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Secure Your Car With The Super Car Insurance Plan!

Believe it or Not! Save upto* 75% on TATA AIG Car Insurance

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Cars With Paddle Shifters In India

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 08/05/2023

Today, people buy cars for more than just their functionality. While functionality is definitely important - you want to buy a car that works properly. People also buy them for their enhanced performance, brand value, overall look and design, and any additional features the car offers. Paddle shifters are a recent addition that are quickly gaining popularity among car enthusiasts.

Paddle shifters in cars are hand-operated gear shifts present behind the wheel. Generally, the right paddle ( + ) is for upshifting, and the left paddle is for downshifting ( - ). Paddle shifters offer a more engaged driving experience and allow for automatic transmission cars to shift gears seamlessly.

Now, with any car, it’s essential to get it insured. Four-wheeler insurance is a necessity for any car owner today. With increasing repair and maintenance costs, it’s imperative that you have a car insurance policy that will help cover these expenses.

The 7 Best Cars With Paddle Shifters In India

Automatic transmission cars that come with paddle shifters are incredibly popular right now, both for their convenience and enhanced performance. Originally paddle shifters were a feature that was available only in sports cars to streamline the process of shifting gears.

The automotive industry then adopted this feature to road cars, which have since become popular among the masses. The most significant advantage of Indian cars with paddle shifters is that paddle shifters offer the ability to shift gears without taking your hands off the wheel.

Cars With Paddle Shifters List In India

Here are the best cars in India with paddle shifters available in the market right now:

1. Honda Amaze

The Honda Amaze is the perfect premium sedan for those looking for a safe and comfortable car with a spacious interior. Not to mention that it’s also fuel efficient. The interiors of this car are fairly roomy, with a comfortable backseat and a big boot with 420 litres of space that can swallow up anybody’s holiday trip luggage.

2. Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna is a premium quality car that attracts SUV buyers with its trendy design. This car has several segment-first features. This car has a comfortable interior and refined powertrains that are always up to the task.

3. Skoda Slavia

The Skoda Slavia is more than just its sleek and stylish design. It provides an engaging driving experience with a roomy and comfortable interior. Furthermore, it has excellent boot space - a feature often missing in most sedans.

4. Volkswagen Taigun

Volkswagen’s Taigun is a compact SUV that provides its driver with good driving dynamics, surprisingly spacious interiors despite its compact exterior and a great infotainment system. Moreover, it’s a premium SUV with an ergonomic design that embodies Volkswagen in every way.

5. Kia Carens

On its release, the Kia Caren significantly impacted its segment and price bracket. It’s got better features, higher levels of performance and utility when compared to other cars in its price range. These features, coupled with its sleek outer design, are what make this car the go-to choice for most people looking to buy a new car.

6. Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is one of India’s best-selling sedans. This current model sports a stunning look on its exterior with bi-xenon headlights and a large radiator grille. At the same time, the interior comprises a spacious cabin with several creature comforts.

7. Honda City

With reworked mechanics and an updated design, the all-new Honda City has a strong brand recall in India. Since its launch, the Honda City has continued to dominate the market in the mid-size sedan segment appealing to a wide range of buyers.


The cars listed here are some of the best high-performance automobiles in their segments. With their rising popularity, it's safe to assume that paddle shifters are here to stay. That being said, everyone, regardless of what type of car they have, needs car insurance. Accidents and unexpected scenarios like natural disasters and theft are still possible.

Tata AIG’s car insurance protects your vehicle and you from any additional financial expenses and burdens these events could bring upon you. Furthermore, you can compare car insurance policies online to determine which car insurance policy best addresses your requirements. This ensures that you have access to the full scope of benefits that these plans can offer you.

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