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Things to Do In UK

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 19/05/2023

The United Kingdom is one of the most stunning countries that you can choose for a holiday. The countries that constitute the beautiful nation all bring something unique to the table. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are all glorious destinations and have plenty of brilliant museums, art galleries, restaurants, and clubs. Along with all the man-made wonders, the extraordinary natural and scenic beauty makes it one of the top destinations to visit in the world.

There are many cities to visit in the UK and top things to do. But you will not be able to do everything in a few days. Also, the remarkable beauty of the country and its people will grow on you, and you will want to come back again and again.

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Let us now get into the list of things to do in the UK.

Things to Do in the UK

Here is the list of the things that you can do while you are in the UK:

  • Visit the renowned music festival

If you love music festivals, it does not get better than the incredible Glastonbury. The biggest music festival in the UK, Glastonbury, takes a large chunk of the beautiful countryside in almost all the UK summers with music, mud, drinks, and mischief.

The line-up of musicians in the event is phenomenal, and there are plenty of activities that take place apart from the stage as well. In case you end up getting a ticket, take lots of sunscreens, baby wipes, and an open mind with you to make the most of your time there. Thus, this is one of the most famous things in the UK.

  • Visit the stunning national parks

The UK has an awe-inspiring and mighty countryside; from the ancient woodlands to rugged moors, lush-green hills, and impressive mountains, there are a lot of things to see in the UK. To witness the glory of nature, you can visit the 15 amazing national parks located in the country.

You can explore the breathtaking Lake District, the wilderness of Exmoor, and the world-renowned dark and bewitching skies of Northumberland. National parks are definitely the top UK attractions to visit.

  • Concoct conspiracy theories at Stonehenge

Was it a man-made architectural marvel? Is it actually extra-terrestrial or supernatural? Was it really built by a wizard? A visit to the remarkable wonder of Stonehenge will bring these questions to your mind. The prehistoric stone structure is visited by millions of tourists every year, but this popularity does not really take away the mystery that it inspires.

You might also have questions like - what is the stone structure? Was it a burial ground, a site for sacrifices, or simply an astronomical calendar? Explore this stunning wonder and see for yourself what the real story behind the structure is. It is truly one of the most intriguing yet beautiful places in the UK.

  • Party all through the weekend at the Notting Hill Carnival

A colourful and extraordinary celebration of the amazing Caribbean community in the country - Notting Hill Carnival is one of a kind. It is one of the top street celebrations in the UK that displays the traditions and culture of the Caribbean community in the country.

It takes place in West London, and the whole street gets converted into a big, loud, and colourful party place. You can also taste some of the best Caribbean food at this party. So, for things to do in England in August, this should be on your list.

  • Explore Arthur’s seat

From the list of cities to visit in the UK, not many cities can boast about having a volcano. Well, Edinburgh surely can. Arthur's Seat is a rugged peak that is situated 351 metres above sea level. You can locate the peak from almost every part of the city. You can go to Holyrood Park to climb up the peak.

While the hike is a short one, it will still get the adrenaline pumping. After you have climbed up, take a seat and witness the stunning Scott monument, Edinburgh castle, etc. It is one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

  • Uncover the story of Titanic

Have you seen the movie Titanic? Are you intrigued by the story of the unsinkable ship that crashed with an iceberg and sank into the Atlantic Ocean along with over 1500 passengers on board? Well, the ship was constructed in the city of Belfast. The place where it was built is home to a huge museum dedicated to the unsinkable ship.

Through the interactive galleries, you will be able to walk along the ship’s decks and witness the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, you can explore the shipyard and see the boat's launch. From the cities to visit in the UK, this is the one that features a story that will leave you fascinated.

  • Witness a play from Shakespeare in his own home town

The beautiful Stratford-upon-Avon is regarded as a pilgrimage site for lovers of literature. While you can see an amazing play at the Shakespeare Globe in London, witnessing a play where the literary genius lived is another level of satisfaction.

The riverside theatre situated in the city organises plays which you can watch. Also, while you are there, do not forget the top UK attractions, which include the birthplace of Shakespeare and the church where he was finally laid to rest in the year 1616.

  • Visit Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Are you up for a dare? Well, try and pronounce the Welsh city name - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. This is a small town situated on the Anglesey Island of Wales. The name of the city is the longest one in the UK but is commonly known as Llanfair PG.

For people unfamiliar with the Welsh language, the name of the city seems to be a tongue twister. Well, you will be surprised to know that the English version of the name is not easy either. It is a beautiful place in the UK, and you can get a photo with the name of the city sign for your Instagram – if the name actually fits in your photo.


The UK features some of the most wondrous places to visit in the world. Apart from the list, there are many other cities to visit in the UK. The list of things to do in the UK is endless, and covering the whole country is well an impossible task.

But you can still visit the most beautiful places in the UK to see what marvels man and nature have to offer. While you are there, do not miss out on the delicious food and desserts. There are also many great pubs that you can visit if you are looking for a drink or two.

Also, while you plan your fabulous trip, do not miss out on securing it with the right travel insurance. A travel insurance plan will make your trip seamless and stress-free. You can also reach out to us if you need help finding the right plan for yourself. Happy and safe travels!

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