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    Contaminated Product Insurance

    In this fast paced world products reach customers in less time and in greater volumes than ever before. To meet rising demands businesses rely on mass production, diverse vendors and suppliers, as well as complex manufacturing processes. Product contamination can occur anywhere in the supply chain and is a prevalent risk for many organizations. Food, drink, cosmetics and other ingestible products are susceptible to accidental or deliberate contamination for political or financial gain. Accidental contamination, malicious product tamper and product extortion can have far reaching implications on the existence of the product and even organsiation. Disgruntled employees, political and social activism and sabotage can all potentially result in malicious contamination. Considerable costs can be incurred in both recalling and replacing the damaged product as well as in rebuilding public confidence. It is imperative to have a comprehensive cover in place to avert such dangerous situations. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited’s Contaminated Product Insurance offers innovative crisis management solutions safeguarding clients against potential recall costs, loss in profits and extortion costs.


    What is unique about Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Contaminated    Product Insurance?


    Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited brings to you one of the most extensive worldwide network , with presence in more than 130 jurisdictions. A crisis situation warrants an expert who can guide the organsiation through the troubled times, minimising the potential impact of the crisis through time tested solutions. Our consultants help clients to streamline their crisis management and product recall plans, ensuring effective preparedness and significantly reducing the impact of a crisis.  NSF International (NSF) 
    Through our crisis management solutions Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited clients can access NSF's network of food safety and crisis management specialists.  NSF are crisis management and food safety experts, offering pre-incident and crisis response, product recall, crisis management, food safety services and retrieval services.


    Key Features


    1. Accidental Contamination
      Any accidental or unintentional contamination, impairment or mislabelling of an insured’s product which occurs during or as a result of its production, preparation, manufacture, packaging or distribution; provided that the use or consumption of such product has resulted in or would result in a manifestation of bodily injury, sickness, disease or death of any person within 120 days after consumption or use.
    2. Malicious Tampering
      Any actual, alleged or threatened, intentional, malicious and wrongful alteration or contamination of the insured’s product so as to render it unfit for use or consumption or to create such impression to the public, whether caused by employees or not.
    3. Product Extortion
      Any threat or connected series of threat to commit a malicious tampering, for the purpose of demanding ransom monies. 
      Policy provides cover for Recall expenses, Consultants & Advisor Costs and extortion costs..


    Key Exclusions


    • Any illegal act of any of the Insured’s directors, officers or trustees.
    • Changes in population, customer tastes, economic conditions, seasonal sales variations, or competitive environment.
    • War
    • Terrorism

    NOTE: Please refer policy wordings for detailed coverage, exclusions and conditions


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