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What is a car infotainment system?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 29/04/2024

Nowadays, cars are not just a means of transport; they are a symbol of luxury and comfort for many people. To provide luxury and comfort, cars include an infotainment system and a sleek and sophisticated display on the dashboard. These systems include the perfect blend of entertainment and information features.

In this article, you will learn what an infotainment system is, how it works, its features, and much more.

What is a Car Infotainment System?

The car infotainment system is an in-car system that combines the features of entertainment and information in one. For entertainment, it includes features like radio, bluetooth connection, music system, etc., and information features like GPS; smartphone integration makes the journey entertaining and connected.

It should be noted that the car infotainment system differs because of the car models, manufacturers and customisation.

How Does Automotive Infotainment Work?

The car infotainment system works on the combinations of software and hardware; it includes:

Integrated Head Unit: This is a tablet-like device mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle and serves as the control unit of the infotainment system. Using it, drivers can control various features such as climate control, music, navigation connectivity, etc.

Power Processors: The infotainment includes powerful high-end digital signal processors (DSPs) and graphics processing units (GPUs). These processors support multi-displays, such as connected smartphones, heads-up displays and head units.

Operating Systems: Like any other device, the car infotainment system requires an operating system to function effectively. The operating system enables connectivity, convenience, and integration with downloadable applications.

Connectivity Modules: With advancing times, the infotainment system in cars was built to connect the drivers with the world. Thus, these infotainment were equipped with connectivity modules such as GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi to make the driving experience wholesome.

Automotive Sensors Integration: Driving safely is essential; the automotive sensors present in the vehicle contribute to the driver’s safety. These sensors include proximity sensors, camera sensors, recognition sensors and gesture sensors.

Features of Car Infotainment System

Here are some of the best features of car infotainment system:

High-Resolution Touchscreen: The infotainment system works through the high-resolution touchscreen through which the driver can control all the features of the system. The touchscreen can be LCD or TFT, depending on the model and manufacturer, and its size is usually between 7 to 17 inches for better navigation.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The infotainment system includes a Bluetooth pairing feature that allows drivers to connect their mobile devices to the car. This allows them to access some mobile apps and features, such as maps, dialling, and receiving calls.

Media Playback: Automotive entertainment systems provide various media playback options, such as an MP3 player, MP4 player, USB drives, and other supported formats, according to different car models.

Navigation: The infotainment system includes a navigation feature with GPS for a smooth driving experience and easy location navigation. Drivers can use voice commands or provide touch inputs to use the feature.

Smartphone Compatibility: Another feature of a car infotainment system is smartphone integration, where the apps and other features of your smartphone are mirrored on the infotainment screen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are some of the most popular platforms that allow mobile integration with your car.

Best Infotainment System for Car

Renault Austral: Renault’s Austral has access to Google services, including its voice assistance feature. The system's responsive touchscreen and dedicated temperature controls make it less interfering while driving.

Ford SYNC: Ford SYNC is known for its intuitive design and seamless integration. It also includes a voice recognition feature and several other entertainment features.

Nissan Connect: Nissan’s infotainment system is modern in many ways, with features like live traffic updates, smartphone integration, and navigation.

Renault OpenR: The functionality of OpenR is simple and efficient, with features like navigation and media playback.

Importance of Car Insurance Policy

Just like having a sound car infotainment system is essential to having the best driving experience, getting a car insurance policy for your car is crucial, too. Insurance for four-wheelers acts as the safety net for your vehicle and protects you from any financial or legal liabilities in case of accidental damages.

Car insurance policies have several beneficial features for car owners; one such feature is a no-claim bonus. Under a No-Claim Bonus, the insurer provides a discount or benefit to the policyholder for being a responsible driver and not making any claims during their policy period. The discount is provided at the time of policy renewal on their policy premium price.

With Tata AIG, you can get easy car insurance renewal online along with other benefits like third-party damage cover, cashless repairs services, protection against financial losses and expert claim assistance.

Summing Up

Car infotainment is a crucial part of modern cars; it is not only an entertainment device but also helps improve driving experiences. With the features and suggestions of the best infotainment system mentioned in the article, you must have understood what you need to look for while buying your car.

Additionally, remember to check out the Tata AIG website to browse and buy a suitable car insurance policy as per your coverage needs.


Can we install an infotainment system?

Yes, an infotainment system can be installed in a car. You need to visit an authorised car service centre and ask them to install it.

How much does an infotainment system cost?

The price of a car infotainment system can depend on the features you want to have and on your car's make and model. But the starting price of an infotainment system can be around ₹10,000.

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