Things to Know Before Buying Your First Sedan

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A sedan is a much-preferred car option for most car buyers in India. A sedan can offer you luxury, style, and comfort along with value for money. Sedans make for the perfect choice for families, senior citizens, youngsters, etc. and surely rule a major section of the car market with the ideal blend of luxury and convenience.

Things to keep in mind when buying a sedan

However, when purchasing a sedan, there are some things you should pay attention to. Right from picking a reputed brand to getting a good car insurance policy online, here are five things to know before you buy your first sedan.

Things to keep in mind when buying a sedan

Choose between petrol and diesel: The choice between a diesel and petrol car is one that baffles most car buyers. While petrol cars can cost approximately ₹1 to ₹1.5 lakhs less than a diesel variant, they can also lead to high costs in the long run with soaring petrol prices. It is important to look at all aspects of how the fuel type affects the sedan before you make a decision. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Petrol can cause more pollution than diesel cars.
  • Petrol prices are generally higher than diesel, resulting in long-term expenses.
  • Petrol causes lower noise vibrations than diesel.
  • A car insurance plan can cost more for a diesel model since the cost of these cars is higher.

Look for comfort: Sedans are known for their luxurious and stylish looks. Their appearance is one of their strongest suits which sometimes diverts your gaze from other important things. While having a good looking car is important, it is equally crucial to pick a sedan that is comfortable. Look for a big trunk space that can accommodate your luggage on a road trip as well as be useful to store your day to day shopping bags and office stuff. Make sure there is enough room in the rear seats as there is in the front ones.

Do some research: Online research can be one of the most convenient ways to find out more about different car models. You can visit websites, consumer forums, blogs, etc., to find out the features and reviews of different sedans available in the market. You can compare prices, looks, interiors, mileage, and more from the comfort of your home and select a car that offers the best features as per your liking. While you do some research, remember to also look for good four-wheeler insurance online that can complement your car.

Do not overspend: When you buy a car, you end up paying for a lot of supplementary things other than the basic cost of the car. Registration, car insurance, add-on accessories, etc., can increase the cost of a sedan. Hence, make sure to account for all these expenses before you book your sedan.

Pick a trustworthy brand: Picking a reputable brand ensures great after-sale service, easy replacement or repairs, and a comfortable overall experience. The brand of your sedan can play an important role in the life of your car. Therefore, it may be advised to pick a sedan from a known name with a decent reputation in the market.

Get car insurance online for a sedan.

Once you have picked a suitable sedan for yourself, make sure to insure it with the Tata AIG Motor Insurance Plan. You can get car insurance online in a few simple steps. Just visit the TATA AIG website, enter the registration number and click on Get Price to know the Tata AIG car insurance quote online. You can also opt for the renewal of car insurance by clicking on Renew.

The TATA AIG Motor Insurance provides numerous useful features, such as:

  • The policy offers a comprehensive insurance plan that covers both third-party liability as well as own damage cover.
  • The plan covers burglary, theft, natural calamities, terrorist activities, and more.
  • You can get a personal accident cover for the owner or driver.
  • You can add riders, such as key replacement, depreciation reimbursement, roadside assistance, emergency transport, engine secure, tyre secure, consumable expenses, loss of personal belongings, return to invoice, etc.


Make sure to follow the tips given above to ensure that you pick the best sedan that is ideal for all your needs.. Also, do not forget to secure your car with comprehensive car insurance online. Car insurance can extend the life of your car and offer you protection against many unforeseen situations. Hence, visit the TATA AIG website and get a Tata AIG car insurance quote today.


What should be kept in mind while buying a car?

Keep in mind to pick a car that fits your budget and requirements. Paying attention to the brand and its performance, past customer reviews, and feedback can be a great way to gauge the right car for your needs. Make sure to do some research and look for a car that not only offers great features but is also value for money.
What should I look for when buying my first car?

Your first car is a truly special purchase. To make it memorable, select a car that is cost-effective in its pricing and maintenance. Pick a car that is low maintenance with a high resale value. You can also consider picking a used car for your first purchase. This can be easy on the pocket.

What are the 3 most important factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle?

Here are the three things you should consider: ⦁ A reputable brand ⦁ Good features and mileage ⦁ Long lifespan of the car

What are the qualities of a good car? A good car is cost-efficient and low on maintenance. It can offer great mileage, stylish exteriors and interiors, fuel efficiency, boot space, and a powerful engine.

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