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What is a Head up Displays and How Does it Work?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 29/04/2024

With changing preferences and growing demand for car modifications for maximum personalisation and performance enhancement, technological advancements implemented in the automobile industry today are reaching new heights.

Initially limited to high-end and expensive cars, a heads-up display with navigation is now more readily available in a wide range of car models and brands in India.

In this guide, we will discuss what a heads-up display in car is, how it works, and some benefits of the same.

What is a Heads-up Display?

Car technology has frequently made headlines, and a heads-up display with navigation is one such technology that has caught the attention of car enthusiasts since its introduction.

A heads-up display in car allows a driver to view directions, speed and other alerts right in line with their sight. This helps improve the driving experience significantly while giving the driver complete access to their driving to keep a check on their speed at all times.

A HUD display for car India is a transparent informational display that projects the necessary driving-related information in front of the driver's sight. This reduces the effort of looking down at the speedometer from time to time, which results in better driving due to improved focus with no distractions.

Information Available on a Heads-up Display in a Car

  • Ongoing speed via a speedometer

  • Safety updates

  • Level of available fuel

  • Directions or navigation maps

  • Temperature of the engine

  • Status of cruise control

  • Headlight updates

Types of Heads-up Displays in Car

Windscreen Display HUD

One of the most common types of heads-up display is the windscreen display HUD. In this type, the information is displayed on the right side of the windscreen to be in line with the driver’s sight. Most modern cars in India have this type of heads-up display.

It uses a combination of a mirror and prism to create a visual image in front of the driver to allow informed driving, as it makes information available right in front of the driver.

Combiner-Projected Display HUD

This type of heads-up display in cars uses a transparent screen-like element to project all the necessary information relevant to the driver right in front of his sight.

The system involved in this HUD is called a combiner plate. The information displayed to the driver is a reflection from the combiner plate.

How Do HUD Displays for Cars in India Work?

There are 3 main components of a HUD: a magnifying system, a reflector and a source of light. Regardless of the type of heads-up display in a car, these three components are necessary to make it work.

  • To make HUD work, the following takes place.

  • An information source with all the required details must be available in the car. This can be a connected device, the car’s computer or the GPS system.

  • Once the information is available, a processing unit in the car starts preparing this information in the format required by HUD.

  • After formatting, the information is displayed on either the windshield or the combiner plate of the car via a projector unit.

  • Finally, a reflecting plate transfers this information to the driver’s side via optical combination to ensure it is in line with his sight.

Benefits of HUD Display for Car India

  • One of the biggest benefits of a HUD display for a car in India is safety enhancement while driving. This is because the HUD increases your awareness and attention from anywhere else and allows you to maintain your focus on the road.

  • Another benefit of HUDs in cars is information division. Instead of constantly checking different places in the car for necessary driving-related information, the HUD highlights all the relevant information based on priority in one go.

  • HUD reduces the requirement of eye movements around the car while driving, providing your eyes with instant relief and a lower risk of eye strain.

  • Depending on the choice of HUD or automobile manufacturers, some companies offer ample scope for information customisation with HUDs, allowing you to tailor the required information based on your needs


The demand and awareness of HUD displays for cars in India are increasing significantly as the safety and convenience of this integration are commendable.

Moreover, this technology has been evolving since its inception, adding more features from time to time, making a HUD display for a car in India a must-have feature.

If you are looking to buy a car anytime soon, go for one with a heads-up display with navigation to witness a smooth driving experience.

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What are some of the cars in India that offer a heads-up display with navigation?

Some of the cars that offer HUD features include the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Toyota Glanza, Land Rover Defender, Kia Seltos, Kia EV9, Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class, and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe.

Are there any drawbacks of HUDs?

One of the most significant drawbacks of HUDs is the impact of external factors like sunlight or headlight glare on the display. At times, the sunlight or glare can hinder the visibility of the information, making it difficult for the driver to grasp what is presented on the windshield or combiner plate.

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