The Importance of Health

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Funnily, one only thinks of their health when something goes wrong. There is hardly a thought spared to health when the body functions smoothly. The wonder of a well-functioning body is only appreciated or even realised when an individual is uneasy. However, from time to time, our body will indicate that it needs some looking after.

The lifestyle changes that it needs to keep running smoothly must not be neglected. And there is a simple answer to why is health important: nothing in life can be enjoyed when your health is not there to support you. Before gaining a deeper understanding of the significance of health, let’s first establish a definition of good health.

How to Define Good Health?

Whether an individual is young or old, they will often be advised on the importance of being healthy. From a young age, our parents will ensure that we consume a balanced diet, and we often find elders frown upon the idea of junk foods. However, while the importance of health may be stressed, there is not much discussion about what qualifies as good health.

Going by the definition provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), good health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” In stating that good health is not merely the absence of an illness, this definition by the WHO busts a widely believed myth concerning a healthy body.

Closer to home, the ayurvedic definition of good health is concerned primarily with your gut health. According to Ayurveda, good health can be achieved with proper metabolism and robust digestion. It is derived from the premise that when an individual consumes food based on their physiological requirements, their diet can act as a medicine that balances the metabolism while also promoting vitality.

However, while establishing a definition is easy, what is challenging is following thorough the recommended actions that help one maintain good health. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, individuals need to focus on a multitude of things, right from the diet they consume to the exercise they should do regularly. Along with these, it is also important to invest in health insurance should an unpleasant situation arise. A medical insurance plan can help take care of the expenses for the treatment of a host of illnesses. Moreover, with the convenience afforded by the internet, one can even buy health insurance online and secure their financial health from the comfort of their home.

Benefits of Good Health

It is commonly believed that so long as you can perform your routine activities with ease, you are in good health. However, the value of good health extends far beyond the smooth running of routine tasks. The importance of health and wellness are often reiterated when one considers the benefits that come with good health:

Lead a Long and Happy Life

In India, there is a common tradition to bless young people with a 100-year-long life. However, if one knows the value of good health and takes the right measures to keep oneself healthy, then it is possible to lead a long life. Several researchers have backed the claim that individuals who follow five mantras for a healthy lifestyle live a decade longer than those who do. The five-point mantra includes: eating healthy, not smoking, getting physical exercise, drinking alcohol moderately, and maintaining a normal body weight.

Keep Diseases at Bay

Wondering why is health important? It keeps diseases at a good distance from you. And it is this aspect that highlights the significance of health for health enthusiasts and others alike. The very concept of leading a healthy lifestyle is to take active measures that strengthen your immunity which thereby helps fight diseases. The immune system is the body’s army to fight against harmful foreign agents that bring illnesses with them.

Improve Mental Health

In this newer world, we have moved from simply discussing the importance of being healthy to discussing the importance of health and wellness. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you also improve your mental health. Have you ever observed that after a long and stressful day, fresh air can be greatly relieving, and it improves your mood and helps you relax? According to research, individuals who exercise regularly are known to have better mental health and emotional well-being. Exercise is considered important and is often prescribed to individuals who are suffering from mental ailments. It improves your concentration, alertness, and even your mood.

Better Financial Health

The soaring cost of hospitalisation is no longer a secret. And because adversities don’t knock on our door before they arrive, health insurance is important. With a medical insurance plan, individuals don’t need to bother about hospitalisation expenses. The benefits of health insurance extend beyond just financial assistance. A medical insurance plan allows you to focus on your speedy recovery instead of stressing about the cost of treatment and medical bills at a time when your health is not in its optimal condition. Moreover, when you invest in health insurance when you are young and healthy, the premiums are much lower compared to when you are older. You can further optimise your savings when you buy health insurance online.

Principles of Achieving Good Health

The importance of health must be realised at a young age and not when you can’t work on improving it. Even making simple lifestyle changes go a long way in maintaining good health. Some simple steps to achieving good health include:

Ensure you get adequate sleep: Rest is essential for your body to replenish, renew, and function properly. Sufficient sleep even regulates the hormones that are directly tied to emotions and moods. This is why at least 6-7 hours of sleep is essential.

Consume a balanced diet: Ensure that your meals supplement your body with all the essential nutrients it requires to survive. This includes recommended portions of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition to knowing what to eat, you should also know what to avoid: limit the intake of red and processed meats, and beverages that contain sodium, trans fat, and added sugar.

Exercise regularly: Exercise helps you manage stress while also taking care of your physical wellbeing. Cardiovascular exercise for a healthy heart and yoga for flexibility and relaxation are just some ways to help your body get its dose of physical activity.

Quit smoking and drink alcohol in moderation: It is challenging to achieve a healthy lifestyle if you are a smoker and an indulgent drinker.

Meditate: Find the kind of meditation that works best for you. It can be sitting in silence or dancing. Anything that helps you calm your mind is the meditation that is most suited for you.


Health is of paramount importance for anyone who wishes to live their life to the fullest. By following certain lifestyle changes and investing in health insurance, one can ensure good health. For all your health insurance requirement, always count on Tata AIG. It is a name synonymous with trust.

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