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Secure Your Car With The Super Car Insurance Plan!

Believe it or Not! Save upto* 75% on TATA AIG Car Insurance

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Park Your Vehicle Safely with These Car Parking Tips

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 01/09/2022

It must've been a wonderful experience to purchase your dream four-wheeler! But it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. For example, knowing how to park a car is a critical component of vehicle driving and ownership.

It's critical to know how to park a car in India, no matter where you travel across the country. In the event of improper parking, an individual may be engaged in an accident as someone may drive off, scratching your car or inflicting severe damage to it.

Also, four-wheeler theft has turned out to be a rapidly-evolving crime in India, with around 100 occurrences recorded in metropolitan areas every day. As a result, how to correctly park your four-wheeler is critical.

Why Is It Important to Have Your Four-Wheeler Parked Properly?

Many motorists believe that car parking is more challenging than driving. They struggle with parking their car perfectly, particularly, if it is parallel parking. And no matter how skillfully you can slither around the Indian traffic and dodge peculiar moving things on the roads with ease, you really can't claim to be a great driver unless you have perfected the art of car parking.

Also, suppose you reside in a metropolitan city with limited parking spaces and heavy traffic congestion; in that case, you should learn fundamental car parking tips and techniques like reverse parking, parallel parking, and so on. It'll not only reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being destroyed but also will assist you in avoiding unwanted conflicts.

Just like knowing how to park your car perfectly is important, it's also important to know the vitality of a car insurance policy. When you have four-wheeler insurance in place, you may drive without thinking, "What if…?" You may not be concerned since you are confident in your driving talents, but there are numerous instances in which your driving skills are irrelevant.

A third-party car may run a red light, or you might be forced to swerve into a fence in order to avoid colliding with a youngster rushing into the roadway. In that case, your car insurance policy will come in handy and relieve you of legal and financial burdens. There are also legal ramifications for not having four-wheeler insurance. Decent insurance coverage provides you with peace of mind and security in a variety of situations.

To give you the mental peace you deserve, Tata AIG offers the best four-wheeler insurance policies at pocket-friendly rates. Buying car insurance online from us is now easier than ever. Additionally, purchasing four-wheeler insurance online will offer you the best premium rates. So why wait? Acquire insurance for your car from the convenience of your own home with Tata AIG.

Now, coming to the main theme of the blog. If you do not want to risk denting or scratching your expensive four-wheelers, we have penned some car parking tips for beginners that'll help you master the art of four-wheeler parking in India.

Tips for Parking a Car Safely

Listed below are some of the tips for parking a car safely in India, ensuring optimum safety of your four-wheeler:

  • Pick Designated Parking Places: Parking your four-wheeler in an unlawful location might result in vehicle theft. In addition, under the 2019 Motor Vehicles Act, you may be fined ₹5,000 if your car is caught parked in a "no-parking zone". As a result, you should always park your four-wheeler in designated parking areas. Roadside parking zones, garages, open parking, parking lots, and other similar areas fall under this category. Parking lots are usually secured to prevent car theft. You may also ward off a large fee by parking in designated areas.

  • Park Your Car Near Other Vehicles: This is one of the most important car parking tips for beginners. Always try to park your four-wheeler near other vehicles and well-lit areas. However, make sure you're not parked too near to another vehicle's front or rear bumper, obstructing access or space for manoeuvring. Areas with proper lighting deter thieves from gaining access to your vehicle and allow you to observe the area around the parking place

  • Avoid Parking Your Car Near Huge Vehicles: While it's a great idea to park your four-wheeler near another vehicle of similar size, try to avoid parking near huge vehicles such as buses, vans, trucks or lorries, vans, and so on. Large trucks might impede your route and make it harder to operate your four-wheeler. They are also possible hiding places for thieves or assailants attempting to target your vehicle.

  • Take Precautions When Reverse Parking or Parallel Parking: Parking your four-wheeler parallel to other vehicles might be difficult. As a result, you must use particular caution while trying parallel or reverse parking. Following basic guidelines while parking your car in certain areas might help you prevent damage or crashes. For example, drive till you locate a parking place large enough to accommodate your vehicle comfortably.

You should make use of both side mirrors to check for obstructions before reversing with caution. Even if you are unable to park your car on the first attempt, keep trying to perfect and master your car parking. Make sure your four-wheeler is positioned such that there are spaces between the four-wheelers in front and behind.

  • Properly Lock Your Car and Don't Leave any Essentials in It: Though it might appear apparent, it is critical that you draw up the window glass and securely lock your four-wheeler once you have parked it. Furthermore, it is never a good idea to keep valuable items in your parked cars, such as a laptop, jewellery, or a mobile phone, since this may attract the swindlers' attention who may attempt to break into your four-wheeler.

  • Don't be Shy of Technology Since It May Be Beneficial: We are certain that you're entirely capable of accomplishing many tasks on your own, and that too, without the assistance of others or technical equipment. Nevertheless, when it comes to car parking, we encourage taking advantage of whatever assistance you may obtain, particularly from technology.

Whether you're a seasoned parker eligible to compete in a global parking competition or an inexperienced parker, you should make use of your car's emergency blinkers and flashers to inform other persons in the parking lot or street that you intend to reverse into a parking place.

If you're not completely sure about your parking abilities, it is strongly advised that you leverage the car's rear-view camera as a trustworthy assistant that assists you in checking for any obstacles or objects from behind and calculating the appropriate distance you must keep from the curb or several other vehicles at the back of your four-wheeler. Even if you think of yourself as a car parking expert, it never hurts to utilise the rear-view camera while parking if your vehicle has one.

The Key Takeaway

Simply knowing how to park your car will not protect it from theft or damage. Even if you take every care, damage or theft can still occur. As a result, having valid insurance for cars is necessary. Driving a four-wheeler on Indian highways without it is unlawful. If you do this, the officials may penalise you or even jail you. According to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, all four-wheeler owners must have a minimum of basic third-party insurance. It only covers third-party liabilities, not losses or damages to your four-wheeler.

However, for all-around protection, we recommend you to have comprehensive four-wheeler insurance since it protects you against theft, natural calamities, man-made activities, own damage in accidents, and third-party claims.

At Tata AIG, we provide a wide range of four-wheeler insurances for you at competitive rates. You can use our online car insurance calculator to know about the premium rates of different four-wheeler insurance policies and pick the one that best meets your unique requirements. So, what are you holding for? Contact Tata AIG to take this alliance forward. We’ll be happy to serve you.

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