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14 Precautions That Every CNG Car Driver Must Take

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/07/2022

In today’s fast-moving world, owning a car is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Be it a rural village or a big metropolitan city, people need cars to fulfill their daily commuting and safe traveling requirements.

Precautions Must Take That Every CNG Car Driver

 Today, consumers have got various fuel options while purchasing cars i.e. Petrol Car, Diesel Car, CNG Cars and Electric Cars. People having petrol or diesel cars have an advantage of conversion where they can turn their petrol/diesel car into CNG cars by installing a CNG fuel Kit. The only vital requirement is that they have to seriously adhere to the given CNG car precautions that come along with the kit manual.

In such a circumstance, following questions do arise:

**Why are people turning their petrol/diesel cars into CNG cars? **

  • Is CNG car safe?
  • Is CNG flammable?
  • Are there any problems with CNG vehicles?

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) comes with an array of attractive benefits.

Fuel Prices(Rs./ltr.)

As on 22.6.22 (Delhi)

  • Petrol 96.72
  • Diesel 89.62
  • CNG 75.61

But, still it is essential to know the answers of the following questions:

**Is CNG safe? **

Yes, it is safer than petrol and diesel because of its higher ignition temperature.

Is CNG flammable?

Yes, CNG is highly combustible. It has a narrow range of flammability that varies from 5-15%. Due to its low flammability property, it lowers the chances of catching fire.

  • Most importantly, it is an eco-friendly fuel. CNG cars emit fewer greenhouse gasses and cause less air pollution.
  • Due to its higher octane rating, it causes less noise pollution than petrol or diesel cars.
  • CNG cars are cleaner. Since they do not leave any combustion residue on the spark plugs or engine of the car, hence they are easily maintainable.
  • CNG cars offer impressive mileage in comparison to petrol or diesel cars.

With proper CNG car precautions, CNG is a far better option than petrol or diesel.

The high volatility in petrol and diesel prices is making consumers switch to CNG Cars. Although, there are problems with CNG vehicles but if CNG car owners take essential CNG Car precautions and appropriate car insurance policy cover, then it would turn out to be a smart buy.

Precautions That Can Keep Your CNG Cars Safe

Before opting for CNG Cars, it is essential for car owners to take certain precautions in order to keep their CNG Cars Safe:

  • Use only standard/authentically suitable accessories:

CNG fuel Kit and Cylinder must suitably align with the make and model of the car. Ensure compliance with standard quality requirements of the CNG cylinder before buying & installing it. The use of sub-standard kits or cylinders may increase the risk of fire accidents.

  • Say no to unauthorized CNG KITS:

Converting a petrol car into a CNG car is possible by installing a CNG Fuel kit in it. It is best if that CNG fuel Kit is entirely authentic and is installed by an authentic mechanic or dealer. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • CNG cylinder Test Certificate is compulsory:

After installing the CNG fuel Kit in the car, the owner is compulsorily required to get the CNG Cylinder Test Certificate from the requisite CNG licensee or Retrofitter.

  • Use compatible spark plugs only:

It is better to use CNG compatible spark plugs only if the owner is converting their petrol-powered car to CNG powered Car. Usual Spark plugs are prone to wear out expeditiously in CNG-using cars. Compatibility is paramount to ensure the safety of the vehicle from fire accidents.

  • Drive on petrol first before switching to CNG:

It is easy and economical to convert your petrol car into a CNG Car. However, you have to befriend petrol to keep your car robust and running for a long time. First, drive the car on petrol for at least one Km and then switch to a CNG Cylinder. It would keep the car engine lubricated and healthy.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside cars:

CNG is highly combustible and cigarette smoking induces sparks. So, no smoking inside CNG Cars and prevent any chance of fire accidents.

  • Ensure periodical leakage test of CNG cylinder:

Never underestimate the power of a CNG Cylinder. Over-filling or inappropriate installation of a CNG cylinder can cause CNG leakage which can ignite a fire or lead to a sudden burst of the cylinder. Keep checking any signs of leakage on a regular basis and if detected, take the car instantly to any authorized service station for repair. Precaution is better than cure!!

  • Timely servicing keeps the CNG car in a healthy condition:

Car maintenance keeps the car in robust condition all the time whether it is a CNG car or Petrol Car. If a petrol car is converted into a CNG Car then it requires extra caution and time-to-time check-up of its insulation wires, wear & tear of CNG fuel kit, etc.

  • CNG Car Rules are issued for proper adherence:

Motor Vehicle laws have issued proper instructions to CNG Car owners. They include: avoiding using a car heater for a longer duration, avoiding transiting any flammable material; Avoid bursting firecrackers near the car, etc. The rules are for the safety of the owner and the vehicle. It is in the best interest to adhere to them as insurance companies do seek their compliance before approving claims.

  • Don’t’ keep the car running during CNG refills:

Switch off your engine, and turn down your ignition as and when you are at a gas station for refilling. It prevents any fire mishaps from sparks.

Don’t fill the fuel tank to its maximum capacity in a CNG car: Never fill your CNG cylinder tank completely rather fill it to only its 2/3rd capacity. Overfilling may cause serious consequences which can be avoided if we limit the capacity of the fuel tank.

  • Monitor the cylinder pressure while refilling:

Keep an eye on the cylinder pressure while your CNG cylinder is getting refilled. It should not cross the 200 bar as it may lead to overfilling and ultimately cause leakage.

  • Park in a covered area during sunny time:

Any direct exposure to the sun for long periods can heat the engine of the car. It may cause a fire. So, park it in a shaded area.

Assure financial protection by insuring your CNG cars with TATA AIG Insurance
Mishaps occur without any prior notice. Our ancestors have always taught us to stay prepared for the worst. With an appropriate four-wheeler insurance policy, you will be financially protected and can claim monetary reimbursement in case any mishap occurs on road.

TATA AIG presents three most favorable car insurance policies:- Standalone Third Party Car Insurance; Standalone own-damage Car Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance. All these policies encapsulate different appealing features that guarantee protection to your CNG Car. Compare Car Insurance policies and their features to make an apt decision. We, at Tata AIG, help to prolong the safety of your CNG car life by offering you financial aid in such exigent times and unexpected circumstances.


CNG Cars are trending in the market because CNG as a fuel is clean, cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, CNG car owners must take proper CNG car precautions to ensure a long and risk-free CNG car life. Also, while considering insurance for 4-wheeler, the owner can compare different car insurance plans online at TATA AIG to understand the benefits offered by different policies available in the market and then can choose the best suitable insurance cover for your CNG Cars at a lesser time and minimal efforts.

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