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Benefits of Using Car Dashboard Camera

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 01/07/2022

Technology is evolving very fast regarding the accessories that can be installed in cars. One such essential accessory is the car dash cam. With the number of chaotic roads and the increasing traffic in India, car dash cam is slowly becoming a necessity. There are many different manufacturers that offer car dash cams in India, and you can compare and choose the one that you like.

Before we answer — what is a dash cam — it is important to understand that along with having a car dash cam, having a car insurance policy is also essential when you are driving on the roads. This is because Indian law mandates all drivers to have a valid third-party insurance plan. In addition, it will safeguard you from financial liabilities that may arise if your four-wheeler gets involved in an accident.

With Tata AIG, the process of purchasing a car policy online is straightforward and quick. You can simply go to our website, compare the different four-wheeler insurance plans, and choose a plan that suits your budget and requirements. There are three different car policies online that you can pick from — comprehensive car insurance, third-party 4 wheeler insurance, and own damage 4 wheeler insurance.

What is a Dash Cam?

In simple terms, a car dash cam is a camera or an image-capturing device. The car dashboard camera can easily be fitted on the car’s dashboard or the windscreen of the car behind its rearview mirror. The most essential car dash cam use is that it records everything that is taking place in front of your car. If the car dashboard camera is high-end, it might end up catching the rearview as well.

If you are wondering, what is the point of a dash cam, the answer is that it is an effective way to capture all your drives. So, if you are ever involved in an absurd mishap on the road, the car dash cam will act as a silent witness. The dashcam for cars is simple to install, and you can also operate it without any hassles.

Benefits of Dash Cam for Cars

Here is the list of benefits of a dash cams for cars in India:

  • Evidence of accident

The first of the many car dash cam usages is that they can act as evidence if you are involved in an accident on the roads in India. The chaotic nature of Indian roads makes having a piece of evidence in case of an accident. Thus, buying the best dash cam for cars in India can prove to be beneficial.

  • Avoid road rage

People on the roads are always in a hurry. This has led to increased cases of road rage in India. With a car dashboard camera, you will have proof that will help nab the offender and lead to punishment. Thus, dash cams for cars in India will help you in avoiding road rage.

  • Report rash drivers

Whether you are going for long trips or short trips, you will always find rash or reckless drivers on the roads. These drivers can cause a great deal of harm to you, the surroundings, and themselves. If you have a car dash cam in India, you can record the registration number of the vehicle and report it to the police.

  • Avoid police harassment

There are many unruly policemen on the roads whose aim is to earn some quick bucks. They might frame you for things like not wearing your seatbelt, skipping the red light, etc. With the help of a car dashboard camera, you will have concrete evidence against such incidents, and you can be firm that the mistake has not been committed by you. So, even if things turn nasty, you will always have proof on your side. Thus, dash cam use has become essential for people driving on the roads in India.

  • Records the drive

If you wonder what the point of a dash cam is, here is the answer. With a car dash cam in India, you can record your drive each and every time. So, if you are driving at a picturesque location, your entire drive will be recorded, and you can get videos of the beautiful places around you. Also, it will be proof if a mishap takes place while you are driving.

  • Keep a check on young drivers

The latest car dashboard camera models have features with which you can stream the drive live on your smartphone. This will enable you to see how your young ones are driving and where they are going to take the car.

Car Dash Cam and Car Insurance

You must have dash cams for cars in India so that you can feel more secure on the roads. So while it will not reduce your car insurance premium directly, it will contribute to reducing your car insurance premiums indirectly. So let us understand how that will happen.

  • Determine who is at fault

The footage obtained from the car dash cam in India is crucial when you face an accident on the roads. It is one way to determine who is at fault and who caused the accident. In addition, this can be evidence that you were not involved in reckless driving and overspeeding when you filed for a car insurance claim.

  • Avoid any false allegations

Imagine that you are driving on the road, and you are caught for overspeeding or jumping a red light when you were not even at fault. With a car dashboard camera, you can avoid this and keep your driving record clear of any charges. Of course, bad history of driving can lead to an increase in premiums, but if you have the best dash cam for cars in India, you can avoid this.

  • Avoid fraudulent claims of accidents

With a dashcam for cars, you can avoid false allegations of an accident if the other driver was responsible for it. Unfortunately, some people deliberately cause accidents so that they can earn some money. With the best dash cam for cars in India, these allegations can be proven false. Therefore, your driving history will not have any black marks, and you might get a discount while you are buying or renewing your 4-wheeler insurance policy.

  • Enhance your driving skills

While driving, a car’s dash cam tends to record your drive, which means that if you face any issues while driving or you commit errors, those will also be recorded. Thus, you can correct these mistakes and improve your driving skills. Having good driving skills and a clean driving record help to lower your premium amount. Having a dash cam installed in your car can get you a discount while purchasing a car policy online or offline.


According to the road conditions in the country, having a car dashboard camera has become a necessity. It will save you from plenty of hassles that may arise if there is an accident on the roads. Also, it will help you when you file for car insurance claims and will protect you from any tricky circumstances that may arise. Therefore, having a car dash cam in India is important. However, while you are opting for a dash camera for the car, do not forget to opt for the right 4-wheeler insurance policy.

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