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Secure Your Car With The Super Car Insurance Plan!

Believe it or Not! Save upto* 75% on TATA AIG Car Insurance

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Essential Car Accessories for a New Car

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 13/09/2022

Most new-age cars are loaded with the latest features and aesthetics that are designed to allow you to get the wheels on the road as soon as the car is out of the showroom.

However, car owners have become very particular about the accessories in their vehicles, too. Hence, most car owners personalise their vehicles by adding new car accessories to improve the aesthetic and safety or add new features to the four-wheeler.

While some are essential car accessories, others add a personal touch and enhance the experience of driving the vehicle.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most popular and useful car accessories in India.

What are Car Accessories?

While the term is self-explanatory, car accessories are additional items that you add to the car to improve the way it looks or enhance its capabilities. There are different types of accessories for different purposes.

Importance of Car Accessories

A car serves the purpose of allowing you to travel between places quickly and in the comfort of your private space. However, cars have evolved into being much more than just modes of commute.

They have become an integral part of our lives and stand as a mirror to the owner’s persona. There are different types of accessories that people use to:

  • Handle emergencies

  • Boost the aesthetics of the car.

  • Ensure a clean and hygienic drive.

  • Increase the comfort features of the car.

  • Personalise the car to their style.

  • Enhance the practical usage of the car.

  • Add entertainment options

Essential Car Accessories for a New Car

We have curated a car accessories list with details of how they can enhance your four-wheeler. To make it easier to go through, we have categorised them into a few categories, as detailed below**-

Accessories for the Interior of the Car

The interior of the car is all about comfort, hygiene, and style. Here are some accessories that are commonly used for a car’s interiors**-

Decorations for the Dashboard- The dashboard is the dressing window of your car. Hence, many people place items like religious idols, figurines, decorative air fresheners, etc., to decorate the dashboard.

These accessories stand at the top of the car decoration accessories list and help customise the car to your preference.

Seat Covers- Manufacturers provide standard seat covers based on the model of the car. However, many aftermarket covers can glam up the car’s seats while adding comfort and style to the vehicle.

Detachable Sun Shades- In most parts of India, hot days outnumber the cold ones. The sun’s heat manages to bore through the car’s windows, too.

Hence, many car owners use sun shades that can be attached during the day and removed once the sun goes down. These shades are available in utilitarian and stylish options.

Floor Mats- Let us say that you frequent the sea. This would mean that your shoes would inadvertently carry sand with them. Without the right floor mats, sand can spread in the car and cause a mess.

Similarly, based on your utility or aesthetic requirements, you can choose floor mats to enhance your car.

Ambient Lights- This is an accessory that can redefine the way your car looks, especially at night.

Ambient lights are installed around the dashboard, under the seats, and even along the inside of the doors to create a unique energy inside the car.

Seat Organiser- This is used by car owners who usually travel with backseat passengers. If young kids are regular travellers in your car, then you might want to buy a seat organiser that is attached to the back of the car’s seat and allows them to keep water bottles, chocolate wrappers, and other knick knacks without creating a mess in the car.

Accessories for the Exterior of the Car

Accessories for your car’s exteriors would primarily be focused on either accentuating its looks or protecting important parts of the vehicle. Here are some examples**-

Body Cover- Depending upon where you park your car, a body cover can be at the top of the list of must have car accessories in India. A body cover protects the paint and other external components from dust, sunlight, bird droppings, etc.

Alloy Wheels- While these were unique once, they have become fairly common today. Apart from making the car’s wheels get character, they are lighter and stronger than the manufacturer-provided steel wheels. There are numerous quirky designs to choose from.

Chrome Garnish- Some car owners prefer a unique shine that makes their vehicles look glamorous. Chrome accessories can help achieve this with ease.

Safety Accessories

This is an important category. Anything that can boost the safety of your car or offer a safer driving environment should be considered.

Many insurance companies provide a discount on the premium of a motor insurance policy for vehicles that have additional safety devices installed. Here is a list**-

Parking Assist Accessories- You can choose from a range of accessories designed to help you park your car efficiently. These include sensors, rear cameras, etc. While some high-end cars have these devices pre-installed, if your car does not, then you can buy them later and get them installed.

Dash Camera- A camera that records everything that can be seen from the dashboard, the Dash Camera can be a lifesaver if your car meets with an accident and there are no CCTV cameras around. The recording from the dash camera can serve as proof in a court of law.

Fire extinguisher- This is a crucial accessory, especially during fire emergencies. Make sure to keep a compact fire extinguisher in your car at all times.

Tyre Care Kit- There are different types of kits available that can help you mend a puncture or inflate a tyre if you get stuck in the middle of the road without any help around.

While in such cases, if you have purchased comprehensive insurance for a car, you can get emergency roadside assistance from the insurer, a Tyre Care Kit can come in handy too.

Glass Breaker- Sometimes, doors can get jammed. Automatic door locks sometimes face this problem, especially in moisture-prone areas. On the other hand, a collision along the doors can jam them.

In such cases, you can end up being stuck in the car with no escape. At such times, a glass breaker can help you escape to safety.

Accessories for Long Drives

In recent years, long drives and road trips have become very common in India. If you intend on clocking those endless kilometres in your car, then make sure to pick the right accessories for a long trip. Here are some recommendations**-

Long-lasting seat cushions- Driving for extended hours can strain your lower back and legs. But, driving can become more comfortable with the right kind of seats and the perfect seat height.

Make sure to buy seat cushions that are designed for comfort and longevity. Also, adjust your seat’s height and distance from the wheel carefully.

Posture Support- There are various cushions and supports available to help you keep your neck and back strain-free while on a long drive. Invest in these accessories for improved comfort on road trips.

GPS Navigator- Most people rely on the phone’s navigation system to find routes on a road trip. However, in certain regions, mobile networks can be patchy and you can get stranded without a navigation system. Hence, it makes sense to invest in a GPS Navigator.

Universal car charger- We live a life filled with gadgets. And gadgets need to be charged. Make sure to invest in a universal car charger that can help you charge all your electronics with ease.

Other Car Accessories

Here are some other essential car accessories that you can consider buying for your car**-

Car Freshener- Being a small confined space, a car’s cabin can have odours, allergens, and foul smell from the air trapped inside. This will ensure that your car smells great every time you enter it.

Car Vacuum Cleaner- Even if you drive with your car windows closed and the air conditioner running at all times, the interiors will accumulate dust.

Over time, it can impact the hygiene of your car and start looking dirty. A handy car vacuum cleaner can help you get rid of the dust and maintain hygiene.

Garbage Disposal- You can buy a mini dustbin or garbage disposal bags to avoid throwing trash outside the car.

Accessories for Electric Cars

While most of the accessories mentioned above can be used in electric cars, too, here are some items specific to electric cars**-

  • A home charger for the electric vehicle

  • Extra charging cables

  • A charging station holder

How Do I Choose the Right Accessories for My Car?

While we have mentioned a few, there are many car accessories available in the market. Choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you find the right accessories for your car:

Be Practical

When shopping for car accessories, it is important to keep usefulness in mind. It is easy to get attracted by a cool gadget or accessory. Make sure that the accessories you buy are with a clear purpose.

For example, if you are buying a seat cover, be clear about whether you are looking for a functional one or a decorative one. This can help you sift through the numerous options available.

Stay Homogeneous

Most people try to style their cars based on their personalities. This approach can help them look for specific accessories and cut through the clutter. By sticking to one design theme, you can choose accessories that enhance the car’s appearance and/or performance.

For example, if you are a regular camper or hiker, then your car can have extra fog lights for driving through the mountains, alloy wheels, bull bars, depending on the vehicle, and various other parts to make your car a perfect companion for your adventures.

Stick to a Budget

The latest car accessories might seem attractive but might also cost a lot. Hence, before you start shopping, draw a budget. The same accessories would be available at different price points.

A budgeted plan can help you look for those that are affordable to you and help you add extra elements to your car without denting your finances.

Research Well

With hundreds of options available for each product, choosing the right one requires some research. Online reviews are a good way to understand the cost-efficiency and functionality of any car accessory. Ask for recommendations from family or friends who have already used a similar product.

Check Compatibility with Your Car

Not all accessories work with all car models. Hence, it is important to check if the accessory you like will work efficiently with your car or not. Also, some accessories might require professional installation. Factor in the costs accordingly before making a decision.

Impact on Car Insurance

Car accessories that enhance its security can help you get a discount on the premium of your car insurance policy. On the other hand, certain accessories might increase the premium, too. Hence, it is important to consider the impact on car insurance before deciding on an accessory that is not essential.

Some Recommended Accessories for First-Time Car Owners

If you are buying a car for the first time, then there are certain essential accessories that you must consider. These include:

A car body cover: Choose the material of the cover based on the place where you park your car. For example, if the parking area is too humid, then you might want a cover that either absorbs extra humidity or allows the covered car to breathe while keeping it protected.

A car tool kit: While you might not be an expert at repairing a car, you must keep a basic toolkit in your car that includes tools like a wrench, screwdriver, a tyre pressure gauge, jumper cables, flashlights, swiss knife, foldable reflective triangles to deflect traffic if your car breaks down, good pair of gloves, and a first-aid kit.

Also, if you are new to driving, then make sure that you install a dash camera, keep some jumper cables, a car backup camera, GPS Navigator, and an anti-theft system.

Summing Up

With thousands of car accessories to choose from, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. Also, most car owners are not clear about what accessories they want to buy and end up purchasing everything that catches their eye.

This can be an expensive method of accessorising your car and can also impact the premium of the insurance for 4-wheelers. Hence, follow the tips mentioned above, and make sure that you purchase essential accessories and avoid being impulsive.

While standard car insurance plans do not cover accessories, TATA AIG offers a car accessories add-on cover to help you get financial protection for certain listed accessories. Also, with TATA AIG, you can complete the process of car insurance purchase or car insurance renewal online in a hassle-free manner.


What are the car essentials for new drivers?

Regardless of the type of car they are driving, new drivers should ensure that they have certain things in the car at all times. These include flashlights, good-quality gloves, the car’s manual, a mount for the smartphone, a phone charger and a power bank for emergencies, a puncture patch kit, jumper cables, a first-aid kit, and a trunk organiser to keep things decluttered.

Which accessories are most popular among car buyers?

While the choice of car accessories can vary based on the car type, individual preference, and location, here are some popular car accessories among car buyers in India:

  • Trunk storage organisers

  • Sun shades for the windshield

  • Mobile holders

  • Car inflatable mattresses

  • Leather seat covers

  • Nylon floor mats

  • Front Grill

  • Waterproof car body cover

Will adding accessories impact the resale value of the car?

Certain accessories can increase the resale value of the car. However, it is important to keep them well-maintained. Also, remember that accessories that personalise the vehicle to your style can limit the potential buyer base.

Some accessories, like oversized tyres, can negatively impact your car’s performance, too. Also, certain engine modifications can void the car’s warranty. Hence, make sure to check all these aspects carefully before adding accessories to your car.

Are aftermarket accessories as good as those offered by the manufacturer?

Car accessories are of different types. While some might be as good as those offered by the manufacturer, others might be lower in quality to ensure affordability.

Hence, it is important to research the options available and factor in your budget before making the purchase.

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