Top Holiday Destination To Go To In 2021

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Due to COVID-19, sad sights of abandoned and lonely tourist places have become familiar. This highly contagious virus impacted the travel and tourism industry on a massive scale. However, slowly, and gradually with the winter holiday season trips providing a glimmer of hope, the tourism industry is getting back on its feet.

Top Overseas Travel Destinations For Holidays In 2021

As more and more travellers are hoping to step out of their homes, there are looking for the best places to travel during COVID. You may explore destinations that are considered secluded and less commercial. Plus, with prioritizing health and hygiene, your preference would also depend on stringent safety and sanitization processes at these accommodations. You may also explore options like homestays, cottages and others while choosing among the top 2021 travel destinations.

As you may look to travel with purpose and reconnect with oneself and the world, some places are being deemed as 'low risk travel bubbles.' What does this mean for you? Well, it is time to travel again. Even though you got to do so with a mask and hand sanitizer, but you get to step out and travel again, nonetheless.

If you wonder which place you can visit in this new world' of possibilities, then do not worry. We have carefully curated a list of Holiday destination 2021 for you to travel to:


A Baltic paradise, famous for the shooting of Game of Thrones, has become a go-to Holiday destination 2021 for all who wish to travel abroad. With its lazy beaches, ancient architecture, hearty cuisine and buzzing nightlife, it tops the limit of best places to travel during COVID.

Due to its low COVID case count, it has been designated as one of the safest travel destinations 2021. You can start researching today to plan your perfect Croatian holiday!


Another top 2021 travel destination, Scandinavia, has been a low-risk place throughout the global pandemic. And currently, Norway seems to have the lowest risk with the highest potential for making memories with its exciting experiences, breath-taking scenery, and the ethereal Northern lights.

You can explore the Flam railway that offers sweeping panoramas to all its passengers with views of the stunning Norwegian fjords.


As one of the top Holiday destinations 2021, Portugal offers the most idyllic destinations dotted with ancient buildings, port wine and scrumptious Portuguese meals. One of the best places to visit during COVID, you will be enamoured with the ruggedly beautiful natural landscapes that you have ever laid your eyes upon.

If not immediately, Portugal should be on your list of where to travel after coronavirus, most definitely. From happening nightlife to adventure sports and surfing, Portugal is a great destination.

South America

The rapidly falling numbers of infected make South America one of the best places to visit during COVID. Also, it is the ideal destination if you wonder where to travel after coronavirus. From the surreal Andean peaks to the lush Amazonian rainforest, you have plenty of options to explore.

It is home to a host of experiences that will translate into a lifetime of memories. You may visit one country or hop across many to have the time of your life when you travel abroad to South America.


Take a few steps back in time and explore the land of the pharaohs in this holiday destination 2021. Get lost at the valley of Kings in Luxor, plan a visit to Giza's colossal pyramids, and cruise the mighty river Nile which has many ancient monuments along the edge.

You will note that the history and stories that you may hear are enough to bring out the explorer in anyone. Also, not to forget, all the delicious meals of mezze platters, kebabs and other delicacies make it the 2021 travel destination.

New Zealand & Australia

Like two peas in the same pod, both these destinations cannot be mentioned separately. Before people wondered where to travel after coronavirus. But now they can visit these places. Both the places are relatively COVID-free and are a throwback to life before COVID-19. Although incredibly diverse both scenically and culturally, Australia and New Zealand offer hope for travelling in 2021. You can experience the vibrant culture and the chance to enjoy yourself without a great deal of worry in the this best place to travel during COVID.


Best of both worlds, Canada is the ideal 2021 travel destination. The thriving cities and the rugged Alaskan wilderness that is home to activities such as hiking, canoeing, camping and others make it a must-visit. You can explore the beautiful wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains to Alaska's pristine waters, and much more.

According to us at Tata AIG, these are some of the best places to visit during COVID for that much-needed change of air. However, before you plan your travels to any of these destinations, it would help to have overseas travel insurance. You can check our international travel insurance policy to understand the benefits in detail.

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