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Tubeless Tyres - Advantages of Tubeless Tyres

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 13/02/2024

In recent years, tubeless tyre has moved from a premium feature to a standard vehicle feature. Initially featured in upscale vehicles, a surge in their popularity has made tubeless tyres a common choice.

This is due to its advantages in providing enhanced safety, fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance. Tubeless tyres signify a notable advancement in automotive technology and a smoother and reliable driving experience.

What are Tubeless Tyres ?

Tubeless tyres are an innovation in automotive technology that has eliminated the need for a tube in a tyre, entirely relying on an air-tight seal between the tyre and the rim. The absence of a tube reduces the risk of punctures and blowouts caused by tube-related issues.

Since alloy wheels accompany tubeless tyres, the pairing offers a superior air-holding capability over an extended period. This pairing also enhances the overall performance and durability of the tyre. The air-tight sealing and tubeless design ensures that air does not escape even in the event of a puncture, which provides added safety.

But what makes a tubeless tyre stand out from a tubed tyre?

Difference Between Tube And Tubeless Tyre

Criteria Tubeless Tyre Tube Tyre
Design Weight  Tubeless tyres are known for their lightweight designs.  Tube tyres have a heavier build due to the presence of the inner tube in them.  This contributes to the increased overall weight of the tyre as well as the vehicle that it supports. 
Fuel Efficiency The lightweight nature of the tubeless tyres results in improved fuel efficiency.  The additional weight of the tube tyres results in decreased fuel efficiency.  The weight of the tyre demands more energy for motion and consequently leads to higher fuel consumption. 
Comfort and Handling Tubeless tyres are known to offer superior handling performance and heightened comfort.  They deliver a more responsive and enjoyable driving experience due to their lighter build. Tubed tyres offer a constrained handling performance and reduced comfort due to their weight.  This impacts the driving experience making it uncomfortable and less agile. 
Puncture Management Since removing the tyre from the rim is not always required, managing a tubeless tyre puncture is usually quite convenient.  One can easily use a tubeless tyre puncture kit to manage small punctures. The total tubeless tyre puncture cost is also relevantly low.  Repairing tube tyres involves the extraction of the inner tubes.  However, their advantage lies in their repairability by roadside puncture repair shops and familiarity with local mechanics. 
Price Although the upfront tubeless tyre price is high, the cost is justified by the advanced technology and the wide range of benefits it offers.  Tubed tyres are usually more economical upfront, making them a preferred option for individuals seeking cost-effective solutions. 
Maintenance  Tubeless tyres demand lower maintenance and are less prone to punctures.  This minimises the frequency of necessary repairs and replacements.  Tubed tyres demand higher maintenance and are prone to frequent punctures.  This makes frequent maintenance checks and sometimes even replacements, necessary. 
Security  Tubeless tyres prioritise safety by ensuring only gradual air loss in the event of punctures, which allows the driver to maintain control over the vehicle. This contributes to reducing the risk of accidents. Since they experience an immediate loss of air tube tyres pose a safety concern in the event of sudden punctures. This can compromise the safety and control of the driver. 

Advantages of Tubeless Tyres

Slower Air Leakage for Enhanced Safety

Tubeless tyres exhibit a slow and uniform rate of deflation in the event of a tyre puncture. This characteristic provides drivers with enough time to reach the nearest tyre repair centre and reduces the risk of sudden deflation and deflation-related accidents.

The gradual air release also allows for a controlled slowing down of a vehicle, which further contributes to the safety of the driver and the vehicle alike.

Tubeless tyres are also known to offer low resistance when driving, which creates a lighter feel for the vehicle. This improves the stability and makes the drive comfortable, especially when the vehicle is at higher speeds.

Better Fuel Efficiency and Cost Saving

Thanks to the absence of the inner tube, tubeless tyres have a lighter wheel setup. This promotes better fuel efficiency for the vehicle.

As the vehicle is lighter, the consumption of fuel is reduced which in turn reduces the fuel costs and increases the mileage of the vehicle. Adding on to their cost-efficiency, tubeless tyres save maintenance costs as they are long-lasting and durable.

Ease of Repair and Maintainance

Compared to tube tyres, tubeless tyres are more convenient to repair. In case of punctures, the tubeless tyres do not need to be removed from the rim of the wheel.

Moreover, tubeless tyres can be filled with liquid sealants, which provides automatic puncture repairs. This sealant oozes through the punctured area and dries after automatically plugging it. This on-the-go repair during an off-road or long highway stretch is what makes it stand out.

Enhanced Safety on the Road

The slow air release during punctures not only minimises the risk of accidents but also prevents the serving of the tyres at high speeds. This provides the driver with better control of the vehicle.

It also eliminates the risk of friction-related issues between the tube and tyre, which may lead to tyres exploding, especially at higher speeds.

Stable Driving Experience and Weight Balance

Since, unlike tubed tyres, the air in the tubeless tyres is distributed more uniformly; it enhances the vehicle's stability. This is especially beneficial at high speeds and off-road driving.

The reinforced side rims of the tubeless tyre also uphold the tyre’s shape, which provides a more balanced weight distribution for improved manoeuvring of the vehicle.

Maintaining Tubeless Tyres

Although Tubeless tyres do not require much maintenance, it is always better to practice the following things to extend their life.

Regular Air Pressure Checks

Maintaining the correct air pressure is crucial to maintaining a tyre’s quality. Both over-filling and under-filling can impact its long-term durability.

Hence, regular checks for tyre pressures that align with the manufacturer’s recommendations can give the benefits of optimal performance and durability.

Avoiding Overspeeding

Overspeeding can not only compromise safety but also accelerate tyre wear. It is best to stick to recommended speed limits while driving to ensure the balance between performance and durability is well maintained.

Checking Treads

Inspecting the treads regularly for unwanted gravel, stones, or glass helps enhance traction and grip. This can prove especially useful during heavy monsoons.

Checking Wheel Alignments and Balancing

The wheel alignments and balancing must undergo regular checks, especially after every 10,000 kilometres. Proper alignment prevents any uneven tyre wear and preserves the performance and drive quality. It is a good investment for both the safety and durability of the vehicle.

Rotating Tyres

Rotating tyres periodically promotes even wear. The rotation patterns of the tyre depend on the vehicle’s drive type. This simple practice can help ensure that each tyre carries its fair share of the load, in turn extending the overall service life of the tyres.

Visual Inspection

Regularly inspecting your tyes for visible signs of wear and tear can help avoid situations like a sudden puncture. Promptly addressing any cuts or bulges in the tyres can help ensure safety as well as avoid risky situations.

Proper Storage

Apart from the tyres in use, spare tyres or off-season tyres need to be kept in cool, dry spaces that are away from direct sunlight. This prevents them from ageing prematurely and degrading when in storage.

Adopting Gentle Driving Habits

Avoiding abrupt accelerations, decelerations, and sharp turns helps preserve the quality of the tyres longer. Gentler driving styles reduce the stress on the tyres while promoting even wear and maximising their overall lifespan.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Including tyre checks in the periodical maintenance checks of your vehicle is a great practice. Comprehensive checks of a vehicle help identify issues early and avoid any risky situations.

Professional Inspections

Getting a professional to check on your vehicle and tyres once in a while can help get valuable insights into your tyre’s health and durability.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting the Best Tubeless Tyres For Car

It is always better to get your tubeless tyres installed professionally for proper sealing and optimal performance.

  • The availability of a tubeless tyre puncture kit may vary in remote areas. Hence, it is better to keep one at hand.

  • Most urban repair shops are equipped to deal with tubeless tyres, but since it is not the same case for remote shops, one should select services carefully.


In conclusion, although tubeless tyres are slightly more expensive than their tubed variant, the safety benefits justify their pricing. Just like tubeless tyres enhance the road safety of your car, the right motor insurance also ensures your financial safety when it comes to driving-related incidents.

A comprehensive insurance for car owners is not just a legal mandate but also a safety net for unexpected incidents that may occur on the road.

At Tata AIG, we provide motor insurance that goes beyond basic coverage. It protects you financially from damages related to theft, natural disasters and even fire incidents. Moreover, our online services make processes like car insurance renewal a convenient affair.

You can also use our website to compare car insurance online so you can choose a policy that fits you best.


How to identify a tubeless tyre?

Most tubeless tyres have a designation saying ‘TL’ or ‘Tubeless’ on the sidewall. Tubeless tyres also have a detachable valve core.

How to repair a tubeless tyre puncture?

Locate the puncture.

Remove the foreign object that may have caused the puncture.

Use a rasper or smoothening tool to smooth out the puncture.

Take an insertion tool and insert a rubber strip halfway into it.

Replace the smoothening tool with the insertion tool.

Pull the insertion tool out.

Cut the excess rubber strip.

Fill up the tyre using a portable inflator.

Drive to the nearest repair shop for a professional check.

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