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Spinal Cord Tumour Insurance

An irregularity in cell growth that results in the production of lumps in or around the spinal cord is what causes a spinal cord tumour. An intradural tumour is the term used when this mass spreads into the spinal cord or near the location where it is covered. A vertebral tumour is the term used when this development affects the spinal bones. This tumour is divided into many categories according to where it is located.

Due to their rarity and the similarities between their symptoms and those of more prevalent diseases, spinal tumours can occasionally go unnoticed. This makes it all the more crucial for your doctor to be aware of your whole medical history and to conduct both a general examination and a neurological evaluation.

Spinal cord tumours can develop inside the vertebrae of some people, or they can spread from other body areas and start to grow inside the spinal cord. It is a deadly condition that can lead to neurological issues or permanent impairment. Hence, early diagnosis is prudent.

However, like any other serious ailment, it’s important to be well-prepared financially in order to ensure that proper treatment is feasible. Although the probability of developing a spinal cord tumour has significantly increased, what is more concerning is the parallel rise in the cost of such treatment. Treatment for spinal cord tumours is very pricey in the country. Consequently, having health insurance is now crucially necessary.

You must be aware that purchasing health insurance entitles you to a number of tax benefits of health insurance. Your income will virtually be preserved in the event of an unforeseen medical emergency if such a policy is combined with critical illness insurance coverage.

If you have medical coverage with critical illness insurance from Tata AIG, you won't have to worry about expensive medical bills if you are ever diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour. Consider getting a medical insurance plan that covers this ailment in order to secure adequate financial savings against this. Our plans satisfy all of the insurance requirements, providing the best protection without breaking the budget. To find out more about such plans, get in touch with our insurance experts today.

Below is a complete guide on spinal cord tumour, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and so on.

Spinal Cord Tumour – Meaning Explained

An irregular cell growth within or around the spinal cord is referred to as a tumour. Because benign spinal cord tumours can put pressure on the spine as they grow, and they can even cause major neurological issues in your child.

Spinal cord injury can be avoided with prompt diagnosis and treatment. Recent improvements in therapeutic alternatives, surgical equipment, and surgical methods have simplified the management of this particular tumour type.

Call your doctor right away if you experience any of the symptoms that are typical of spinal tumours, such as chronic, inexplicable back pain, stiffness or numbness in your legs, or abnormalities in your bladder or bowel function.

You might be directed to a physician who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer (oncologist), problems of the brain and spinal cord (neurologist, neurosurgeon, or spine surgeon), or conditions of the bones (orthopedist).

Spinal Cord Tumour: Types

Did you know that around 90% of spine tumours are the consequence of cancer that has spread to other parts of the body? The greatest way to prevent a spinal tumour is to identify and treat it as soon as it is discovered. The origin of the tumour, however, is the spine itself in the remaining 10% of instances.

Depending on the area and location, many types of spinal cord tumours are recognised by the doctor. Here are a few of them –

Types Location Symptoms
Intramedullary, inside glial cells, or within a region of the spinal cord Cervicothoracic spinal region, often known as the filum or the bottom portion of the spinal cord Develops tumours that are astrocytomas, ependymomas, or lipomas
Inside the spinal cord's thin sheath (dura), or intradural-extramedullary Arachnoid membrane, neurofibromas, and nerve roots coming from schwannomas. Causes schwannoma, meningiomas, neurofibromas, and filum ependymomas, tumours that expand the spinal cord and weaken the neurological structure.
Extradural or within the thin covering (dura) The spinal cord's thoracic region Intervertebral foramina in the outside of the spinal canal the spine's upper back and abdominal region (between cervical and lumbar part) the root of metastatic cancer causes posterior and anterior vertebral ependymoma
the spinal cord's cervical region cervical spine causes neurofibroma tumour, which restricts head and neck movement and causes neurological issues and imbalance.
Spinal cord's vertebral column Between the ribs and the pelvis is the lower section of the spine, which consists of 5 vertebrae. The neurological functions are impacted, and spinal instability results.
The spinal cord's thoracic region the spine's upper back and abdominal region (between cervical and lumbar part) causes posterior and anterior vertebral ependymoma
Spinal cord segment in the sacrum among the lumbar and tailbone causes rectal dysfunction and harm to the lower vertebral portion in addition to sacral chordomas

What Are the Spinal Tumour Causes?

The sole reason why brain and spinal cord tumours develop is still a mystery to the globe. However, a few widely held theories include:

  • Genetic reasons
  • Exposure to cancer-causing substances
  • Inadequate immunological response
  • Exposure to specific substances
  • Several other risk factors for spinal cord tumours include:
  • Disease of Von Hippel-Lindau
  • It is a rare multisystem condition that can result in tumours in the kidneys, adrenal glands, spinal cord retina, and blood vessels in the brain.


It is a genetic condition in which the nerves that stimulate hearing may become infected with benign tumours. Both of your ears' hearing could be impacted by this tumour. It can occasionally result in a spinal cord tumour as well.

Spinal Cord Tumour Symptoms

So, what are the signs of spinal cord cancer or tumour? A few spinal cord cancer symptoms include discomfort, numbness, and issues in the affected area and its surroundings. If any of the symptoms of a spinal cord tumour are severe or persistent, you must immediately consult a doctor. Let's examine them in greater detail:

  • Chest pain or pain in other body areas, such as the arms and legs, may originate in the spinal region.
  • Back pain from the tumour might radiate to the afflicted area and the spinal cord.
  • Additionally, the patient can feel less sensitive to heat and cold
  • There can be trouble walking or balancing.
  • It may be difficult to lie down and sleep at night when the pain is intense.
  • Affected muscles may experience weakness and cramping.

Spinal Tumour Detection Procedure

Lumbar discomfort can have a variety of causes, and most of the time, a tumour is not to blame. However, because early detection and treatment of spinal tumours are crucial, consult your doctor about your backaches if:

  • It is continuous and growing.
  • It's unrelated to activities
  • You have a history of cancer and experience new back discomfort that is worse at night.
  • You also experience additional cancer symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, or light-headedness.
  • Immediately seek medical help if you experience:
  • Increasing numbness or muscle weakness in your arms or legs
  • modifications to bowel or bladder operations

Spinal Tumour Treatment

Several tests are performed to diagnose spinal cord tumours.

  • CT scan and X-ray
  • imaging with magnetic resonance
  • Biopsy
  • Bone scan
  • Staging

The age, the tumour's intensity, its type, its ability for mutation, how it affects the area and how big it is, etc. plays a significant part in determining the spinal cord tumour's prognosis. To treat the tumour, the patient may receive corticosteroid medications, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery.

Spinal Cord Tumour – Complications

When spinal nerves are compressed by tumours, there may be a loss of movement or feeling below the site of the tumour. Changes in bowel and bladder function might occasionally result from this. Nerve injury may be irreversible.

However, if detected early and actively treated, it might be feasible to stop further function loss and recover nerve function. A tumour that presses against the spinal cord itself could be life-threatening, depending on where it is.

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What are some of the major spinal cord tumour symptoms?

What are some of the major spinal cord tumour symptoms?


One of the main indications of a spinal cord tumour is back pain that radiates to the arms and legs, especially at night.

Is spinal cord cancer curable?


Spinal cord tumours can be treated when discovered early, and such patients have demonstrated superior survival rates. Medication or surgery could be employed depending on the tumour's health.

What are the causes of a spinal cord tumour?


The spinal cord tumour's precise cause is unknown. However, some of the suspected causes include weak immune systems, exposure to specific chemicals and cancer-causing substances, genetic factors, and others.

What are the few health complications of a spinal cord tumour?

  •      The following are some of the complications associated with spinal tumours:
  •      Nerve compression in the spine.
  •      Loss of mobility or sensation.
  •      Changes in bowel and bladder function.
  •      Numbness and tingling