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Extensive List of 4 Wheel Drive Cars in India

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

Today's youngsters are more interested in adventure activities, whether it's visiting close locations on a weekend trip or travelling to distant regions on vacation. And only one type of vehicle can quench the thirst for adventure — a 4WD!

These vehicles are frequently referred to as off-roading vehicles or sports utility vehicles (SUVs). The 4WD drive guarantees that the wheels on the ground receive the power and grip needed to lift them out of potentially sticky situations. So, if you enjoy off-roading and have no qualms about driving your vehicle through a riverbed or worse, you need a 4WD vehicle.

You may now select from a broad range of 4x4 cars in India. While they come at various pricing points, we've compiled a list of the best and most affordable 4WD cars in India that are guaranteed to please.

But before moving on, you should know that owning a car in India entails a number of obligations. Whether you bought a car for personal or business usage, you must have insurance for it. If you do not have four-wheeler insurance in India, you may be fined for failing to observe the law. Furthermore, if your car is stolen or meets with an accident, you will be unable to recoup any charges. The cost of repairs will be paid out of your own money, and you will not be reimbursed. Remember that such expenses might be costly and deplete your finances. As a result, you should never underestimate the significance of a car insurance policy in India.

At Tata AIG, you may quickly get car insurance online and select the appropriate sort of coverage based on your needs and budget. We make life a bit easier for you with hassle-free car insurance claims and renewal options.

Now, let us get rolling with the list of the top and most affordable 4WD (4x4) cars in India.

List of the Best 4x4 Cars in India

There are a variety of off-road cars available in India today, all of which function well. These 4x4 cars make driving an experience, from ascending steep hills to ripping through the harshest terrains:

  • Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar is currently in its second generation. This vehicle is a step forward from its predecessor in terms of size and the elegance and comfort it provides. In addition, Mahindra has included a petrol engine in its 4X4 vehicle for the first time.

The aesthetics, updated opulent interiors, honed engines, and butter-smooth automatics available in both petrol and diesel variants make this one of the most entertaining 4x4 cars to drive in India. The innovative ladder-on-frame structure allows the vehicle to easily glide over uneven roads and undertake off-road activities.

The car's turbo petrol engine is quick and smooth, and it will be preferred by most city consumers over diesel, which will be the de facto choice for off-roaders.

  • Force Gurkha

When it was initially launched, the Force Gurkha was a primitive 4x4. The latest version has improved with all-new interiors, exteriors, and chassis, adding a touch of refinement and class it previously lacked.

The latest engine provides a leisurely ride that resists the impulse to speed it up. It's because the car's torquey engine likes to pull ahead when it comes to low speeds, and the admittedly light clutch is hardly used.

On city and interstate highways, the ride quality is as expected, with the Force Gurkha handling deteriorating stretches with ease. The steering provides enough input, and the suspension absorbs potholes. The high seat, superb vision, and powerful engine allow this vehicle to handle roads that are nothing more than tracks with little difficulty.

  • Mahindra Scorpio N

The Scorpio N shares the same platform as the Thar. Its style has become more sophisticated, with scorpion-inspired accents that are a far cry from its prior boxy appearance.

The 4WD car is surprisingly simple to drive, with the handling of a compact car rather than a big SUV. Even while cornering, body roll is nearly non-existent and has a very grounded feel on the highway. The engine, transmission, and suspension are all in perfect sync. It glides over rough roads and difficult terrain, oblivious to any obstructions in its way.

This car has an electronically controlled four-wheel drive system. The underlying gear is the same as on the Thar, making this a capable off-roader. Mahindra has essentially given us a luxury SUV on smooth paved roads, with all of the characteristics required to feel at home in the slush and muck while venturing off the main path, therefore putting the Scorpio-N as one of the top 4WD cars in India.

  • Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

Well, the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross is a road beast. Its 4WD and automated transmission make it very manoeuvrable on city streets. Its tremendous torque makes it a smooth highway cruiser. If you take it off-road, the only constraint you'll encounter is its sheer size. The Isuzu D Max is unconcerned with muddy tracks or big potholes. The engine is strong enough to smooth over any rough spots that may arise. The inside is opulent, and the external style has just enough wow factor to set it unique on the road.

  • Jeep Compass

The inside of the 2017 Jeep Compass has undergone significant revisions, adding significantly to its attractiveness. There are four driving modes to choose from: snow, auto, mud, rock, and sand. These adjust throttle settings and torque flow to help you navigate diverse terrains.

The 4x4 car tackles both rough terrain and paved roads with ease. Its driving characteristics put a grin on the driver's face. Cornering at high speeds on the highway is simple, thanks to the perfect suspension and driving wheel heaviness. Driving at low speeds through the city over rough parts may appear to be a touch bumpy, but increase the pace, and the car glides over with ease. The engine provides powerful linear power in a regulated way throughout, allowing for easy overtaking and weaving through traffic.

4-Wheel Drive Car Models and Prices

Car Model Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi (₹)
Mahindra Thar ₹13,59,100
Force Gurkha ₹8,30,000
Mahindra Scorpio N ₹19,69,000
Isuzu D-Max V-Cross ₹16,54,783
Jeep Compass ₹20,89,000

To Conclude

Should the typical Joe own a 4x4 car? No. It is probably not practical. But for enthusiasts who like to travel off the beaten path, the answer is always yes.

So go ahead and join the ready and rough tribe. It'll make the transition from a sedentary existence that much more joyful. All you need is one of the top 4x4 vehicles in India, so choose one from the list above. Also, do not forget to invest in a good Tata AIG car insurance policy since it’ll keep you worry-free while you take your car out for a spin. Contact us to take this alliance forward.

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