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    Accident Guard Policy

    Life is full of surprises, good as well as bad ones. While you can’t always avoid the bad ones, you can prepare yourself in advance, and we are here to help you with that.


    At Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited, preparedness is the best cure.


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    • Features

      The product has been designed for your convenience, designed with the features best suited for you and your family

      • Accidental Death: Pays the Principal Sum insured if Injury results in Death of the insured person on account of an accident. 

      • Accidental Dismemberment – covers for the bodily injury resulting in dismemberment of any body part or loss of sight or hearing as per the table of losses provided in policy wording, the loss must occur during the circumstances described in a Hazard within 180 Days from the date of the Accident which caused Injury.

      • Permanent Total Loss of Use - covers for the bodily injury resulting in loss of any body part as per the table of losses during the circumstances described in policy wording and that loss has continued for 12 consecutive months and had occurred within 180 days from the date of accident which caused injury. 

      • Temporary Total Disability - pays the weekly benefit amount if the bodily injury has resulted to continuous temporary total disability after completion of the Elimination Period. 

      • Tuition benefit - Pays upto the 10% of the Sum Insured or the actual tuition charged by the institution whichever is lower , towards dependent children’s education in the event of Accidental Death.

      • Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification Expenses – the Company will pay Covered Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification Expenses that are incurred within one year after the date of the Accident causing such loss(es), up to the maximum amount stated in the Policy Schedule. If Insured suffers one of the following Injuries listed under the Accidental Dismemberment and Paralysis Coverage Section of the Policy for which Loss of Both Feet, Quadriplegia, Hemiplegia or Paraplegia.

      • Repatriation Benefit – If an Insured Person loses his life in an accident which happens beyond 150 km from his residence, We will pay the actual expenses incurred for preparing the deceased for burial or cremation and shipment of the body to the city of residence of the deceased but not to exceed the amount of Rs 5,000. 

      • Family Transportation Benefit -An Insured person is confined in a hospital, outside 150 kms from his residence, within three hundred and sixty-five (365) days of the accident and the attending physician recommends the personal attendance of a member of the immediate family, this benefit will refund the actual expenses incurred by the immediate family member of transportation by the most direct route by a licensed common carrier to the confined Insured Person but not to exceed the amount of Rs. Fifty Thousand (Rs.50,000/-). 

      • Child Enhancement Benefit - Accidental Dismemberment Benefit is doubled for any Eligible Children covered and if payable under this Policy. 

    • Benefits

      To help minimise your problems leading from an accident, this policy will


      • No Loading - We will not apply any additional loading on your policy premium at renewal based on your claim experience

      • Escalation Benefit - The principal sum for any Insured Person will be increased by five (5%) percent on each renewal of the policy provided there is no interruption in coverage. The total of all increases is limited to twenty five (25%) percent. 

      • Flexibility - The product has been designed for your convenience. This plan can be taken in multiple units of Rs. 5 lacs up to Rs. 1 crore. As an add-on, you can also take in multiples of Rs. 1,000 (1units) up to Rs. 10,000 (10 units) Temporary Total Disability - Weekly Benefit (Accident, no waiting period, up to 52 weeks)

    • Situations in which the policy won’t work

      In addition to the General Exclusions listed in this Policy, it shall not cover:


      • Loss caused directly or indirectly, wholly or partly by:

        a. infections (except pyogenic infections which shall occur through an Accidental cut or wound) or any other kind of Disease;

        b. medical or surgical treatment except as may be necessary solely as a result of Injury;

      • Any Injury which shall result in hernia.

      • Any expense for or resulting from any condition for which the Insured Person is entitled to benefits under any Worker’sCompensation Act or similar law.

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