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Emergency Assistance Service in Car Insurance

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Last Updated On :
  • 05/06/2023

Emergency assistance services, better known as 24x7 roadside assistance services, are a significant benefit and service motor insurance provides to the insured individual. They make all the difference in times of crisis compared to insurance for cars that don't offer this service.

Emergency roadside assistance services are often available as add-on covers to comprehensive insurance packages. Insurance companies offer it as an extra layer of support in case of mishaps or vehicle breakdowns, especially in remote or unknown areas.

What Is Covered Under Roadside Assistance Services

On-road car services offer assistance in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdowns that happen to your car, either at home or on the road. The assistance can be for anything ranging from a flat tyre, battery breakdowns, etc., with minor or major repairs.

You can also get help if you are locked out of your car. If you don't already have a comprehensive insurance plan for your car, it may be time to buy car insurance. With Tata AIG, you get the benefit of doing this whole process online to save time.

Here are some of the most common incidents that roadside assistance services cover:

Battery Jumpstarts / Breakdown: The most common problems faced by car owners. Your car may seem perfectly fine for all intents and purposes, and it can still suffer a sudden breakdown. Your car battery can break down for several reasons, like extreme weather conditions, low battery water, leaving your car lights on overnight, not keeping up with maintenance, etc.

Tyre Blowout / Flat Tyre: Another prevalent occurrence, especially given how rough Indian roads are. Driving on rural or un-metalled roads also increases the likelihood of a flat tyre or tyre blowout. For most people replacing a tyre can be messy and tiresome, especially if you are stranded in an unknown area. So an RSA service can come in handy in these situations.

Towing Facility: Your car can break down during the most unexpected time and at the most unexpected places. Pushing your car in the middle of the night in a remote area can be an even bigger nightmare. This is where towing facilities come in. They provide a helping hand to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage.

Empty Fuel Tank: RSA services also provide fuel supply on a chargeable basis. This can be great if you run out of fuel on the way to your destination when there are no fuel stations nearby.

Spare Keys: Getting locked out of your car is a common mistake many car owners have made once in their life. If this ever happens, a car roadside assistance service can arrange for a set of spare duplicate keys from your home.

Taxi/Cab Benefits: In the event of major repairs, an RSA service can arrange alternative transport options to reach your destination while waiting for your car to be repaired.

Accommodation Assistance: This ties into the previous point. You can also get accommodation/hotel stay assistance if your car has a major breakdown in an area significantly far from your home.

Medical and Legal Referral: If you sustain any injuries during an accident or need legal assistance during the accident, an RSA service can provide you with medical or legal services' contact details available in your area.

Facilitate Finding A Garage/Dealer: Most motor insurance companies have their own network of garages. During a breakdown, they can provide contact details or direct you to your location's closest garage/dealer.

The Claims Process For Emergency Car Services

One important point to note is that you need your insurance provider's approval to use a roadside assistance cover. Furthermore, your motor insurance must be active when you wish to file a claim or use their services.

Suppose you want to avoid going through the hassle of renewing your car insurance in person. In that case, you have the option for car insurance renewal online with Tata AIG's services.

Here's what you need to do and what to expect when you file a claim for emergency assistance.

Notifying Your Insurer: You must contact your insurance provider immediately after the incident. They will walk you through the steps you need to do to file a claim on time.

Vehicle Examination: Your insurer will dispatch an auto examiner to assess the extent of damage to your vehicle. You must cooperate with the examiner and answer all their questions honestly.

Submitting Your Documents: To settle your claim, you'll be asked to submit certain documents,

  • A signed form.
  • A written claims application.
  • If required, a copy of an FIR.
  • A copy of your motor insurance policy.
  • A copy of your driver's licence.
  • Any other supporting materials that your- insurer has provided.

Vehicle Maintenance: You'll need to take your vehicle to the nearest garage/dealer if it needs repairs, and your insurance provider will foot the bill for your repair costs. Or, you can pay the bills yourself and send the repair bill and payment receipt to your insurer. Your insurance provider will settle the claim once all your documents have been examined and verified.

Exclusion Under Emergency Roadside Assistance Cover

Here are some instances where your insurance provider can reject your claim:

  • The claim will be denied if your car was involved in illegal activities during the accident.
  • The driving must be done according to the vehicle's manual.
  • The claim will only be accepted if the repairs are done with the insurer's knowledge.
  • With some plans, you get to use RSA services a predetermined number of times, so it won't be considered a claim.
  • A claim will be rejected if the driver is found drunk, under the influence of drugs, or driving without a valid driver's licence.
  • If you can drive to a nearby garage or dealer without assistance yet attempt to use the assistance, your claim can be denied.


This cover will add to your premium, but its benefits outweigh the extra cost as it's a critical resource during emergencies. Having a car roadside assistance cover can make a world of difference, especially if you are stranded in a remote area with no nearby facilities. In addition, it's an excellent add-on for your motor insurance if you travel long distances by car.

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