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Electric Car Charging Stations in Chennai

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 08/10/2023

As the world transitions towards sustainable transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Chennai, a bustling metropolis on India's southeastern coast, is at the forefront of this eco-friendly revolution, with its rapidly growing electric car charging infrastructure network.

In this blog, we will talk about the evolving landscape of EVs in Chennai, exploring the various types of charging stations in Chennai available, their locations across the city, charging technologies, and the overall benefits they bring to both the environment and the urban lifestyle.

Whether you're a local EV owner, a prospective buyer, or simply an environmentally-conscious individual looking for an ‘EV car charging station near me’ in Chennai, join us as we navigate through the currents of Chennai's electrifying journey towards a greener and cleaner future.

List of Electric Car Charging Stations in Tamil Nadu (Chennai)

Discover the convenience of electric vehicle charging in Chennai through our curated list of electric car stations. As sustainable mobility gains momentum, Chennai's urban landscape is adorned with these crucial refuelling points.

In this section, we present a curated compilation of electric vehicle charging stations in Tamil Nadu, their locations, and available charging speeds.

EESL - Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Address: Opposite To Kuralagam Parrys High Court Metro Station

Contact: 9500785822

One DC charging slot is available with a GBT (Level 3) charging port type.

Zulaikha Motors Charging Station

Address: 10/8 3rd Main Road Below Telephone Exchange Bridge Sai Nagar Ambattur Industrial Estate

Contact: 9742211172

There are six AC charging slots with a 3PIN-15AMP Socket (Level 1) and charging port options, including CCS-II, CHAdeMO, Socket, and 3PIN.

Diselecti Automotive Pvt Ltd

Address: 60/2 61/2 East Coast Road Chettiyar Agaram

Contact: 9884866993

One AC charging slot with Type 2 (Level 2) is available, equipped with an AC TYPE 2 charging port.

FPL - Vehicles Charging Station

Address: No. 824 Annasali Nandnam Charging Station

Contact: 18008332233

Four charging slots are available, all equipped with CCS-II charging port type.

TCCC - Koyambedu Charging Station

Address: Station, Kaliamman Main Road, Koyembedu

There is one charging slot available featuring a CCS-II charging port type.

Sait - Colony Charging Station

Address: 26, Sait Colony 1st Street, Egmore

Contact: 9789514174

A single charging slot is provided with a Bharat DC-001 charging port type.

Tata Power - Gurudev Charging Station

Address: Old No. 90, New No. 1090, E.V.R. Periyar High Road

Contact: 9742211172

Three charging slots are offered, each with CCS-II and CHAdeMO charging port types.

Fairfield - By Marriott Charging station

Address: Central Ave, Mahendra Word City, Maraimala Nagar, Cheeni

Contact: 8527000290

Three charging slots are available, featuring CCS-II, AC plug point, and CHAdeMO charging port types.

Tata Power - Four Points by Sheraton Charging Station

Address: Survey No 169, Plot 1B And 1A, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Kumaran Nagar, Sholinganallur

Contact: 18008332233

A total of six charging slots are accessible, equipped with CCS-II, CHAdeMO, and AC TYPE 2 charging port options.

EESL- Thirumangalam Metro Charging Station

Address: Thirumangalam Metro Car Parking, L Block, Kurinji Colony, Anna Nagar

Seven charging slots are provided, each with charging port options including CCS-II, CHAdeMO, AC TYPE 2, and Bharat DC-001.

How Can You Locate an Electric Charging Station in Chennai?

Locating Chennai EV charging stations has become remarkably straightforward with the city's burgeoning electric vehicle ecosystem. A variety of user-friendly methods facilitate finding these stations across the urban landscape.

Mobile apps and websites designed explicitly for EV charging networks are invaluable tools. Apps such as PlugShare and Magenta ChargeGrid offer real-time data on station locations, charger types, availability, and user feedback. These apps often integrate navigation features for seamless guidance.

In a city like Chennai, where EV adoption is growing, the accessibility of charging stations is continuously improving, ensuring that EV owners have a multitude of resources at their disposal to locate and utilise the expanding charging infrastructure effortlessly.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car?

The cost of charging an electric car in Chennai depends on the following factors:

  • The size of the car's battery

  • The type of charger you use

  • The electricity tariff in Chennai

The average electricity tariff in Chennai is around ₹8 per kWh. A 50 kWh battery would cost around ₹400 to charge at this rate fully. However, the actual cost may vary depending on the factors listed above.

Do I Need Insurance for My EV?

Having the right comprehensive car insurance policy for your electric vehicle (EV) is a crucial step, just as it is for any other vehicle.

EVs often come with unique components, especially advanced batteries requiring specialised coverage. A car policy online safeguards you against potential risks like theft, accidents, damage, and liability.

Before finalising your 4-wheeler insurance, use our website to compare different car insurance plans. Our offerings are tailored to the distinct requirements of EV owners, setting them apart as a smart choice.

Our policies include features like battery coverage, protection against natural disasters, personal accident cover, and even coverage for charging equipment. This comprehensive approach ensures that EV owners are shielded from risks particular to electric vehicles.

Furthermore, Tata AIG's four-wheeler insurance plans streamline the claims process and boast an extensive network of cashless garages. Our reputation for responsive customer service makes us a dependable partner for EV owners who seek sufficient coverage and peace of mind as they embrace the forward-looking and eco-friendly realm of electric transportation.


As Chennai paves the way for sustainable transportation, the landscape of electric vehicle charging stations is rapidly transforming. The city's commitment to embracing cleaner mobility options is evident through the increasing number of charging options available to EV users.

With user-friendly apps, manufacturer initiatives, and navigation systems, finding these EV charging stations in Chennai has never been more convenient. The collaborative efforts of utility companies and government bodies further contribute to the accessibility of charging infrastructure.

As the EV community in Chennai grows, ensuring a well-suited insurance policy adds an extra layer of protection. Tata AIG's comprehensive coverage not only addresses the unique needs of EV owners but also promises a hassle-free claims process and exceptional customer service.

With the continued advancements in technology and infrastructure, the road ahead for electric vehicles in Chennai looks promising, providing a model for cities worldwide to pursue a cleaner planet.

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