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How to Convert Your Car to CNG Fuel-powered?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/02/2023

In an age of rising fuel costs, it is a practical decision to gravitate towards a more efficient and cost-effective fuel option - CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). As a result of the increased demand for CNG vehicles, car manufacturers have begun to provide CNG vehicles equipped with factory-installed CNG kits.

Nonetheless, if you possess a petrol-powered vehicle and wish to convert it to a CNG vehicle, you may do so by adding aftermarket CNG kits. Converting a petrol-powered vehicle to CNG has several advantages. Lower operational expenses and much lower vehicle emissions are among them. It also assures that the car can run on both petrol and compressed natural gas, as needed.

However, do you really know what it takes to convert your petrol-powered vehicle to a CNG vehicle? This blog will help you find out. But before we move forward, you must also know that installing CNG kits can affect your four-wheeler insurance premium.

How Installing CNG Kits Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums?

If you plan to install a CNG kit in your petrol-powered four-wheeler, you should expect to pay a higher car insurance premium. When a car's fuel type is converted to CNG, the cost of four-wheeler insurance rises. It's because car insurance premiums are affected by a variety of things, including the fuel type of the vehicle.

As a result, changing the fuel type has an effect on car insurance policy prices. Because the cost of keeping a CNG-powered car is more than that of a diesel/petrol car, your car insurance rates rise by a minimum of 10% based on the model and type.

You should also notify your insurance provider of the conversion of your vehicle's fuel type to compressed natural gas once the kit is installed. Don't wait until your car insurance policy is up for renewal to notify your insurance provider of the change. This is required because your insurance carrier may deny an insurance claim if they are not informed of the change in fuel type during the time of car insurance claim resolution.

Before settling the claim amount, the insurer will send a surveyor to evaluate your vehicle and double-check the information in your insurance policy. Any discrepancy between the two might result in the claim being rejected, and you may have to face the expense of fixing your car's damages on your own. As a result, tell your insurance provider as soon as the CNG fuel conversion kit is fitted.

Converting Your petrol-powered Car to CNG: Processes Involved

Let's have a look at the prerequisites and methods of converting a petrol four-wheeler to a CNG car:

  • Pre-requisites of CNG Kit Installation

It is critical that you ensure the following before beginning installation:

  • Your petrol-powered vehicle is compatible with the CNG kit.

  • An authorised dealer sells a genuine CNG kit.

  • All of the equipment in your vehicle is brand new. A hydro test is done to examine the CNG tank for leaks.

  • Understand What It Takes to Install a CNG Kit

The installation of a CNG kit in a vehicle is a complicated operation involving several components. It is strongly advised that the installation process be delegated to a professional with knowledge and competence in installing the kit properly and securely.

A typical CNG installation procedure involves the following steps:

  • All of these components should be successfully installed: Air/Gas Mixer, Pressure Regulator, Selector Switch, High-Pressure Line, Heating System, Emulator, Manometer, and Valves.

  • General post-installation examination to confirm that every component is properly installed.

  • After installation, verify the fuel lines to make sure there's no leaking in the pressure regulator.

  • After a satisfactory examination, switch on the engine (you should keep in mind that before switching on the CNG mode, you must start the car engine on petrol mode).

  • Understand the Different Types of CNG Kits

CNG Kits are available in two varieties: factory installed and retrofitted. Each has perks and cons.

Factory-Installed CNG Kits:

  • Some four-wheelers are factory-fitted with a CNG kit.
  • Factory-installed CNG kits are specially built and intended for a particular vehicle. They can't be installed in other four-wheelers.
  • They're comparatively safer than Retrofitted kits.
  • They're on the expensive side.
  • Vehicle warranties are maintained in vehicles with factory-installed CNG kits.

Retrofitted CNG Kits:

  • Any petrol-powered vehicle may be modified with a CNG kit.
  • Also, Retrofitted CNG kits tend to be universal and may be mounded to fit the vehicle.
  • They're less costly than factory-installed CNG kits.
  • They're less safe than factory-installed CNG kits.
  • If the buyer converts the vehicle using a Retrofitted CNG kit, the car warranty is voided.

Things You Must Consider Before CNG Conversion

Listed below are some of the following things that you must consider before converting your petrol-powered vehicle to a CNG-powered vehicle:

  • CNG kits are often incompatible with older vehicles.
  • If you decide to convert your four-wheeler to CNG fuel, you will need to get the relevant government approvals and update the fuel type on your registration certificate.
  • The installation of the CNG kit is expensive, but it is offset in the long term by lower operating costs than a gasoline four-wheeler.
  • Without adequate CNG four-wheeler maintenance, the engine life and performance may suffer. While the number of CNG stations is increasing, you must assure station availability or consider carrying petrol as a backup for long-distance excursions.

Advantages of Converting Your Petrol-Powered Car to CNG-Powered Car

There are several advantages to converting your petrol-powered car to a CNG-powered one. Some of them are listed below:

  • Better Mileage and Efficiency

After installing the CNG kit, you will notice a significant increase in your car's mileage. You'll require less fuel to travel the same distance. Furthermore, CNG costs around half or more than half the price of petrol/diesel. After all, saving a few thousand rupees each month on petrol expenditures isn't that awful. CNG is unquestionably more efficient.

  • Effective Cost Savings

The high initial expense is essentially a disadvantage. The great news is that it can be regained in a matter of months.

  • Greater Safety

Do you want to be secure and get good value for your money? CNG has the potential to be a safer alternative to diesel and petrol. It is non-flammable and produces less CO2, making it environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of Converting Your Petrol-Powered Car to CNG-Powered Car

Disadvantages of Converting Your Petrol-Powered Car to CNG-Powered Car

The following are some of the disadvantages of a CNG-powered car:

  • Not Readily Available

CNG is not available at every fuel station. When you need to refill, you'll have to wait in huge lines with rickshaw drivers. In reality, refilling might take up to 15 minutes.

  • Takes up Much of the Boot Space

Well, a CNG kit might use up to half of your boot space. It is determined by your four-wheeler's size. If you enjoy long journeys with a lot of luggage, avoid CNG kits.

  • Licensing and Convertibility

Not all vehicles can use the CNG fuel system. Before installing the kit, you must get government clearance. The Registration Certificate (RC) must be stamped with a 'fuel change' seal as part of the procedures. After that, you may begin utilising the CNG kit.

The Bottom Line

CNG is a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective fuel alternative to polluting and costly petrol/diesel. However, before you install a CNG kit in your vehicle, you must be aware of the critical points described above in order to comprehend its drawbacks. When you install a CNG kit in your car, you must notify your insurer since your insurance rate will be affected unless you have third-party four-wheeler insurance. To acquire coverage for your CNG kit and related charges, compare four-wheeler insurance policies at the official website of Tata AIG.

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