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Secure Your Car With The Super Car Insurance Plan!

Believe it or Not! Save upto* 75% on TATA AIG Car Insurance

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How to Increase Car Mileage

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/05/2022

Fuel is not something that we can use carelessly, as fuel prices have risen to above 100 rupees. Although top manufacturers of cars are trying to create more cost-effective cars, mileage has fast become an important deciding factor when it comes to the destiny of famous models. Mileage has surpassed the significance that one belonged to pricing. Because no normal customer wants to spend money on four-wheelers that only get single-digit mileage. You need to understand that more than ARAI figures and estimates, how you use a vehicle's true capacity affects its mileage. Many factors influence your car’s mileage, including large loads, harsh acceleration, tyre pressure, wrong gear changes, and poor servicing. And ultimately, all these factors decide how much you are spending on your car.

When things are getting so expensive, having reliable car insurance is necessary. Your four-wheeler insurance acts as a cushion for you, enabling you to make the fullest of your car. You need not worry about sudden extra expenses, like accidents or a blown tyre. The vehicle insurance will cover it all.

Vehicle insurance from Tata AIG comes with standalone third party car insurance, standalone own-damage car insurance, and comprehensive car insurance according to your needs. Buying four wheeler insurance is easy and hassle-free, and you can also undertake the policy renewal online. Your car insurance claim also becomes very easy with Tata AIG. Thus, with proper vehicle insurance and knowledge of how to improve car mileage, you will be able to save a lot in the long run.

How to Improve Car Mileage

Wondering how to increase the car's average mileage? Well, the first thing you need to do is know how to check the mileage of your car. Only when you check the mileage of your car will you know if your car is being fuel-efficient or not. Other ways in which you can improve the mileage of your car are;

  • Use your car only when necessary

It may seem surprising, but determining where and when to use your car is the answer to optimal savings and efficiency. Because both towns and cities are similarly clogged with traffic, ensure that you cycle or walk there if you're going somewhere nearby.

You will not only contribute to excellent health but will also minimise harmful pollutants that may have been emitted by your vehicle if you had driven. On the other hand, small distances might quickly add to a hefty fuel expense when you fo to fill it up next. So wear your exercise watches and bands and walk to save money and improve your health.

  • Plan how you will reach your destination

Be on the lookout for traffic jams along your way, and be prepared to switch routes if necessary. Another answer to how to increase car mileage is to plan the way that you wish to take ahead of time. This is because traffic jams can reduce your mileage significantly. Also, you can choose ways that are normally free of congestion, even if the ways seem longer.

If you don't need to be somewhere by a certain time, ensure you drive at the time when there is little to no traffic on the roads. If you commute daily, start 10 to 20 minutes prior to the rush hour so that you can get the maximum mileage from your trip.

  • Keep an eye on tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is a critical aspect that has a significant part in obtaining exponential mileage, yet it is often overlooked. The science behind it is straightforward. The point of impact between the road and the tyre rises as you drive with low tyre pressure.

As a result, there is more conflict between the road and the tyre, which leads to more fuel consumption. In the same way, overinflated tyres might help you save some money, but this will be at the expense of the grip of your tyres and overall security. So keeping your tires inflated at all times is how to increase the mileage of a petrol car.

  • Monitor your engine

If you wonder how to increase the mileage of a diesel car, the answer is simple. First, keep your engine in top shape. It is only possible if you regularly service and manage your engine well because an engine that has not been maintained properly will lead to the degradation of your overall fuel effectiveness over time.

Thus, choosing a quick service is the better option. Inspect the spark plugs, engine oil, fuel and air filters while having your vehicle serviced since an air filter that is clogged can send unclean air into the engine, causing more gasoline to be burned. If you drive frequently, have your oxygen sensors inspected after almost 60,000 kilometres, as a defective oxygen sensor might impair efficiency by nearly 20%!

  • Merge your rides

If you are wondering how to improve the mileage of petrol cars, here is the answer. It is a well-known reality that you waste valuable fuel every time you get in your car. Merging your short trips into one long trip can be a better, smarter, and more efficient decision. We are always looking for something, from tiny grocery stores to opulent malls.

However, rather than finishing the activity as a whole, we frequently divide it into smaller chunks. While this is a better method for dividing labour across the day, it isn't as effective for conserving fuel. Because your car consumes more fuel when it is starting from a standstill, it is preferable if you can combine shorter trips into a single drive. Also, if you wonder does AC reduce mileage, then yes, it does. So, use it only when needed.

  • Do not make your car heavy

If you keep your car light, you can achieve improved fuel efficiency and speed. As a result, if you wish to get the maximum mileage from your vehicle, eliminate any unneeded loads from the vehicle.

To see the mileage improve, you must rid your car of those hefty spares you don't use, the extra tyre that's gone bad, and the gathered rubbish. And, prior to loading something big into your boot, keep in mind that the heavier the car is, the more it requires fuel! So if you find yourself asking how to improve mileage in a petrol car, the answer is, always, keep it light!

  • Do not over speed

If you are wondering at what speed a car gives the best mileage, here is the answer. First, you need to remember that these roads are not a racetrack; they are just roads! As a result, take it easy on the accelerator, not only for your own and your close ones' safety but also do it for economy, mileage, and performance. Rather than pushing too much power into the engines, ensure that you gradually accelerate, as over-accelerating increases fuel consumption.

Simultaneously, try to maintain steady speeds as far as you can. When cruising, avoid tapping the clutch to avoid wasting valuable fuel. Finally, avoid speeding through the traffic by overtaking at high speeds or racing all through the roads.


A little mindfulness goes a long way when trying to check car mileage. Getting your car serviced regularly can be quite expensive, but it will all be covered by insurance if you get a few add-ons to your vehicle insurance. Also, if you are wondering which petrol car has the best mileage or which is the highest mileage car in India, there are many that you can buy. So get your hands on the car with the best mileage and ensure that you secure it with a four-wheeler insurance policy.

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