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Secure Your Car With The Super Car Insurance Plan!

Believe it or Not! Save upto* 75% on TATA AIG Car Insurance

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Best Car Colours For Long Term

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 09/05/2023

Choosing the car’s colour is everyone’s favourite part of the car-buying process, right after selecting the car’s brand and model. While white and black are the most common car colours, today’s car manufacturers offer their cars in a broad spectrum of colours and shades.

While you may think that your car's colour will only please your aesthetic sense, here is a surprise! Your car’s colour can affect its resale value and indicate how much maintenance your car will need to maintain its appearance.

Also, in case of accidental damage to your car, if the colour gets scraped away, the repairs will include the cost of fixing the colour coating. As a result, if you are filing a motor insurance claim, the same will be paid out from the insurance for your car.

Keeping that in mind, let us look at some of the best car colours you can choose from.

Best Car Colours In India

The car colour is not something you can change at will; choose something you want to keep for years and still have your car not lose its timeless appeal. Therefore, here are when purchasing a new car:

  • White: White is a prevalent car colour in India. It makes the car appear larger in size and reflects the harsh sunlight from the surface. This can help keep the inside of the car cabin relatively cool, which is favourable, especially during hot Indian summers.
  • Black: You can never go wrong with black, mainly when it comes to a car. It is a staple and classic shade, regardless of how the colour has been incorporated. However, the maintenance of black cars is a little harder as fine dust and scratches are easily visible on black.
  • Grey: Grey can be the best car colour for the long term if you are not interested in vibrant shades. While subtle, grey also offers a more sophisticated look to the car. And for those wanting a duo-chrome effect for their cars, grey blends in well with other colours, such as various hues of blues and reds. Some popular variants of this shade are coarse grey and greyish green.
  • Silver: Silver cars have an elegant vibe, look sleek and are popular among car owners. Like grey, silver also comes in different variants, making it a very versatile colour. Manufacturers usually offer different shades of silver with their car models to give buyers different options during their four-wheeler purchase.
  • Blue: Blue is a unique shade for a car colour and is loved for its vibrancy. Being a cool colour, it makes the car look more welcoming. This is why you may find different shades of blue in the market so that car owners can get more expressive with their preferred shade of blue.

Why Does Car Colour Matter?

The colour of your car can impact several aspects of the vehicle, like the type of maintenance it will need to keep up its look and the resale value. Many car owners choose more basic or sober colours like black, grey and white. This is because they have a widespread appeal and generate reasonable second-hand purchase prices.

On the other hand, brighter colours like blue, yellow, orange, or green have a niche market. Buyers of second-hand cards are less likely to look for these colours. In contrast, red can be a very divisive colour - one can either love it or completely detest it.

Dark metallic reds suit various car models, and it has a good resale value. However, flat, brighter, non-metallic shades of red have a limited appeal and only work for some car models.

The easiest colours to maintain are usually grey, white, orange and yellow. White is the colour that lasts the longest due to its lack of pigment. Conversely, black, green, red and blue are the hardest colours to maintain.

The Best Car Colour For Long Term - How To Choose The Best Car Colour?

The impact and influence of colour will vary according to the car model; they tend to play off of each other rather than be mutually exclusive. So there isn’t one single colour that’s the best one.

However, experts agree that the better the car model and colour pairing, the better the car’s resale value. So, it is vital to understand which colour suits what type of car.

Best Car Colours For Smaller Cars

Smaller cars usually look best with brighter colours. So it’s not unusual to see cars like the Maruti Alto 800 or the Tata Altroz in shades of red or green. This is because smaller models can pull off such colours and are often marketed to younger drivers who tend to favour brighter colours.

You can also expect to see similar buying preferences in second-hand markets. Smaller cars with brighter colours, especially city cars, can pull off these colours without severely impacting their resale value.

However, larger hatchbacks like the Renault Kwid and the Ford Focus cannot get away with these colour schemes. So it’s best to go with mainstream shades if you plan to resell your car later.

Best Car Colours For Large Cars

The general rule here is to go for sober and metallic shades. Second-hand SUVs, luxury cars, estates and other larger car models always fetch higher prices in second-hand markets if they’re sold in popular shades like black, silver, grey, blue or white.

Very rarely do you see larger cars like the Maruti Ertiga or the Mahindra Scorpio-N in brighter shades like orange or yellow. Brighter colours don’t usually work on larger car models and do end up affecting the car’s resale value.

If you plan to sell your car in the future, it’s best to avoid bright colours and stick with tried and true shades that are popular among the masses.

Best Car Colours for Other Models

The rules above do not necessarily apply to sportscars or sporty car models. Coupés, convertibles, and hot hatches do exceptionally well with brighter colours due to their sleeker exteriors and high-performance nature. If you are the owner of a more sporty car model and if you plan to resell it, tread carefully. Having a more popular shade is still better for a better resale value. Of course, this rule has a few exceptions, as with anything.

Lastly, always buy car insurance to secure your precious four-wheeler against a multitude of accidental damages and other types of losses. This is true for new cars as well as for second-hand cars. With Tata AIG, you can avail of your car insurance renewal online, which is just as smooth and hassle-free as the online purchase.


Whether you’re buying a sedan, hatchback, SUV or luxury car, colour matters, so the next time you purchase a new car, pay close attention to its colour and model and see how they complement each other. And with the appropriate car insurance coverage, you can protect your car and its appearance from minor scratches to the most significant losses!

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