Traffic Fines in West Bengal

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Every day, hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles run on the roads of West Bengal. If you are living in a city, you will be aware of the massive traffic jams. Often, you can see some bike owners and sometimes cars standing in a cluster on the side of the road. There will be a couple of traffic police personnel penalising them for some traffic offences.

With the recent amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, traffic fines have been increased significantly to deter the public from committing a traffic offence. So, if you are driving a car, a bike, or any vehicle on the road, you must stay aware of the traffic fines in West Bengal so that you can avoid them.

Read this blog to understand WB Traffic Fines. We have created separate sections for two-wheeler fines and four-wheeler fines for your convenience.

WB Traffic Fines For Bikes and Cars

Here is the West Bengal traffic fine list published by the West Bengal Traffic Police Department.

Nature of Offence Violation of Section of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 Penal Section of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 Penal Measures
1st Offence
Non Possession of DL, CF Permit, Insurance 130(1), (2), (3), & (4) and other offences where specifically no penalty is provided for the offence 177 ₹500
Holder of CC permit refuses to ply or carry passengers 178(3) ₹500
Disobedience of order given by the concerned authority 179(1) ₹2000
Withholds or gives false information to the concerned authority 179(2) ₹2000
Plying a vehicle without an effective and valid Driving Licence 3, 4 & 5 180 & 181 ₹5000
Driving by a person disqualified for holding/ obtaining DL 182(1) ₹10,000
Unauthorised alteration by OEM/dealer etc. 182A(1) ₹1,00,000 per such motor vehicle
Unauthorised alteration of vehicle by owner 182A(4) ₹5000 per such alteration
Prohibition of registration and issuance of CF to oversized vehicle 62A 182B ₹10,000
Driving at excessive speed 112 183/1 (i) for LMV ₹1000 (ii) for MGV/MPV/HGV/HP V ₹2000
Driving dangerously 184 ₹5000
Driving when mentally or physically unfit 186 ₹1000
Unauthorised racing of speed 189 ₹5000
Violation of standards prescribed in relation to road safety, control of noise and air pollution 190(2) ₹10,000 and the driving licence can be confiscated for a period of three months
Plying vehicle without valid Registration of vehicle 39 192 ₹5,000
Plying vehicle without valid Certificate of Fitness 56 192 ₹10,000
Plying vehicle without valid permit 66 192A ₹10,000
Carrying excess load 113, 114 194, 194(1), 194(1A), 194(2) Fine to be realised in terms of notification no. 2023-WT/3M/128/1997 (Part IIID) dated 30.07.2021 annexed herewith
Carrying excess passenger in transport vehicle 194A ₹200 per excess passenger; the offender also needs to pay for the alternative transport  for the passengers 
Use of safety belts by driver, front-tow passenger and children below 14 years 194B ₹1,000
Violations of safety measures for two-wheeler riders 128 194C ₹1,000 and seizure of driving licence for three months
Not wearing helmet 129 194D ₹1,000 and seizure of driving licence for three months
Failure to allow free passage to Emergency vehicles 194E ₹10,000
Use of horns in silence zone 194F ₹1,000
Necessity for insurance against third party risk 146 196 ₹2,000
Unauthorised interference with vehicles 198 ₹1,000

*LMV = Light Motor Vehicle; HMV = Heavy Motor Vehicle; MPV= Multi-Purpose Vehicle; HGV = Heavy Goods Vehicle; MGV = Medium Goods Vehicle; HPV = Heavy Passenger Vehicle

After the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019, the traffic fines across the country were significantly increased to rein in the traffic offenders. West Bengal, among some other states, decided not to implement the new rules with immediate effect but to determine their feasibility first.

Since there was an abrupt and absurd hike in traffic fines, common people found it extremely difficult to pay off any fine. There was a nationwide turmoil which governments needed to consider.

The new traffic fines in West Bengal were implemented in 2022, and the fines were hiked.

Most Common Traffic Fine Payment in West Bengal

Riding without a helmet fine in West Bengal: If you ride your bike without a helmet, be prepared to pay a ₹1,000 penalty. The amount of penalty remains the same if the pillion is not wearing a helmet.

Jumping redlight: Disobeying traffic signals on your bike or car can draw a penalty of ₹500 and if you repeat your mistake, you shall be fined ₹1,500.

Driving licence fine in West Bengal: Driving or riding without a valid licence can draw a penalty of ₹5,000.

Pollution fine in West Bengal: If you do not have the pollution under control certificate or PUCC, a fine of ₹2,000 will be imposed on you. Further, if your vehicle fails to meet the air pollution standards, you may have to pay a fine of ₹10,000.

No parking fine in West Bengal: If you park your car in a No Parking area, you will most likely find your car wheels clamped. The vehicle may also be towed. For illegal parking, the first offence draws a penalty of ₹500.

Insurance fail fine in West Bengal: If you do not have at least a valid third-party insurance for your vehicle, you will be fined ₹2,000.

Not wearing seat belts for driver and co-passenger: Wearing seat belts for the driver, front-row passenger, and children under 14 years is a must in West Bengal. Failing to follow the rule can result in a penalty of ₹1,000.

Apart from these, many people are fined for using mobile phones while driving, and they have to pay a fine of ₹2,000.

How to Avoid Traffic Fines in West Bengal

Traffic fines in West Bengal have been increased after the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019, and having to pay a spot fine for compoundable offence (where a spot fine is charged) can seriously dent people’s finances. But you will be glad to know that avoiding most of the common fines is pretty easy. Here is what you need to do.

  • When riding your two-wheeler, always wear a helmet.

  • Make sure that the pillion rider wears a helmet as well.

  • Refrain from using headphones to speak while riding a bike or driving your car.

  • Carry all relevant documents like driving licence, smart card (registration), PUCC, and insurance for your 2-wheeler or car.

  • Do not speed aggressively.

  • Always wear a seat belt while driving a car.

  • Do not enter in No Entry zones.

  • Make sure you park your car or bike in a designated parking area.

How to Make Traffic Fine Payments in West Bengal?

  • You can easily pay traffic fines in West Bengal. The whole process is online.

  • You need to visit the Accused Challan website and provide the necessary details.

  • Once you visit the website, you can proceed to pay your challan using any of the three types of information: Challan number, vehicle number, and driving licence number.

  • If you are using your vehicle registration number to pay your challan, you will need additional information like the chassis number or engine number.

  • Now that you can see the challan amount, you can choose your preferred digital way of paying the challan.

Why Should You Have Motor Insurance?

The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 mandates that all bike owners carry at least a third-party insurance policy for bikes and third-party car insurance. Here is a reason why —

  • Suppose you are riding your bike and you get into an accident, and your insured bike causes bodily injury to a pedestrian or fellow rider. In such cases, the onus to pay for the treatment of the pedestrian or the other person falls on you if you are responsible for the accident.

  • To cover the legal liability, you must have a third-party bike insurance plan. Third-party car insurance also works in a similar way. But remember, third-party vehicle insurance only pays for the damage caused to a third-party person or property. It does not pay for the damages caused to your bike or car. For that, you will need comprehensive bike insurance or car insurance.

  • A comprehensive policy is an amalgamation of third-party coverage and coverage for the insurance holder. It will pay for your damages as well as cover all third-party liabilities. So, if you plan to buy a 4- or 2-wheeler insurance online, get the comprehensive one.


Different states in India have slightly different structures in traffic rules and fines. That is why it becomes important to know the traffic law of the land to protect yourself from penalties. We hope the West Bengal traffic fine list that we have shared in this blog helps you with information.


How to get my car unclamped from the police?

If you have parked in a no-parking zone, there is a good chance that you will find your car wheels clamped. To get it unclamped, you will need to visit the local police station and pay a fine for unclamping. Once you pay the fine, the traffic personnel will unlock the clamp.

What are the most important documents to carry while driving your car or bike in West Bengal?

Whether you are driving your car or bike, you must carry the following documents:

Registration Certificate or RC

Driving Licence

Car or bike insurance papers (depending on the vehicle type)

Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC)

The CF certificate if your vehicle is older than 15-years

Failing to produce any of these documents at the time of enquiry can result in penalties.

How do I renew my vehicle insurance?

If your bike or car insurance has lapsed, you can easily renew it online. Visit the website of your insurance provider and look for the ‘Renew Insurance’ option. Enter all necessary details, and your insurance will be renewed.

If you have bought your insurance from the dealership, you can also visit them for renewal. However, keep in mind that you must renew your vehicle insurance within the grace period after its validity has ended.

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