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High Security Number Plate

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/07/2022

Until a few years back, you must have noticed vehicles having fancy and colourful number plates. Bike and car owners could customise their vehicles’ number plates as per their choice of colour, language, shape, and font. However, the scenario changed after the Central Ministry of Road Transport and Highways brought an amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

As per the new amendment to this act, all motor vehicles in India sold after the 1st of April 2019 must be affixed with an HSRP number plate. The rule also made it mandatory for the vehicles sold before the 1st of April 2019 to get an HSRP and a Third Registration Plate colour-coded sticker.

So, what is the HSRP full form, HSRP number plate meaning, and its benefits? Here is everything you need to know about the HSRP number plate.

What Is an HSRP Number Plate?

The HSRP number plate has redefined the rules for displaying the registration number on the vehicles. The HSRP full form is High Security Registration Plate (HSRP). It is made of aluminium, laminated with reflective sheeting, and is fixed onto the vehicles using two reusable snap locks.

As against the previous normal registration plate, an HSRP has a hot-stamped chromium-based Ashoka Chakra (20mm by 20mm) hologram on the top left-hand corner. Then, there is a 10-digit PIN (Permanent Identification Number) of the HSRP number plate, preceded by two alphabets. It is unique and laser branded below the Ashok Chakra hologram.

The vehicle's registration number is then embossed on the plate in black ink. Then, a hot-stamped film is applied over the alpha-numeric registration number of the vehicle. It is a black foil having “INDIA” inscribed all over it at a 45-degree angle. So, when you look at the vehicle’s registration number on the HSRP, you will notice that “INDIA” is embossed all over the numerals and alphabets.

Furthermore, the registration number is preceded by a blue ‘IND’ acronym in blue colour. It is the Country Identification Number and is present between the Ashoka Chakra and the PIN.

Colour-Coded Sticker

In addition to the HSRP number plate, a Third Registration Plate colour-coded sticker must be pasted on your vehicle’s windscreen.

It is a colour-coded sticker used to identify the fuel type and the Bharat Stage, mandatory for all vehicles.

The information in the Third Registration Plate colour-coded sticker is as follows:

  • Registration Number

  • Registering Authority

  • Date of first registration of the vehicle

  • Laser-branded Permanent Identification Number

  • The colour codes are as follows:

    Fuel Type Bharat Stage Vehicles Colour Code
    Petrol and CNG vehicles BS III and IV Light Blue
    Diesel vehicles BS III and IV Orange
    Other vehicles BS III and IV Grey
    Petrol and CNG vehicles BS VI Light Blue with green strip
    Diesel vehicles BS VI Orange with green strip
    Other vehicles BS VI Grey with green strip

What Information Does A High-Security Number Plate Contain?

A high-security number plate contains information about vehicle registration, just like a normal number plate.

  • The top left corner contains a chromium-based hot-stamped symbol of the Ashoka Chakra.

  • Below the symbol of Ashoka Chakra, "IND" is written, the international code for vehicles with Indian registration.

  • Below the “IND” code is a laser-etched unique 10-digit serial number or PIN preceded by two alphabets.

  • The alpha-numeric registration number of the vehicle is written with a hot-stamped film applied over it.

  • The first two digits of the registration number are alphabetical. They denote the state where the vehicle is registered. For example, WB is for West Bengal, MH is for Maharashtra, and DL is for Delhi.

  • The following two digits are numeric, denoting the district or the Regional Transport Office (RTO) based on the vehicle's registration.

  • The following five or six digits denote the alpha-numeric registration code of the vehicle. This code can never be the same for two different vehicles.

  • The entire information is fixed on retro-reflective sheeting.

Benefits Of The High Security Number Plate

Standardisation: The standard design helps maintain uniformity of the number plates of vehicles across the nation.

Curb theft cases: HSRP number plates have enhanced security features, making it difficult for criminals to duplicate them and reducing the possibility of illegal activities with fake number plates.

Better traceability: The unique identification features of HSRP number plates offers options for better traceability. Tracking stolen vehicles, investigating crimes, and enforcing traffic regulations can be handled effectively.

Easy identification: As the HSRP number plates have a uniform design and font style, it becomes easier to identify vehicles in case of criminal activities, accidents, and traffic violations.

Digitisation: The HSRP number plates and vehicle information are linked to centralised databases. The system allows easy access to vehicle information, ownership records, and other essential information.

How Can You Apply For A High Security Number Plate?

If you purchased a vehicle from a dealer after 1st April 2019, they will apply for the HSRP number plate registration with the respective RTO and stamp it on your vehicle before delivering it.

However, if you have purchased the vehicle before 1st April 2019, you can get the High Security Number Plate in three methods. The process of HSRP registration will vary based on the State where your vehicle is being registered.

  • You can get it offline by contacting the concerned RTO, any nearby authorised dealers, or vendors. You can get the list of car dealerships that can fix the HSRP number plate and the colour-coded sticker from the respective RTO.

  • You can also utilise the High Security Number Plate online apply process. The link to the HSRP number plate application process, if applicable, or the RTO details can be found on the respective State’s official website of the Transport Department.

  • For some states, such as Delhi, UP, Himachal Pradesh, etc., the BOOK-MY-HSRP is the official portal. You can check if the process applies to your State by going through the individual steps.

Steps To Apply For The High Security Number Plate Online Using BOOK-MY-HSRP

Visit the official web portal for HSRP:

If you want to apply for an HSRP number plate, click on High Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker: "Book" option. And if you want to apply for the colour-coded sticker, click on the Only Colour Sticker:** "Book" option.

Further, there are six steps:

Booking Details: Provide details such as the State, Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, etc.,

Fitment Location: Choose a fitment location convenient for you.

Appointment Slot: Choose a convenient appointment slot.

Booking Summary: A summary with details and the applicable fees is displayed.

Verify Details & Pay: Verify the details and make the applicable payment online.

Download Receipt: Download the receipt for any further references.

Upon successful booking, you will be notified when the HSRP number plate or the colour-coded sticker is ready for usage.

Steps To Track Your Order

You can also track your order by following these simple steps:

  • Visit the official web portal for HSRP -

  • Click on the "Track Your Order" tab present at the top.

  • Provide the Order Number, Vehicle Reg No., and the captcha code.

  • Click on "Search".

The web portal for High Security Number Plate registration for a few other states are as follows:

State Web Portal For HSRP Number Plate
Andhra Pradesh

Steps To Track Your Order

HSRP Charges

The cost for the High Security Number Plate is varied for the different states. On average, the cost of the HSRP number plate for the two-wheelers and the four-wheelers is as follows:

And the cost of the colour-coded sticker is approximately ₹100.

What Are The Differences Between HSRP And A Normal Number Plate?

The normal number plates were metallic in nature and had the vehicle’s registration number in black colour. The HSRP number plate has many identifiers and multiple specificities that make the number plate a source of authentic identity for your vehicle.

  • The HSRP number plate is made of aluminium and has two tamper-proof and non-reusable security locks. If someone tries to break and damage these locks, they cannot refix the number plate. Furthermore, if they try to replace these locks with new ones, it can be done only by authorised retailers across India.

  • The design and font styles are similar in all the vehicles, unlike the previous number plates, where there were options for customisation.

  • The chromium-based hologram of Ashoka Chakra (20mm x 20mm) in blue colour is new and unique.

  • The colour-coded sticker that identifies the fuel type is pasted on the windshield from the inside of the vehicle is another new feature.

  • The Personal Identification Number is laser encoded in the bottom left-hand corner. It is tamper-proof and easily scannable.

Why Is Motor Insurance Also Mandatory For The Vehicles In India?

The introduction of the HSRP number plates was made mandatory to have a unique and standardised identification for increased vehicle safety. And equally important is a vehicle insurance policy!

Bike insurance and car insurance policies secure your vehicles and provide the necessary financial support to pay for any damages incurred to your vehicle or third-party damages due to your insured vehicle. It is made mandatory in India to promote road safety, provide financial protection for vehicle owners, encourage responsible driving, and reduce hit-and-run cases.

At Tata AIG, we have Third-Party, Stand-Alone, and Comprehensive two-wheeler and four-wheeler insurance policies with customisable features. You can compare car insurance and bike insurance policies based on the features, benefits, and cost to determine a suitable motor insurance policy.

Furthermore, you can buy car insurance and bike insurance online, a simple, cost-effective, and less time-consuming process.


The introduction of the High Security Number Plate has streamlined the process of standardisation of vehicles across the nation and enhanced their safety to a great extent. For vehicles purchased after 1st April 2019, the dealer will get the HSRP number plate and fix it before the delivery. And for the vehicles purchased before 1st April 2019, you can get the HSRP number plate by contacting the respective RTO for the authorised dealers or applying for it online. The tamper-proof design, integration with the centralised database, and the unique identifiers improved traceability and helped curb criminal activities.


What is the penalty for not having an HSRP number plate?

If you do not have a valid HSRP number plate fixed to your vehicle, you can be charged between ₹5000 and ₹10,000.

Is it mandatory to have a High Security Number Plate?

According to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, it is mandatory to have the HSRP number plate fitted to all vehicles.

How to apply for the High Security Number Plate in Maharashtra?

You can apply for the HSRP number plate in Maharashtra by contacting the nearby RTO for authorised dealers or vendors.

How to apply for the HSRP number plate in Bangalore?

You can apply for the HSRP number plate in Bangalore by contacting the RTO for authorised dealers or by checking online at the official website of the Transport Department, Karnataka -

What is the warranty period for HSRP number plates?

The warranty period for the HSRP number plates is 5 years. And the warranty claim will not be valid in the following cases:

Rubbed/scratched/wiped with detergents, alkaline solutions, disinfectants, etc.

Damage during fitment made by the dealer

Mishandled - Bent/Warp number plates

Accidental damages

Any additional screws fitted or drills made to the number plates


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