Add These Useful Accessories To Your Car!

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  • 29/06/2020

If you love your car, this is time to get it some nice presents as well. Here are 7 perfect all time useful accessories you can get for your car this New Year!

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Add These Useful Accessories To Your Car!

It’s a New Year, a new beginning. You’ll be getting a lot of gifts and giving just as many to your loved ones. But aren’t you forgetting a very important member of your family? Your car. If you love your car, this is time to get it some nice presents as well.

Here are 7 perfect accessories you can get for your car this New Year!

Cup Holder

Along with the convenience of having a secure space to place your beverage to sip on during your commute, you also get the added safety of reducing the chances of spilling hot coffee on your lap and potentially burning yourself. In case you don’t have a drink, you can always repurpose it to hold other items.

Sunglass Holder

Driving on the road can be extremely dangerous if bright sunlight is blinding your vision. An even more dangerous proposition is to go through your dashboard in search of your sunglasses while driving. A sunglass holder provides a convenient and safe alternative to that. It keeps your sunglasses in sight, and you can easily access them without having to go through the hassle of taking them out of their case after you fish them out of your dashboard. But most importantly, you keep your glasses safe from a million scratch marks.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t let your car get dusty and keep it tidy with a car vacuum cleaner. You can run it over the seats and floor for easy cleaning in addition to accessing hard to reach corners. Using it is as easy as connecting it to your car charging port.

Auto Escape Hammer

Accessorising your car is not all about adding convenience to your driving experience. The road is unpredictable, and so is the heavy machinery you drive. Exploding tires, car collisions and bad road conditions are just some of the potential hazards that can leave you trapped in your vehicle. An auto escape hammer can shatter windows to give you an escape and potentially save your life in such situations.

Seatbelt Cutter

In case of an emergency in which you need to escape your vehicle, your seatbelt may prove to be a hindrance as opposed to a safety measure. It may get jammed and you may be unable to set loose from your seat. A seatbelt cutter is an essential accessory that every car owner must own.

Gear Lock

Just because your car is not being driven does not mean that it is not at risk. Automobile theft is a common crime. Even with the right safeguards, it is quite possible to break into a car. However, breaking into a car is futile if you have a gear lock as stealing it would be really difficult if it cannot be driven away.

Security Alarm System 

To ward off thieves attempting to break into your car, a security alarm system is an obvious accessory. It is quite commonly found and will repel anyone attempting any funny business with your car.

The list of accessories you can add to your car is inexhaustive and will depend on your personal needs and driving habits. You may have the perfect car for your fit, but with the right accessories, you can tremendously enhance your safety and driving experience and with the right car insurance you can secure your car.

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