form, submit the documents and pay the fees for renewal.

What is the age criteria to hold a driving licence?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a person must be at least 18 years old to hold a valid driving licence.

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