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Why You Should Visit Thailand?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 15/07/2022

Travelling is a whole new experience in itself. It changes you in ways that you do not think, and you also meet new people along the way, some of whom may become your friends for life. But, one of the most important aspects of travelling is choosing the destination. It is difficult to pick a country from the two hundred countries on the world map.

If you are searching for your next destination, Thailand is one place that should be on your bucket list. But, unfortunately, you will find so many Thailand points of interest, and you will not be able to decide which place to go in Thailand. But, if you are still not sure about where should I go in Thailand, we have a list of places and reasons that will help you make up your mind.

Before we get into the details about Thailand’s tourist destinations, it is important to understand that having a travel insurance plan is essential when you travel to another country. A travel insurance plan will help you safeguard yourself from any financial liabilities that may arise because of emergencies like lost or misplaced baggage, trip cancellation, passport theft, hospitalisation due to Covid-19 infection or other illnesses, etc.

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Now let us get into the details of Thailand’s points of interest.

Good Things About Thailand That You Must Know

Here are all the reasons why this splendid Southeast Asian country should be on your travel list:

  • Foodie paradise

If you love food, then you must visit as it is a Thailand speciality. If you visit Thailand for one day or even a month, the food is so tempting and diverse that you will not eat the same dish again. As you move from one city to another, you will see that the cuisine always keeps changing. You will get diverse food options, and they will get more and more interesting as the time comes. So, the answer to where should I go in Thailand is - to go get some amazing food!

  • The amazing people

While all the nations that you travel to have a fair share of local people who are friendly and genuinely nice, there is something about the Thai people that makes you feel warm inside. The people in the country are traditionally sweet and friendly or are perceived as such. Maybe it’s their motto which is mai pen rai which translates to it’s okay or don’t worry - the country has a chill and warm vibe to it. This is one of the good things about Thailand, and this is why Thailand is famous.

  • Cheap travel costs

Well, there is a question about why visit Phuket, Thailand - the answer is simple. In most places, travellers who are on a budget tend to skip some places because of the expensive costs of travel, but this is not the case in Thailand. Here, the costs of travel are cheap, and you can easily travel from one city to another using different transportation mediums. International and domestic flights are easily accessible from almost any airport. Also, the trains and buses are very affordable. So, if you are in Thailand, do not worry about the costs and visit Phuket Thailand and other Thailand tourist destinations.

  • Awesome weather

There are three main seasons in Thailand, and all of these see an almost equal footfall of travellers from all over the world. The busiest season, though, is the dry season, when the temperatures do not cross 32 celsius. In the hot season, travellers go to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and make the most of the clear blue waters.

At the time of the monsoon, northern Thailand and Bangkok are preferred as islands get flooded at this time. Thus, all seasons are amazing, and if you do not like the cold, the country has a bonus for you. So, get ready to explore the good things about Thailand.

  • The bright nightlife

If you have a question regarding where should I go in Thailand if I am a night person, then we have the answer for you. If you thrive after it gets dark, then Thailand is the destination for you. The country promises varied varieties of nightlife for anyone who is visiting.

You can travel and meet like-minded people and have drinks when you are here. While there are some places that entice people, the other Thailand tourist destinations include amazing jazz bars and a very lively LGBTQ+ friendly nightlife. So, here is why visit Phuket, Thailand and other places around the country.

  • Stunning temples

One of the top good things about Thailand is the stunning Buddhist temples found in the country. In the country, you will find over 40000 Buddhist temples, and one of them will surely make you fall in love with its architecture and beauty.

All these temples date back to the time when different dynasties were ruling the country. Therefore, different temples represent different architecture and styles of construction as a representation of the era to which they belong. This is one of the main reasons why Thailand is famous.

  • Shopping

There are plenty of markets in Thailand, and if you love shopping, then you have the answer to where should I go in Thailand. There are many street markets that you will find in the country offering cheap things. Every different market in the country also has its own character, and they attract people with sales and discounts. Some of these markets have amazing food, while some are solely dedicated to selling antiques and second-hand things.


So, if the next trip is already on your mind and you are just looking for countries that you can visit, then Thailand is one of the top recommendations. There are so many good things about Thailand, and you can explore some of the most exotic Thailand tourist destinations. Also, while you are there, do not forget to go and chill at some of the most stunning beaches in the country. Moreover, also remember to buy a travel insurance plan before you leave so that you do not have to face any hassles on the trip and you can make the most of the spectacular country!

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