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Gone are the days when you were required to pay in cash at every toll booth, which was not only time-consuming but also quite inconvenient. With the introduction of FASTag, passing through tolled highways and expressways has become very swift and hassle-free. You can now recharge your FASTag in advance online to enjoy a seamless journey.

For those who don’t have FASTag yet, purchase it if you want to avoid paying the double toll amount in cash. Remember, it is no less important than having a driving license and a third-party car insurance policy when driving a car on public roads. In fact, you might be denied a car policy online insurance if you don’t have a valid FASTag.

Already have FASTag but don’t know how to check its balance? If yes, we have got you covered. In this blog, we are going to cover multiple ways to check FASTag balance online in seconds.

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

What is a FASTag and How Does it Work?

Before discussing how to check FASTag balance, it is important to understand what exactly a FASTag is and how it works.

FASTag is basically a sticker that must be attached to your windscreen. It can be purchased directly from banks such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, etc., as well as online payment platforms such as PhonePe, Google Pay, and Paytm. These stickers are prepaid in nature. Therefore, you need to recharge them in advance before crossing a toll booth.

FASTags works on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) to deduct toll costs automatically as your car passes through the toll plaza. Simply put, the Toll Plaza system scans the FASTag ID of the vehicles passing through the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) lane.

This allows vehicles to pass quickly without having to wait in huge queues.

How to Check FASTag Balance Online with Vehicle Number?

As mentioned above, there are multiple methods for FASTag balance check by car number online. The easiest of them all is using the MyFASTag application released by NHAI. This app allows you to manage your FASTag and perform tasks such as checking your balance, recharging the account, and so on. Below is how the FASTag status check works on the MyFASTag app:

  • Download and Install the MyFASTag app from your app store. It is available for Android as well as iPhone users.

  • Launch the application and sign up by choosing a suitable username and password.

  • Select the “Recharge Your NHAI Prepaid Wallet” option.

  • Enter your mobile number that is linked with your NHAI prepaid wallet and click on “Proceed.”

  • Once done, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on your mobile. Enter this OTP and click “Submit”.

  • Next, enter your vehicle number and click the “Submit” button again.

  • Now, select the “Available Tag/Wallet Balance” option to view the balance of your FASTag connected with the given vehicle registration number.

This was just one way to check FASTag balance online, but there are multiple others as well. Let’s look into some other methods of checking the balance of FASTag.

Check FASTag Balance Online with Vehicle Number On the Website

You can perform a FASTag statement check by vehicle number on the official FASTag website. All you have to do is launch the website on your PC and log in using your credentials. If you are a first-time user, you may need to sign up. Once you log into the portal, you can check your FASTag balance under the “Tag Balance” option.

Check FASTag Balance Status via SMS

When you buy a FASTag, it needs to be registered with your mobile number. You can use the same mobile number to learn about your FASTag balance via SMS. Every time you pass through a toll plaza and your FASTag balance is deducted automatically; you receive an SMS outlining the details of the transaction. This helps you keep your balance in check.

FASTag Balance Check Online Via Customer Service

For some reason, if you are unable to check your FASTag balance online with your vehicle number using any app or website, you can use the FASTag customer service option for the same. All you need to do is call 1300 or +91-8884333331 with your registered mobile number. The customer service is available 24x7x365, so you can check your balance anytime you want.

How to Check FASTag Balance in Google Pay?

Google Pay is one of the platforms that allow you to recharge your FASTag and view its balance in a convenient way. You need to follow the below steps to check your FASTag balance in Google Pay:

  • Launch Google Pay on your smartphone.

  • Navigate to the “Businesses & Bills” section and click on the FASTag option linked to your bank.

  • If your bank account is linked with FASTag, you can check the balance using the “View Balance” option. However, if no bank account is linked, you will be displayed a “No accounts linked” message. In this case, select the “Link account” option to link your bank account.

  • Next, enter your vehicle number and select “Link account.”

  • Once your account is connected, you can view the balance under the “view balance” option.

This is about checking FASTag balance using Google Pay. You can follow a similar process for FASTag status checks using Paytm or PhonePe.

Advantages of Using a FASTag

FASTag offers a digital approach to paying toll taxes. It is quick, convenient, and hassle-free as compared to the traditional cash payment system at toll plazas. The following are the main benefits of using FASTag:

Prevents Traffic: The biggest benefit of the FASTag system is that it prevents traffic jams at the toll plazas. As your vehicle passes through the ETC, the FASTag ID gets scanned in seconds without having you stop by and make the payment.

Saves Time: You don’t have to wait in lines at the toll booths, which automatically saves a lot of time and adds to your convenience.

No Need to Carry Cash: Another benefit of FASTag is that you don’t have to carry cash for toll payments. You just have to recharge your FASTag digitally before heading for your journey.

Helps in Tracking Toll Expenses: FASTag also lets you keep track of your toll expenses. This is especially beneficial for frequent travellers.

Regular Passes Available: Here is another benefit for individuals who travel on a regular basis. If you happen to pass through a particular toll booth on a day-to-day basis, then you can purchase a monthly pass from that poll booth and implement it on your FASTag using the “FASTag monthly pass” feature.

Environment-friendly: FASTags are very friendly to the environment as they don’t involve any use of paper. Besides, they also reduce pollution by avoiding traffic and reducing gasoline usage.

Documents Required for FASTag Application

Purchasing NHAI FASTag is very easy. You can get it from any of the above-mentioned banks or online payment platforms. The following are the main documents required for the FASTag application:

  • Vehicle registration certificate

  • KYC documents

  • Passport size photographs

Is FASTag Mandatory?

Yes. The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made FASTag mandatory for all the four-wheelers in India. If you don’t have a FASTag, then you will be allowed to cross the toll only after paying the toll cost in double.

Moreover, the latest Motor Vehicle Act revisions state that the vehicle owner can not avail of the mandatory third-party 4-wheeler insurance if they don’t have a valid FASTag. This mandate was passed for insurance purchases from 1st April 2021. Note that not having a valid 3rd party four-wheeler insurance certificate or comprehensive car insurance can lead you to pay heavy penalties as high as ₹4,000.

Thus, it is strongly recommended to get your FASTag as soon as possible.

Final Words

FASTag has been introduced to deal with the traffic congestion problem on the highways and make toll-tax payments easy and quick. This small sticker on your windscreen lets you pass through the highways and expressways smoothly by automatically deducting the toll cost by scanning the FASTag.

Neither do you have to stop and wait in queues at the toll booths, nor do you have to struggle with finding cash. All you need to do is recharge your FASTag with sufficient balance and enjoy a smooth driving experience.

We hope you now understand everything about FASTags, including how to check FASTag balance online with your vehicle number.


How can I check FASTag Balance Online Without a Car Number?

If you don’t remember your car number, then you can check your FASTag balance by calling customer service, which is available round the clock. You just need to give a missed call at +91-720-805-3999 or dial 1800-120-1243.

Is it possible to check the FASTag transaction history using the vehicle number?

You can check your FASTag transaction history by visiting the official website of your FASTag issuer. Upon login with your credentials and vehicle number, you can check the transaction history under FASTag account statements.

Is there any penalty for not having a FASTag?

Although there is no specific penalty or fine for not having the FASTag, you need to pay the double toll cost if you are paying in cash. This double payment equals a penalty. So, avoid it by getting a FASTag as soon as possible.

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