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How To Import Foreign Cars To India

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/05/2022

Some people feel strongly about cars. They know everything about cars, constantly talk about cars, and try to get the best cars, regardless of where they are manufactured. If you are a person like this, you may have seen or read about a car you instantly fell in love with. A car that you could pay any amount of money for, just to get a feel of driving it, but this car is not available in India.

So you're wondering what to do? Well, you can import the car to India and call it yours. India has a long import process that can cost you heavily. However, if this is something that interests you and you don’t mind the expense, then the import procedure will be worth it.

You must secure your imported car with the best car insurance policy you can get your hands on. Because of its high-quality service, many people in India prefer Tata AIG’s insurance for four-wheelers. But, before we talk more about a car insurance policy, see how to import a car in India.

The Import Procedure

If you wish to buy an imported car in India, you must first find an importer who can get the car into the country for you.

  1. Whoever is an importer or distributor in cars who imports or offers to import a new car into India must have a valid compliance certificate issued by any of the testing agencies for the vehicle model being imported, as per the provisions of rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), 1989.

  2. In addition, the importer or distributor would be accountable for all provisions allocated to the manufacturer under CMVR, 1989 Rules 122 & 138, and issuing Form 22 under CMVR, 1989 provisions.

  3. Finally, the importer or distributor must promise in writing that the proof of conformity of manufacture, as defined by CMVR regulation 126A, will be presented within six months after the importation. If this is not done, no new vehicles of that model will be allowed to be imported in the future.

Rules for Importing a New Car to India

The import process in India for a new car involves following a few rules. These rules are:

  • The car has to be imported from the country in which it was built or assembled.
  • The vehicle has to be designed and produced outside of India.
  • Ensure the car is a right-hand driven vehicle.
  • The car must be brand new and have no previous history of being a rental, used, or leased.
  • Imported cars can enter the country lawfully through three naval docks: Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai.
  • The data should be displayed in kilometres per hour on your car's speedometer.
  • Your car's headlights must be positioned to illuminate the left-hand half of the road properly.

Now that you know the import process in India let us understand the process of importing a used car to India.

Importing a Used Car to India

  • The second-hand car you want to import must be less than three years old. Before buying something imported, make sure you check the manufacturing date.
  • Ensure the car is right-hand driven.
  • The car must not have been previously hired, leased, or sold to a third party.
  • Your vehicle's headlights must be positioned to highlight the left half of the road appropriately.
  • Used vehicles can also legally enter India through any of the three naval docks located in Kolkata, Chennai, or Mumbai.

Documents Required to Get Imported Cars in India

  • Draft from the bank.
  • Papers relating to the car's insurance policy.
  • Purchase agreement or letter of credit for the vehicle.
  • Customs makes a GATT declaration, which states the value of the imported vehicle.
  • Licence to import.
  • The loading bill is an official document that certifies that the car has been received for shipping.
  • Other documents you'll need to submit include a Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate, a Duty Entitlement Pass Book, etc.

Who can Buy an Imported Cars in India?

  • Multinational corporations that have offices in India.
  • People who are physically challenged.
  • Members of the Honorary Consulate can also import a vehicle with clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • If you have a relative who lives abroad, you can inherit the car from them.
  • Companies that are based in India but deal in overseas stocks.
  • NRIs (non-resident Indians) who have not lived in India for two years before the car's importation.
  • Religious organisations and charitable foundations can also import vehicles if they have the right registration documentation.
  • Journalists can also import cars if they obtain a certificate of authorisation from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Import Duty on Cars in India

Now that we have an idea about the import procedure in India let us see what the car import taxes in India are.

  • You will be obliged to pay customs duty on new vehicles ranging from 60% to 100% of the purchase price. The tariff on second-hand cars might reach 125%.

  • Vehicles costing $4,000 or more will be subject to a 100 per cent customs duty. If your vehicle costs less than $4,000, you will just have to pay a 60 per cent customs duty payment.

  • When you include a car insurance policy, vehicle cost, and CIF value, the overall cost of a four-wheeler vehicle might be as high as 165 per cent. You will also be responsible for the registration fee.

Insurance for Four-Wheeler

Once you get ownership of your imported car, you must have a valid car insurance policy. In India, you are not allowed to drive a car without insurance for your 4 wheeler. Therefore, you must secure it with a top-class car insurance policy since you have left no stone unturned to get your imported car; you must secure it with the right car insurance policy.

With Tata AIG, you have the option to opt for standalone third-party car insurance, standalone own-damage car insurance, and comprehensive car insurance. It is also highly affordable and tailored to your requirements. Further, you can use our car insurance calculator to know the amount of premium that you need to pay towards the policy.


Therefore, having understood the procedure to import a car in India, you should be mindful to follow all the rules. Also, ensure that you secure your car with the right car insurance plan from Tata AUG. Once you have secured your car with car insurance, you can enjoy a luxurious well-earned ride on the Indian roads.

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