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CNG Better Than Other Fuels

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 15/09/2022

With the increase in petrol and diesel prices, every nation and its people have been looking for alternative fuel types. The objective is to obtain a cheaper and more efficient fuel type. While the new technologies have been introducing different types of fuels, the most common amongst them is Compressed Natural Gas(CNG). Hence, the benefits of CNG over petrol and diesel are getting prominent.

Here is a detail about why CNG is better than petrol and other fuel types.

Before we get started, let us understand what CNG means.

What Is The CNG?

CNG is Compressed Natural Gas. It is a natural gas under pressure that remains odourless, clear and non-corrosive. Therefore, it is a greener, cheaper and more efficient fuel and is considered a better alternative than petrol and diesel.

Working of CNG

CNG contains methane gas that produces engine power by getting mixed with air when introduced into the engine's combustion chamber. As it gets mixed with air, it ignites by a spark, and the energy from the explosion will move the vehicle. In addition, the compressed nature of the fuel facilitates storage for a long-range possible.

Vehicles can use the CNG as a liquid or gas. However, most vehicles prefer using it as a gas.

Now, let us discuss the benefits of CNG and understand why CNG is better than petrol and diesel.

Benefits Of CNG

Certain features of the CNG make its usage extremely beneficial. Here is a detail about it.

  • Cost - The cost of CNG is less in comparison to diesel and petrol. Therefore, it is affordable for every individual belonging to different income groups in India. Also, the operational costs associated with vehicles using the CNG are comparatively low.

  • Green Fuel - The gases released from a car are always considered harmful to humans and the environment. It can cause several respiratory diseases in people. The emission cannot be avoided as it is the byproduct of the chemical reactions occurring during fuel combustion.

As the CNG does not contain sulphur, lead or benzene, the extent of harmful emissions is comparatively reduced. Also, the level of carbon monoxide introduced to the environment is drastically lowered by vehicles using the CNG. In addition, CNG does not have traces of heavy metals, particulate matter, etc., that can affect the performance of your engine. Therefore, using CNG benefits the environment, people and your car!

  • Increases the engine's lifespan - CNG is a cleaner fuel than petrol and diesel. It leaves very little residue that reduces the damage caused to the pipes and tubes, thereby increasing the engine's longevity.

  • Lower maintenance expenses - The best health of your vehicle will be based on how you maintain it during the long term. Timely services and repairs based on necessity will ensure it is maintained to the best standards. When you use a CNG car, the maintenance costs are comparatively less, considering the longer lifespan of the engine and the associated parts.

Safe fuel - CNG vs petrol is a highly debated topic. Safety is one of the most important pointers that differentiate the benefits of CNG over petrol. CNG can be used in the form of a gas. Therefore, if there is a leakage, it gets dispersed to the air easily and does not harm the car or nearby places. And, as it is lighter than air, it further moves away instantly.

CNG Engine vs Petrol Engine

To clearly identify the key pointers of CNG Engine vs Petrol Engine, we can safely say that CNG engines do cleaner emissions, are more fuel efficient, and are economical in the long run. Petrol engines, on the other hand, are more powerful. We have discussed it in detail, so keep reading.

The CNG burns cleanly and leaves no byproducts that contaminate the engine oil. Therefore, it increases the performance of the CNG engine. The combustion chambers will function at their best and produce the required output for a longer period. However, as the engine oil becomes clean, it will reduce wear and tear to a great extent. In addition, CNG engines are quieter and environment-friendly. The CNG cylinder is sturdier in comparison to a petrol tank. The ignition point is 540 degrees Celsius. It is extremely higher than that of petrol. Therefore, it is safer than petrol in the event of an unexpected leak.

There are different advantages of CNG over petrol. However, the choice of fuel should be based on your geographical location and affordability. Analyse the different features and compare the benefits before making a well-informed decision.

The installation cost for the CNG vehicles is higher. In addition, repairing and replacing the components become slightly difficult. Therefore, the car insurance policy cost is also higher. However, considering the benefits received from a car insurance claim, it is certainly worth the investment.

The purchase of the CNG and the car's maintenance cost incur very less financial liability. Therefore, using the CNG for your car is a profitable option in the long term. However, in the event of an unexpected accident, repair costs can increase your financial burden. In that case, having a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy can help you manage the crisis in such situations.

At Tata AIG, we provide customisable car insurance plans to help you modify the product to your advantage by choosing the right add-on options. In addition, it provides a good range of garages to repair your vehicle and maintain it to the best standards. We have more than 7500 network garages where you can avail of the cashless repair facility. Also, we provide car insurance plans online to help you read through the features, compare the benefits, analyse the cost and decide on the best product choice.


Compressed Natural Gas is a good fuel alternative to your vehicle compared to petrol and diesel. It is highly efficient and available at a lesser price. Also, its storage is simple and safe. Moreover, it does not affect the health of your engine and increases its lifespan to a greater extent. It is considered a good alternative for your vehicle and is equally less harmful to the environment. Therefore, in the battle between CNG vs petrol, CNG is a green victor for everyone but petrol heads who love racing their cars.

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