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Green Number Plates for Electric Vehicles

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 09/05/2023

The Indian government allowed the use of distinctive green licence plates for electric vehicles to encourage their use on roads. Vehicles with green number plates will have white numbers for private cars and yellow numbers for commercial vehicles. Also, the Indian government offers incentives for electric vehicle owners to promote eco-friendly transportation.

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Keep reading to learn more about the electric vehicle number plate or green number plate vehicle.

Green Colour Number Plate in India

  • An Indian green number plate means the car is an electric vehicle, and the number is white on a green background.
  • Zero-emission vehicles receive preferential treatment with this licence plate, including parking, free admission, and reduced highway tolls.
  • For all-electric vehicles in the country, the Indian government is proposing a distinctive green no plate.
  • Currently, the central government requires state transportation agencies to require green number plates on all-electric vehicles, regardless of their purchase date.

Why India Needs Green Number Plates?

  • Green number plates will become the fifth type available to civilians. Personal electric vehicles (EVs) will be lettered in white, while letters of commercial EVs will be in yellow.
  • In addition to identifying EVs uniquely, these number plates will have many benefits and concessions for early adopters.
  • There are toll concessions on highways, exclusive parking zones, and speciality lanes in congested areas.
  • In addition, commercial vehicle operators may need to include a certain percentage of electric vehicles in their future fleets to encourage the adoption of electric mobility.

When did India launch this Green Number Plate?

  • In December 2020, all new and existing electric owners in India became eligible for the green number plate.
  • Conventional number plates differ from these by having a green stripe down the left side.
  • The front and back of the number plate are white.

How To Apply For a Green Number Plate?

Listed below are the documents required for registering your electric car.

Electric Number Plate – Documents Required

You will need the following documents to register an electric vehicle in India with a green number plate.

  • An identification proof (voter card, Adhaar card, Pan card, driving licence, etc.)
  • An address proof (Adhaar card, Indian passport, water or electric or telephone bill, etc.)
  • Fill out the vehicle registration application (Form CMV20).
  • Electric car sales certificate
  • An active copy of the vehicle's insurance
  • The vehicle dealer provides a temporary registration document
  • A copy of the Pan Card

Green Number Plate Application Process

  • Obtaining a green number plate in India requires the same application process as any other number plate.
  • You should provide proper identification and information for verification purposes to receive a valid registration mark.
  • Zero-emission vehicles are the most basic requirement for obtaining a green number plate.

How Do Indian Vehicle Number Plates Differ?

Now you know what green number plates are in India. The most common type is a white number plate with black characters on a white background.

  • Yellow Number Plate: The plate features black text on a yellow backdrop, and one can use this for business purposes.
  • Black Number Plate: Luxury hotels typically use this type of number plate. A driver does not need to hold a commercial driver's licence to operate these cars.
  • Red Number Plate: This number plate gives the impression that the vehicle is brand new and will soon replace a permanent registration plate with a temporary one. One month is the validity period for this. Different states have different regulations for this number plate.
  • Blue Number Plate: This number plate is for vehicles serving foreign diplomats. There are white characters on a blue number plate. There are alphabets on this number plate, such as DC (Diplomatic Corps) and others.
  • A Red Number Plate with the Indian Emblem: This particular number plate features the Indian Emblem in golden colour. The highest leaders of the country are allowed to use this number plate.

Will Green License Plates Encourage High EV Sales?

  • A scheme's success will largely depend on how drivers benefit from it.
  • Some people do not believe that green plates alone will cause drivers to switch to electric vehicles.
  • For more people to change, longer-term purchasing incentives and significant investments in charging stations are needed, particularly outside the vital road network, so drivers feel confident they can recharge as quickly as they refuel their other cars.

India's Green Number Plate Rules

An RTO must issue a valid registration and licence plate for every motor vehicle registered in the country under The Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The Road Transport and Highways Ministry has updated several rules around electric vehicle registration plates to prevent fraudulent activities. The bottom left-hand side of EV registration plates originally had a green bar to distinguish them from conventional petrol or diesel vehicles. There have been several changes over the years.

Listed below are some of the vital rules regarding green number plates in India based on the amendments.

  • There must be a green background on the EV number plate and a white or yellow font on the numbers and letters.
  • The yellow font is only for commercial electric vehicles, while the white font is for private electric cars.

Can a Hybrid Car Use a Green Plate?

Vehicles with zero emissions receive green number plates. Therefore, electric cars are eligible for these plates. The hybrid vehicle, however, runs on electric and regular fuel. You can't use green number plates for hybrids because they aren't technically zero-emission vehicles.


Hopefully, you better understand why India uses green number plates and what types of number plates are available. Green no plate car means the vehicle is an electric car with zero emission. Purchasing an electric vehicle requires you to buy a car insurance policy also. With Tata AIG's insurance for 4-wheelers, you can protect yourself, your vehicle and your finances during any disasters. With Tata AIG's car insurance calculator, you can calculate your four-wheeler insurance premium.

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