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What is Aspect Ratio in Tyre and How to Measure it?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 08/05/2024

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on the side of your car’s tyre mean? Well, you may not have noticed many things on your car, especially the alphanumeric codes on the tyre sidewall.

What do these numbers signify? At first glance, the code may seem insignificant to you. However, the information on the tyre sidewall carries crucial information about the tyre size and aspect ratio.

You might now wonder tyre aspect ratio meaning and how to measure it. This is exactly what this write-up is all about. So let's start!

What is Aspect Ratio of Tyre?

Understanding the concept of tyre aspect ratio is important in finding the right tyre size. It is hidden in the alphanumeric code written on the tyre’s sidewall. The code helps you learn tyre specs like diameter, load index, width, speed rating and profile.

In simple words, the tyre aspect ratio is the height of the tyre (from bead to tread) regarding its width. It is denoted as a percentage.

For example, if the tyre aspect ratio is 70, it means the height of the sidewall is 70% of its width. So, you can divide the tyre height by width to calculate tyre aspect ratio. It is ascertained when the tyre is fully inflated, fitted into the right rim and not under any weight load.

Why Is Tyre Aspect Ratio Important?

The tyre aspect ratio is an important component in a car’s functioning. A higher ratio means a thicker sidewall. Tyres with a high aspect ratio can absorb the bumps in poor road conditions providing a comfortable riding experience. It is due to more air in the tyre. Tyres of luxury cars, buses and trucks have high aspect ratios of around 90-95. However high aspect ratio may provide less handling capacity.

On the other hand, a tyre with a low aspect ratio has a thinner sidewall. It provides better controllability and high-speed durability. However, you may not get the comfort since the tyre does not absorb the bumps on the road easily due to less air. Tyres of sports cars have a low aspect ratio to provide them with better cornering capacity even at high speeds.

Passenger vehicles with regular tyres have a combination of low and high aspect ratios. This results in an even balance between a comfortable ride and better handling.

Tyre Measurement and Tyre Size Codes

Besides the aspect ratio, you can learn about other important information from the tyre size codes. Consider the example to understand better.

Let us take 205/60 R16 92 H as an example. The codes denote the following:

  • 205 denotes the tyre's total width in millimetres

  • The second number i.e., 60 denotes the tyre aspect ratio

  • R represents the radial construction

  • 16 denotes the rim diameter in inches

  • 92 indicates the load index or the maximum load-carrying capacity

  • H denotes the maximum permissible speed

Tyre Aspect Ratio Formula

Here’s the formula to measure the tyre aspect ratio:

Aspect ratio (%) = Tyre's section height (H)/ Tyre's section width (W)*100

Wrapping Up

Tyres are one of the most vital components in a car. Choosing the wrong tyre can impact your car's performance and fuel efficiency leading to poor driving experience. Now you must have understood what the tyre aspect ratio is.

Determining the tyre ratio can help find the best tyre for your car that suits your driving style. So, make sure you refer to the numbers on your tyre before buying new tyres.

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Where can I find my car’s tyre aspect ratio?

You can find your car’s tyre aspect ratio on its side**Whall. You can also find it in your car’s manual or near the driver’s door.

What Is the benefit of a high aspect ratio of tyres?

Tyres **Whith a high aspect ratio provide more fuel efficiency and comfort. They are good at absorbing the driving shock and preventing pressure accumulation.

Can I change the aspect ratio of my car's tyres?**

Yes, you can change the tyre aspect ratio. Ho**Whever, this can impact your car’s handling and fuel efficiency. It is best to consult tyre experts **Whhen it comes to changing tyres **Whith different aspect ratios.

What happens if I put an incorrect size tyre?

Putting an incorrect size tyre can cause problems **Whith your car’s stability, speedometer and anti-lock braking system. Significantly bigger tyres can rub against your car **Whhile turning leading to early **Whear and tear. You can refer to a tyre aspect ratio chart.

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