6 Things to know before opting for a CNG kit for your car

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If you are planning to switch your car from petrol to CNG, here's what you should know about things such as CNG car insurance, change in car's performance, etc.

6 Things to know before opting for a CNG kit for your car

At a time when fuel prices continue to surge, the desperate quest for cheaper fuel is understandable. Integrating a CNG kit is a popular solution for many commercial drivers, but one must know some essential things before converting a car to run on CNG. In particular, most car owners seem unaware of the need to get a new CNG car insurance - this is a must when equipping a car with a CNG kit.

Before you hit the road, car insurance for CNG cars needs to be availed of to keep a check on expenses. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the 6 things one must know before installing a CNG kit.

1. Vehicle compatibility

Only petrol cars can be paired with a CNG kit. However, even among petrol cars, not all are compatible candidates. You need to check whether your car model falls in the prescribed list of ‘CNG approved’ cars by the registering authority of your state or union territory. The list of permitted models could vary from region to region. Etching a ‘fuel change’ seal on the car’s registration certificate is mandatory as per law.

2. Company or aftermarket?

Aftermarket deals may look cheaper, but it is always recommended to go for a factory-fitted CNG kit. Such CNG cars have their benefits, such as OEM warranty on the kit, complimentary service, etc. Above all, you have the trust of the carmaker, which cannot be matched by any aftermarket CNG kit.

Another point to note is that an aftermarket kit may not sync with your vehicle, or you might face issues over time, such as gas leakage. Although the problem does not occur with every kit, it’s been observed in CNG-powered cars fitted with aftermarket kits.

3. CNG car insurance

Once you get a CNG kit installed in your car, you need to pay an additional amount over your current insurance premium to bring it under the cover. Car insurance for CNG cars is essential, as CNG cars usually have higher maintenance costs than other vehicles. Since the overall top-up cost for the same will only be a small per cent of your existing premium, it is recommended that you opt for it.

4. Availability of fuel

Before you make up your mind to power your car with CNG, don’t forget to check the availability of CNG fuel in your area. If you live in a small town, you might find refuelling tricky. Ensure that the distance between your home and the nearest CNG fuel station is a short one so that you don’t have to spend too much fuel to refuel!

5. Price versus performance

Running a car on CNG gives you the benefit of greater fuel efficiency, but one main drawback is that the performance of the car suffers. Compared to your petrol engine, the throttle response fades a bit; you won’t be getting the same punch from a CNG-run motor. Also, you might have to give your car for servicing more frequently. This is because while fuel acts as a lubricant for the valve as well as the cylinder, CNG does not. This might cause it to corrode faster.

  1. Maintenance cost

Often, it’s the low running costs that might tempt you to opt for a CNG kit. However, you might not realise that CNG cars require more maintenance compared to petrol cars. One relief is CNG car insurance, which takes care of the repair/maintenance costs.

A trusted name in the insurance space, Tata AIG has been offering various add-ons in car insurance for CNG cars. With a record of hassle-free claim settlement, Tata AIG has emerged as a preferred insurance partner in India. Make sure you #ThinkAhead and choose comprehensive insurance such as TATA AIG’s Auto Secure- Commercial Vehicle Package Policy so that you always remain safe.

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