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How to Fix a Tubeless Tyre Puncture?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 30/07/2023

Nowadays, nearly all cars come with tubeless tyres. These tyres are mounted directly on the car's alloy wheel or rim without an inner tube. Despite being as safe and reliable as tube tyres, they have a significant advantage over tube tyres in the event of a puncture.

Even though you purchase a car with a tubeless tyre, having four-wheeler insurance is always necessary. Tata AIG’s comprehensive car insurance can protect your vehicle and finances during critical times of accidents. Buying insurance for a 4-wheeler is now easy with Tata AIG’s online car insurance policy.

In the event of a tubeless tyre puncture, what will you do? Changing a tubeless tyre is easier and quicker than repairing a conventional tyre. Are you still not convinced? Check out the steps below to learn how to fix a tubeless tyre puncture.

Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair

here is no need to consult a mechanic when you need to repair a tubeless tyre puncture. But before we discuss how to fix a puncture, let's find out the most significant difference between a tubeless tyre and a standard tyre. An inner tubeless tyre does not have an inner tube, so it fits directly onto the alloy wheel or rim. In tubeless tyres, punctures are easy to repair because of this.

A tubeless tyre's main advantage is that you do not need to remove it from the rim or wheel for repair. Removing the wheel from the vehicle is unnecessary if the puncture area is easily accessible. When a tubeless tyre punctures, it is straightforward to repair. Tubeless tyres are safe and reliable.

Puncture Repair in Tubeless Tyres – Tools Required

  • Using a tyre puncture repair kit, you can repair a tubeless tyre puncture.

  • Among the items in the kit are a rasper or smoothening tool, rubber strips, and an insertion tool for inserting the strips.

  • Puncture repair kits are available at any tyre or car accessory store, or you can order them online.

  • The repair will also require pliers and blades/knives. In addition, you may find it helpful to have an air compressor or a portable tyre inflator for filling the tyre.

  • A puncture in the rear tyre must be fixed by removing the wheel from the car. To lift the vehicle, you will need a jack.

Inspection of Tyre Before Fixing a Puncture in a Tubeless Tyre

To find the puncture, thoroughly examine the tyre before getting your hands dirty. You can pinpoint the source of air leakage by pouring water on the tyre. If you repair one puncture and discover another one, that could be frustrating.

Best Way to Repair Tubeless Tyre Puncture

Listed below are the steps for fixing a tubeless tire puncture.

Step 1: Buy a Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

Any car accessory or tyre shop can provide a tubeless puncture repair kit. Online ordering is also possible, and invest in a portal car tyre inflator. Purchasing a pair of pliers from a hardware store is also necessary. The car's boot can easily accommodate all of this.

Step 2: Choose A Safe Spot

It is best to park the car at a safe location if you get a puncture while driving. Make sure the area is well-lit and that you are not obstructing traffic. Tyres on the front are more accessible to repair than the rear ones. The reason is that you do not have to take out the front wheels - you just have to locate the nail (or another sharp object) and turn the wheel outside or inside, depending on its location. Moving the car slightly may help you see the nail better. If you have a rear puncture, you must take the wheel off the vehicle.

Step 3: Using a Tubeless Puncture Repair Kit

For front tyres as well as rear tyres, you have to use the kit in the same manner. You can pull out the nail using the "smoothing tool" and pliers set together. Make sure the nail is disposed of safely.

To smooth out the small hole the nail creates, you must use a "smoothening tool." Insert the tool and remove it multiple times until the hole is large enough for the rubber strip.

Prepare the rubber strip for insertion once you feel the hole is big enough. The "smoothening tool" should not be removed from the hole but left halfway there. Place one complete strip into the "Strip insertion tool". Once you remove the tyre, hold it tightly between your legs. Removing the "smoothening tool," insert the "strip tool" side by side and push it into the groove completely. After a moment, pull it ultimately out.

Step 4: The Last Few Steps

Keeping the rubber strip in the hole will prevent air from leaking since it blocks the hole properly. A small blade can cut off the left outstrip that protrudes from the tyre hole.

If your puncture kit is more than two years old, do not use it. The rubber becomes very hard in such cases, and inserting the rubber strip into the hole is next to impossible.

Step 5: Do a Quick Check-up

Ensure that the plugged hole is not leaking air by checking with the water. To refill any lost air, you can use a portable tyre inflator.

The time it takes to repair: It takes about fifteen minutes to repair a front tyre, including filling any air you use. In the case of a rear wheel, add another fifteen minutes for the removal and installation.

The cost to your pocket: There will not be more than ₹1500 - 2000 for a puncture repair kit, a portable tyre inflator, and a pair of pliers. In addition to being a safe investment, it can also be helpful while on the road.


Now you have learnt all about tubeless tire puncture repair. As mentioned above, fixing a puncture on a tubeless tyre is very easy, and you can do that in less than twenty minutes. Whether your car has tubeless tyres, four-wheeler insurance is always a must to purchase. The comprehensive car insurance offered by Tata AIG can protect your vehicle and finances in an accident. With Tata AIG's online car insurance policy, buying and renewing insurance for a 4-wheeler has been more accessible.

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