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Why Do We Prefer a Convex Mirror in Vehicles?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 05/10/2023

Driving a car requires you to be aware of your surroundings. This ensures your safety on the road and those of others around you. As you can see what is happening around and behind you, mirrors can play a huge role in ensuring your safety.

Driving is dangerous without rear-view mirrors because it helps you see what is behind you. It should be noted, however, that the mirrors used in cars are not the same as those we usually use at home. In this case, the mirrors are convex. In addition to having several valuable features, convex mirrors can be used as rear-view mirrors.

Here is everything you need to know about convex mirrors and why they are used as rear-view mirrors in vehicles.

Rear View Mirror in Vehicles

  • A rear-view mirror allows the driver to see behind them. In most cars, it is found at the top of the windscreen inside the cabin.

  • The rear-view mirror is a vehicle's most basic but essential safety device.

  • It assists the driver in reverse gear, overtaking, or parking.

  • The vehicle's body also has a pair of mirrors attached from the outside. They are commonly referred to as "side mirrors" or "outer rear view mirrors (ORVMs), which serve the same purpose.

The Rear View Mirror of the Car is Convex or Concave?

As concave mirrors form an inverted image of the real object, the objects in front of them appear inverted. Moreover, concave mirrors have a much smaller field of view than convex mirrors. Therefore, a concave mirror cannot be used as a rear-view mirror in a car.

Motor vehicles use convex mirrors as part of their rear-view mirrors to see what is behind them. Due to their large field of view, they provide a virtual, full-size image of distant objects in an erect, full-sized position.

What are Convex Mirrors?

Convex mirrors are types of curved mirrors. A mirror like this has a bulge in the reflective surface directed toward the light source. Because they can primarily reflect the light source outward, they cannot be used for focusing light. This material's nature is why vehicles use the convex mirror as a rear-view mirror.

With the bulge toward the light source, the mirror can capture much more of the surrounding environment than a flat or concave mirror.

Additionally, a convex mirror depicts an object's image smaller than it is in reality. The object, however, becomes more extensive as it approaches the mirror. This is the reason why convex mirrors are used in vehicles.

How Does a Convex Mirror Work?

A small inscription is usually found on the bottom of the mirror of most vehicles, " Objects that appear in the mirror are closer than they are".

The convex mirror possesses this primary attribute, which is why this statement is made. Mirrors with convex surfaces bulge toward light sources. By doing so, they offer a virtual view of the object or other vehicles on the road.

The virtual image, however, is smaller than the actual object. Consequently, you see more of your surroundings in the mirror due to the virtual image it creates.

How To Use Convex Mirrors in Cars Properly?

Cars must have convex mirrors since they allow drivers to see behind them quickly. Take advantage of your mirrors by following these simple tips.

The driver of most modern cars can adjust the mirrors from inside the vehicle. Change the mirrors before driving to position them appropriately for you. The more precise your view, the better your driving will be.

It would help if you positioned the mirror to get the maximum viewing angle. If the mirror is set too close, your car will be more visible in the mirror. Ideally, you should see a small portion of your vehicle while the rest should focus on the road.

You can use a convex mirror in conjunction with a flat mirror. Although a convex mirror provides a wide field of vision, a flat mirror better reflects the speed and distance of the vehicles behind you.

Convex Rear View Mirror – Advantages

Most automobiles use convex mirrors and for a good reason. In vehicles, convex mirrors offer several advantages.

Fewer Blind Spots

Blind spots occur when you can't see something on the road while driving. Its wider curvature reduces blind spots because it increases the viewing angle.

Wide View

Convex mirrors provide better visibility because of their design. Covering a large area makes it easier for the driver to decide when to switch lanes, exit a road, or merge into one.

Enhanced Safety

With a better view of the surroundings, the driver and passengers are likely to be safe. It is possible to reduce the possibility of accidents by a considerable amount when convex mirrors are present.

Convex Rear View Mirror – Disadvantages

Although convex mirrors benefit rearview mirrors in vehicles, they have some disadvantages.

  • The convex mirror can make judging the speed of vehicles behind you difficult.

  • Convex mirrors are prone to distorting the reflections because of their inherent nature.

  • These mirrors can make viewing distant objects or vehicles difficult.

Difference Between Flat and Convex Mirror in Car

A convex mirror is used in cars as a rearview mirror. When a driver looks in the mirror, the wide field of view improves their vision. The driver is thus able to perform road manoeuvres relatively easily. Convex mirrors, however, have the disadvantage of distorting images somewhat. A flat mirror differs from a convex mirror in the following ways.

Flat Mirror

Generally, flat mirrors allow for only one line of vision. You wouldn't be able to view multiple lanes on the highway if you used flat mirrors as rear view mirrors.

Convex Mirror

When used as a rearview mirror, convex mirrors provide a wider field of vision. Additionally, convex mirrors allow drivers to see other vehicles adjacent to theirs.


Due to their inherent properties, Convex mirrors in vehicles provide a wider viewing angle. If you use them, you will enjoy driving more and are less likely to be involved in an accident. You may wish to buy a car insurance policy to protect yourself from unforeseen mishaps like accidents.

A four-wheeler insurance policy offers many more benefits than just meeting the mandatory requirements of the law. With car insurance, you do not have to pay hefty fines. Tata AIG's car insurance can cover the repair cost if you are involved in an accident. Furthermore, it protects your car from natural calamities, theft, and vandalism. With Tata AIG, you can compare car insurance online before buying.


What is the advantage of using a convex mirror as the rearview mirror?

A convex mirror has a wider field of view than a plane mirror, which is why the former is used as a rearview mirror in cars.

What is the use of rear-view mirrors in vehicles?

Rear-view mirrors allow the driver to see rearward for any oncoming traffic. There are two types of rearview mirrors — outside rearview mirrors and inside rearview mirrors.

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